Governor Accuses The Ma’di Community Of Being Rebels, Threatens Actions!


Governor Louis Lobong Lojore briefing the press in Torit

Governor Louis Lobong Lojore briefing the press in Torit (Photo: supplied)

December 1st 2015(Nyamilepedia) —  The faithful follower of Kiir and compromised governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Hon. Louis Lobong, made un announced visit to the Ma’di Corridor of Magwi County.

Lobong arrived in a surprised visit of reprimand of the Ma’di people. Per Lobong, he was send by Salva Kiir Mayerdit to warn the Ma’di people “they are playing with fire”.

The governor’s first stop was in Pageri, where he gathers few Citizens to listen to what he came to say. Instead of addressing the heavy handed Soldiers that swamp the area and advising them to protect the civilians, Lobong spoke angrily to the civilians that came to the public gatherings.

Lobong stated that the Ma’di people are being ungrateful and accuses them of causing unrest, a typical case of blaming the victims!

In the whole of Eastern Equatoria, the Ma’di lives have been lost in the hands of SPLA-Juba than any other tribes. Being the governor elected by the people, Lobongs speech was disappointing but not surprising.

Lobong’s next stop was in Mugali bypassing Nimule. While in Mugali, he scolded the civilians for being rebels and supporting rebels. He accused the Civilians of giving food and feeding the Rebels, by doing so, they are all equal and the same parcel.

He said the government would not allow destroying Nimule for it is the heart of South Sudan and they will protect it at all cost, even if it means treating the entire Ma’di populations as rebels and dealing with them accordingly. There shall be no mercies for rebels.

Governor Lobong Concluded, The next time there is an outbreak of gunfights, the Civilians will be targeted just as their rebels because they feed the rebels and they have become the same as rebels.

It is beyond believe hearing the governor stating these words while the governor found these Civilians in their homes and ended up accusing them of being rebels and threatening their lives.

As a governor elected by the people, he is expected to reassure the citizens and protect them, given the trauma Juba has subjected the people into, but instead he ended up accusing them of supporting rebels and threatening their lives. Since when do Rebels stay at home without guns?

Lobong forgot who employed him and has no fear for the electorats because Kiir has usurped the people’s power and he becomes the only soul Lobong and his likes fear.

We at SouthSudanliberty news condemn the governor in the strongest term possible for threatening the people the Citizen that gave him the power to protect them. Is it any wonder then the foot soldier will kill Civilians, arrest and torture Civilians without fear of any kind when the supposed leaders of the country talk this way? Should his threat materialize in the Ma’di Corridor, Lobong shall be a candidate for ICC.

ANDREW OLWENY is a South Sudanese journalist corresponding for South Sudan Liberty News in collaboration with Nyamilepedia. He can be reached at


  • Gat.darwich

    Louis Lobong is not exempt from the Jiengs’ deceptions, manipulations, and terrorism tactics. He is next in the Jiengs’ to kills lists, and will be imminently betrayed by the Jiengs. He should know that !

  • No surprise at all why other Governors were kicked out and Lobong was left! It is not a new theory that a lunatic is always being used. He thinks he now owns Equatorians. He will learn the hard way like master in Juba. A good is supposed to protect the citizens by all cost. It is not other way around. If there are Ma’di who are rebels not all of them. There are Dinka who are with the rebels. Are all Dinka treated as rebels. Lobong and his government should be serious to see things critical.

  • Hi, Lojore. the so called chairman of the SPLM Party in EE&Governor for the same state.You succeeded in betraying Bakasoro And Wani Konga, now they are voiceless, you are now turning to the innocent people of madi to destroy them and their children so that the dream of the jeing to settle in Nimule will be true. you said madi community is playing with fire, are you really sound in your brain, why are you now Lobong for jeng money in expenses of Equatorians, Who do you think you are on this planet.
    OK inform your husband to came and do his actions whether south Sudan shall be governable any more, no matter what happens not all southerner shall be finished in one single day, you and your master are the one playing with fire

  • Nikalongo sanduksanduk

    In any situation of conflict, truth is always the first casualty, and Olweny’s articles are no exception. Writing sensational stories without substance can only cause panic and distress to the local population. Gov. Lobong has never said anything of the kind. Gov. Lobong was elected by the people of EES, and anyone interested in the seat can present himself/herself to the electorate in EES instead of demonising Lobong. For your information, there are no rebels and no rebel activities in Magwi County. There are on the contrary issues of insecurity linked to armed Dinka cattle keepers particularly in Nimule. This at the moment is not being addressed but we hope that will change with time. In politics, nothing lasts forever. Armed cattle keepers like Bashier and his Jihadists gangs will also leave one day.

    • Log

      What do you mean, young girls and women are being raped and killed. Innocent civilians being tortured by Dinka soldiers in Magwi and Pajok as we speak, The same in Madi area. Brother do not think this will not escalate and cause war. Who do you think want their people to be killed in cold blood. What did the government of Kirr and the like do for people of South Sudan, after independence. No schools, roads, hospitals yet they say they are the government. People work had to servive


    Dont worry the government of jenge is kicking its legs for the last breath…………..Lobong will go with arian jenge to bor or warap. Real and fare elections are at the door.

  • Tolio

    This is a conspiracy on Governor Labong.The man never speaks to Madis in that tone of language.

    The Madis and some other Equatorians have jumped in the band wagon of supporting Dr Riek Machar for no legitimate reasons.

    Whatever their motives are,they will never benefit from the rebellion.

    We achieved the independence from Khartoum because we were united with exception of Dr Riek and Dr Lam Akol who once put the revolution behind for years because of their rebellions from the movement.

    One thing for sure is that the country will never be peaceful and stable minus any single tribe aboard.

    If you think the Dinkas will lost to Nuers and Equatorians in this civil war,be prepared for the real adversaries and continuous sources of instability.

  • Log

    Lobong have now shown the people of Eastern Equatoria who he really is. Let us now understand that what is happening in Pajok, Opari , Pageri and Magwi will likewise escalate to other parts of region. The governor is in support of the terrorist government in Juba so we need to pick up arms and fight to defend our land, just like in Mundri

  • Log

    Lobong should remember what SPLA did to Toposa during the war, and yet he still support Kirr. Idiot

  • nikalongo sanduksanduk

    Log, you are a liar. There are no soldiers in Magwi or Pajok. The only nearest military post is Owinykibul training ground.

  • He forgot who brought him into power, his last chance will be either to be appointed by Kir in National level or risk loosing his current position.

  • Wod Odek

    Lobong and many in this Government who use the suffering of civilians to earn livings will pay in time. There is no humaninty in raping and killing innocents women and children whom you are suppose to protect as Government. We have evidences of rape, tortures and killings of civilians by SPLA soldiers mainly from Dinka tribe in Magwi county.

    • Taban

      Well to be honest you people should think well .lobong is married to a madi ,what makes you think his first lady would allow him to do what most of you are saying to her own people .madi people are peaceful .Actually the whole of eastern equatoria is peaceful if you can open up your mind ,think outside the box (what is written in the article )which Governor,since the violent broke out has tried endlessly to keep his state and his people save ?