SPLA-IO GENERALS: “No One Will Escape Juba, We will Finish Here”

SPLA-IO soldiers burying their comrade who was murdered in Juba on July 2, 2016(Photo: supplied)

SPLA-IO soldiers burying their comrade who was murdered in Juba on July 2, 2016(Photo: supplied)

July 6, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Burying their dead today in Juba, the aggrieved SPLA generals of the armed opposition call on supporters and sympathizers to remain strong and warned that no body will escape Juba this time.

While comforting supporters and family members, Lt. Gen. Duer Tut Duer and Gen. Chayot Manyang assured SPLA-IO supporters that they did not come to Juba for war and they won’t start it, however, they said if the enemy start the war no one will run to UNMISS camp or leaves Juba

“What I would like to tell you, the International community has failed to implement peace agreement. That is why people are dying and the international community is here. They won’t do anything. If we won’t protect ourselves, the international community will not protect us” Said Gen. Chayot Manyang.

“Nuer was never defeated. If they finish us here in Juba, the Nuer outside Juba will reproduce Nuer generation” He continued.

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Lt. Gen. Duer Tut Duer, the military governor of Sobat State and the leader of SPLM-IO States Committee, advised the newly trained SPLA-IO soldiers to not start anything stupid.

“We did not come here to chase someone away from Juba, we did not come here to be chased away and neither did we come here to run to UNMISS” Gen. Duer said

“We will not start anything but should they start it, no one will escape. We will finish it here in Juba” Duer continued.

The generals warn populations that the two deceased will not be the last casualties because the international community has failed to impose the peace agreement they wanted.


  • TaAP

    well said Generals!

  • Deng Luak

    Ok Mr Festus. What is your response?
    Why are you not visible? Why not a weekly compliance repirt?
    Why not publishing situation from around the country. Everywhere either side prevents your staff from going- theses are exactly the pkaces you with force must check out.
    Start doing your job
    EU AU IGAD US UN all behind you. Now!

  • The total casualties from Jieng side will not never known only three high ranking General will be released to public

  • ck dieng

    fingting its the measurinng of the despline b/n two disagreement
    salva will not leave juba this time

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