Governor Wani Konga Reacts To Machar’s Congratulations, Kiir Shuts Up The Equatorians!

CES Governor

Clement Wani Konga, Central Equatoria State Governor(Photo: via Gurtong)

June 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In his response to one of our latest publications, “Machar Congratulates The People Of Greater Equatoria, Salva Kiir Disgruntled!“, the Governor of Central Equatoria State, Clement Wani Konga, welcomes Machar’s congratulations, however, he believes that Machar should have congratulated the people of Greater Equatoria for initiating the idea of federalism that will benefit the entire nation.

“My response is that, I would like to thank you all for the comments of Dr.Riek Machar on Federalism, i only object the congratulations for the Equatorian People” Said Governor Konga.

“He should have thanked the Equatorian people for initiating a Federalism that all people of South Sudan would benefit from.” Clement said.

While responding to vice president Wani Igga, who attributed the idea to Dr. Machar, James Gatdet Dak, the former vice president’s spokesperson called on the South Sudanese leaders to champion the idea despite who initiated it.

“The question would be who is ready to champion this overdue popular demand of the people and implement it? I think it is important to say that those leaders who embrace the idea of federalism should instead lead their people towards achieving it despite who initiated the idea,” James Gatdet Dak emphasised.

The vice president, who was not entertained by the Equatorian intellectuals, was advising the people of Greater Equatoria to refrain from “this idea of Riek on federation”.

“Many Equatorians saw that this idea of Riek on federation will rescue them. Equatorians, no, Riek is a liar. So please the few of us who think they must join Riek in order to get federation, please you are on the wrong road”, Igga told the conference.

The leaders and intellectuals, who believe that Igga does not represent what the people aspire, requested the media not to publish such statements from the vice president. However, the president, himself,  has recently criticized and called on the people of Greater Equatoria to refrain entirely from this debate, federalism.

Salva Kiir: Equatorians Stop Advocating For Federalism

The president, through his press secretary, Ateny Wek Ateny, calls on the people of Greater Equatoria to find something else instead of advocating for federalism.

The president is said to have urged the people of Greater Equatoria to work on peace, instead of Federalism.

In his earlier remarks, Salva Kiir tells the people of Equatoria that they were not the only ones who called for federalism in the past [1947 & 1955], and so they shouldn’t claim it now.

“Now [in] 1955 again they demanded it here, southerners demanded it in Juba. It was not only the Equtorians who were calling for it.”

Contrarily, the leaders of Greater Equatoria are set to utilize this chance to champion the call of the people, which they have repeatedly call on Salva Kiir’s government to implement for the last few years but with no assurance.

“Wake up and take action now, all of you men, women and youth of Greater Equatoria, wherever you are, you must contribute to the processes of contributing to an interim federal government in Juba” said Dr. Wani Tombe, the leader of Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR).

“If you failed to heed to my cry, and many other cries for actions, you will be committing a historical fatal mistake from which you will never recover” Dr. Wani confidently cautioned.

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