South Sudan appoints Nigerian TB Joshua Presidential Advisor for Religious Affairs

 T.B Joshua 2014-03-08 at 9.50.16 AMT.B Joshua, saw a leader being captured, Oct 27, 2013. Photo youtube.

March 8, 2014 (Sakaam) — The Nigerian televangelist who prophesied a failed coup attempt in African’s newest nation has been offered, and has accepted, a post as presidential advisor for religious affairs for the Government of South Sudan, word has it.

T.B Joshua was personally handed the offer by Vice-President Wani Igga who led a high level delegation to Nigeria specifically to meet, pray and discuss the content of the position. While in Nigeria, the VP also made time to attend a summit on human security and shop for some Nigeria attire.

Some months before the rebellion broke out in South Sudan, T.B Joshua had prophesied that in a country very close to Kenya, many will be displaced and thousands more killed as some people try to capture the leader.

The President has since sent an official letter thanking the multi-millionaire televangelist for keeping him and the country in his prayers, and has promised to stay in touch.

“Exactly what you saw in your prophesy is exactly what has happened to me,” read part of a personal note. “We continue to tell the world it is a coup, and that even you, a man of God, know it was an attempt to capture me by force but they refuse to believe.”

Speaking to the religious press on arrival in Juba, the Vice President said T.B Joshua will bring something the government side misses in this crisis – a living prophet.

“The rebels have prophet Ngundeng on their side, now we have T.B Joshua on ours,” he said.

Ngundeng is worshipped and respected by some in the Nuer tribe. Like many prophets before him, he said a lot of things and some of those have happened in exactly the way and at the time the believers wanted it to happen.

T.B Joshua is expected to be sworn in one of these Sundays. Preparations are ongoing in Juba to land his private jumbo jet and accommodate his entourage for the swearing-in ceremony.

T.B Joshua will join the likes Ex Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair as foreign to advisers to the presidency.  Although he will not be required to even step foot his South Sudan, he will make millions if he his random visions feature that East African country close to Kenya and its leader.

Stay tuned.

  • The South Sudan Vice President, James Wanni Igga at the SCOAN Church, Nigeria,  March 2, 2014.