The New IGAD Proposal On South Sudan Power Sharing Arrangment

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  • Deng II

    Allow Dr.Ebola to share power with the president is slapping the faces of victims in their graves and recycling of war guarantee.

    • Deng II

      Why would IGAD including itself, UN, and AU to be part of managing the Country? Or to be a part of country institutional? It is like the same things that been proposed on the air to handover the country to IGAD, UN, and AU which was in AU leak report also.
      Dr. Ebola (Riek Machar) try very hard to come back to governs, which never going to happen.

    • Abuchook

      BAD luck for Nuer Rebellions.
      it Is easy to see on paper than in reality.

      That peace plan will never never come true. Statistic proportion is not correct both In states and local governments

  • Nonsenses,they treat South Sudan a baby. SPLM-IO is adored CHILDISH.

  • It is not new 4 Gov,t to react and refuse peace and perposal, not Dr. Riek to return to Gov,t but the needs peace not to stay in power with no vision to take the Country forward

  • Media fighters they always rejects peace since they know that there are forces that protect them from freedom fighters.If u believe urselves and u don’t need de peace to come to our country why don’t u withdraw the foreign forces and we have to fight as south sudan citizens? Please those who are anti peace while u are not on the front or inside south sudan be sure that the God of SS is looking at u. Its better to accept peace because u fail to fight us as JEM, SPLM-N are busy in Unity state to prevent freedom fighters to librate the country from this failing regime and also UDP’S gunships are every where in the country supported this regime by bombing freedom fighters. SHAME ON U!!!!!!!!!. GOD BLESS SS!!

    • that what I was always do when I fight with my older brother, I was always complaints when I got beaten by him, sometimes when the tables over turn to beat him I don’t complaint and I’m not willing to called on my mother or father’s to make peace between us, now thanks God I’m grown up and I know the reality of war.

  • Dantut

    The Almighty God the creator of mankind has already heard the prayer and crying of the people of South S and turned His shinning face to them. God is ready to help the suffering population of SS by bring peace back to them. Anyone who reject peace will see the consequences. The world is tired of greedy leaders who are not serious to take responsibility when it comes to taking care of their citizens. Whether you like it or not Dr.Machar is going to become the next president of SS and he will bring political change to SS.

  • Those who are rejected peace they are devil without dot you can not say you don’t want peace and you have no solution,your solution is to bring foreign troop killing your own people and people suffering for economic and what people eats in the country plus fuel shortage shame on you enemy of peace!!!!!!!!!!God can bring peace weather you like it or not.

  • I agree with the IGAD plus proposals on power sharing Ratio.
    for 53% share given to the govts at the national levels.
    And 53% share given to SPLM/A I O in greater Upper Nile region.
    Meanwhile. the two remaining states of western and eastern equatoria as well as the greater Bahr elgazal should be divided between the parties using the same Ratio.
    otherwise. it is an appropriate arrangement being made.

  • Dear, all so called Jieng are now taking defensive and making nasty comments against Nuer because proven them wrong hahaha, u can’t runaway from the mess u started it in the first place.

  • This agreement been between parties will never bring any progress it already failed the mechanism it is just another wasting time.

  • Aduku

    The IGAD proposal is not different from what made the three equatoria governors to travel to Eithiopia last time,