Fresh Attacks In Western Bhar el Ghazal State as Juba Dispatches More Weapons

Division five SPLA soldiers matching in Wau, on 14 April in a peaceful procession(Photo: Gurtong, cropped by Nyamile)

Division five SPLA soldiers matching in Wau, on 14 April in a peaceful procession(Photo: Gurtong, cropped by Nyamilepedia editorial team)

Dec 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Despite high hopes for peace as the SPLM/SPLA [IO] delegation begins arriving in Juba, SPLA factions in Western Bhar el Ghazal State remain on high alert as the government sides dispatches more weapons and troops to Wau, the state capital.

Since their arrival in Western Bhar el Ghazal on December 3rd, SPLA [Juba] shelled the SPLA [IO] military cantonment areas around the town of Wau.

According to Dickson Gatluak, who speaks for SPLA-IO, the rebels have returned fire in self-defense.

“Today, government troop launched an attack on our military cantonment area in western battle field of wau in western Bharel gazal.”  Dickson Gatluak said.

“Since yesterday they keep on bombarding at nearby villages around our cantonment areas; Due to this random air raid, our force acts in self defend.” Gatluak said.

According to SPLA-IO military intelligence, Salva Kiir’s regime assembled over 6000 weapons and ammunition in Bhar el Ghazal for the last few days.

The source indicate these weapons will be distributed to the local youth in the area to carry out attacks on SPLA-IO positions in Western Bhar Ghazal and other neighboring states as a way to distract the implementation of peace agreement.

The rebels have also accused Salva Kiir’s government of using Lul Ruai and  David Yau-Yau Militias to attacks randoms positions in Jonglei states to set off new battles between the hostile communities  and also between the SPLA factions.

While the SPLA [Juba] has been accused of raiding cattle and burning down of tukuls in Pibor state, SPLA [IO] is accused of attacking villages in Twic East County as Murle are accused of raiding villages in Lou-Nuer counties.

In other reports, fresh fighting between the government forces and “arrow boys” in Wester Equatoria State has displaced more than 4 000 people to a remote region of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).


  • this is how rebel of Riek Machar create thing which is not truth, Government is ready 100% to implement compromise peace agreement but rebel is not in position to implement.

    • there are no rebels who occupied an area in Western Bhar Elghazal State but they attacked bazia and laid ambush on Wau Bazia Road.if it was not stupidity from rebels side, can they claimed without shame that they were attacked by the government? if i was to be President Salva Kiir Mayardit,i would say to hell your peace agreement and choose war if you think you will win it.your husband troika Countries will do nothing to the government.this is a legitimate government not rebel and must be recognized internationally.please cease your retarded behaviors.