“One Side Cannot Implement a Peace Agreement” Dr. Machar Tells Supporters To Be Prepared!

Sept 12, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Briefing his supporters from Khartoum, South Sudan’s Former Vice President, Chairman and Commander in Chief of the armed Opposition, SPLM/SPLA-IO, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, tells his supporters that Salva Kiir’s faction has bought some of his colleagues under the ranks of Gen. Taban Deng Gai and therefore there is only faction in Juba, now claiming to implementing a peace agreement.

To Machar, his opponents have rejected the peace deal brokered by the region and one side cannot implement a peace agreement.

“Salva Kiir has rejected the peace agreement. Even if he claims there is peace, there is no peace. You can not implement the peace agreement with people you have brought. One side cannot implement a peace deal” Dr. Machar said.

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He said the claim that there is peace in Juba is baseless because Kiir’s leadership does not want to implement the peace agreement that the two principles signed more than one year ago.

“when I arrived in Juba, with all that I saw, I realized right away that there was no peace in Juba. It was all a pretend to kill me in the name of peace. The people in Juba are not for peace” Machar reiterates.

Responding to president Kiir’s version of the story that his rival, Machar, went to his palace on July 8th to kill him in a coup, Machar said the opposition was not going to Juba, leave alone J1, for war but for peace.

He believes that if he was preparing for war, he would have ensured that all his forces would have been transported to Juba before his arrival as agreed in the peace agreement but since he was for peace he accepted to travel to Juba with less forces and less arms.

“We did not go for war. If we were going for war, we would have even transported all the forces that were agreed in the peace agreement but because we wanted peace we went to Juba with less forces and least armaments trusting that there would be peace in Juba” He said.

“When they said come with less force so that we begin to implement the peace agreement, I refused to be afraid, just for my own life, because our people need peace. So I said let’s bring peace, let’s there be peace” Machar continued.

The leader of the opposition, however, warns that the fact that he wants peace for the country should not be used as a pretext to kill his people.

He urges his supporters and sympathizers to unite, prepare and remain strong saying that the government will continue to pursue war instead of peace.

“Just because we want peace should not be used as a guarantee to kill us and our people. Therefore, let’s this serve as a wake up call. Let’s prepared ourselves and whoever does not want peace should find us prepared and strong. If they want to fight us, they will find us more prepared and stronger” Machar said.

Machar, who was attending another meeting, thanks the organizers and said “may God Bless you all”.

He assures SPLM/SPLA-IO that he is at work and will return soon after he addresses many issues that are still pending.

The opposition has evacuated its leadership through DR Congo with exception of some politicians who remained in the capital under Gen. Taban’s leadership and a few others who are stranded in the UN camps. The rest have been transported to Khartoum and others began arriving in Pagak, South Sudan.

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