South Sudan’s New Borders’ Crisis: Army Killed Civilians in Uror County, Jonglei State

(AP Photo/Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin,

South Sudan government’s troops looking at a civilian killed in Juba by their colleagues in December, 2013(Photo credits: AP Photo/Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin)

Jan 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudan forces loyal to president Salva Kiir have killed at least 4 civilians and left many others wounded in Padiek Payam of Uror County, Jonglei State.

According to local sources in the area, government troops, who are garrisoned in Pajut, attacked a nearby village known as Karisa at Southern Patuet of Padiek Payam at around 6:40pm on Friday, January 15th, 2016.

Speaking from the scene, eye witnesses identified the victims, who were killed at the scene, as Thou Mangok Jock(male), Nyathor Rom Duop(female), Pajock Lul Juoch (male) and Duop Gai Lul(male).

According to Gabriel Chiejen Kim Wityian Yuai, a captain in the opposition forces in the area, seven other people were wounded. Kim identified the wounded victims as:

Gatkhor Lul Hoth — male;
Machar Koang Wuol– male;
Macoat Tong Mayian — male;
Nyatuong TUT Mabiel — femal;
Nyaboth Gatkhor Lul — female;
Mabil Pajak Duol — male;
Nyathak Makuach Luak — female.

Members of aggrieved Lou-Nuer community blame the attack on the neighboring Dinka Bor ethnic group.

The source confirmed that six children, who were abducted from Patuet community by the SPLA raiders, were recapture and returned by the Lou-Nuer white army on Firday evening.

While the motive of the attack is yet to be confirmed, political analysts believe the government troops are attempting to displace Lou-Nuer community from the areas that were recently annexed by president Salva Kiir to his tribe in new Jonglei state.

In Greater Upper Nile, president Salva Kiir has curved at least three states in his 28 states order to his community who occupy less than 25% of Unity, Jonglei and Upper Nile state, according to Sudan’s 2010 census.


  • Coward Dinka Bor and Twic East Dinka , do you want another war with our people and later cry for help if our Lou Nuer white army will attack you ? Remember your helper, Ugandan troops, are no longer there to protect you . Actually, where are Gatwech Dual ‘s forces when our civilians being murdered by SPLA forces and not responded ?

  • GatNor

    And so it continue, Jaang will not stop killing you other tribes unless you start killing them in response to their aggression.

  • That is a old picture and no longer,you people have to stop calling for hatred and Genocide for no reason. Nuer brought misery to South Sudan even Soldiers don’t even care of a dead body.

    • Those woman of Dinka are now tried to take Nuer and Chollos land in the help of their man Uganda. Those Uganda man of Dinka will not stay here in South Sudan. Dinka will follow their man of Uganda. Everybody around the world know that Dinka cannot stay in South Sudan for this two years and half without Uganda and they rest of the terrors groups who helps them to fight against Nuer.tribe. Every countries around the world know that Dinka are woman. they cannot fight with Nuer. .

  • Tolio

    Why would the army kidnap children?
    It doesn’t make sense.
    Murles are the only ones with such practices in South Sudan.

    Dinkas needs no lands of Nuers, Chollos or other tribes. They should be left alone.

    All other tribes should be happy with themselves and their Lands. They can’t cling to Dinkas’ shoulders despites being not wanted.


    RIP ,,, I believed you will not die a lone ,, just ,,, for the meant time Dinka Bor has jeopardized their relation ship with Lou Nuer ,,, I hope the ludicrous killing will fall on them

  • GatNor , you are really stupid you call your liberators a coward if Dinka are coward there should be south sudan nowaday.

    • GatNor

      If anyone here say anything about jaang being cowards its Knot Malieth so please go to him if your not a coward. My comment is clear unless you are mentally incapacitated to understand.

      • Its a matter of times those idiots militias blind folded by theirs (MASTER) to instigate fight will regret soon for theirs
        Lou Nuer are fearless community,we must defense our land for any invaders, we knew that there is plan from
        you guys to attack Lou Nuer, try it not, you will regret. we will move to any corners to kill your children if you will
        temper with our Holy Land.
        We will move likes locust door to door, cattle camp to cattle camp, barrack,to barrack until you will kneel down to us
        no matter how artillery you have we will kill you………………….
        You are our first ever enemies on this earth, is better to lives in houses with snake instead of you……………….. Ngundeng will kill you!!!!
        we are sorry to share a nation with you……………


  • Decarious Chol

    Mangaan Naath, donot west your words my dear kids gaat Naath , this time the war for the land is not like any other war, let it be like a flood because flood does not say that I am coming , just you will see it when it is in your room, and it does not take any permission from any body,