Khartoum: Sudan Rejects Ugandan Military Intervention in South Sudan.

Khartoum “concerned” over Ugandan military intervention in S. Sudan.



21Omar-al-Bashir1Sudanese strongman Omar Al-Bashir. Photo: Reuters

January 21, 2014[Khartoum] — The Sudanese government has expressed concern over the Ugandan military intervention in the current war in South Sudan.

Sudan’s minister of Foreign affairs, Mr Ali Kartihas, told reporters in Khartoum on Monday that his government is opposed to any foreign military intervention in the neighbouring country.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“Sudan has the most interests of all other neighbours regarding what is happening in South Sudan because of security, economic and strategic reasons,” the minister said after holding a meeting with the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

“Sudan is standing on the side of stability in South Sudan, but we principally reject foreign intervention in that country,” he said.

“This intervention may attract other regional sides to do likewise and that deeply concerns us; even Ethiopia has expressed its concern over these Ugandan military operations in South Sudan” he explained.

“The Igad summit to be held in Juba on Thursday will discuss the foreign intervention in South Sudan, beside the efforts of how to convince the warring parties to halt hostilities.”

Ugandan army is fighting beside government troops in South Sudan.

Sudanese political analyst Abdul Ali said to Africa Review on Monday that the Ugandan military intervention is very sensitive to the other countries in the region.

He added that there will be conflict of interests and ambitions within the East African countries.

“I think this will also be of concern to the international community which pays special attention to the world’s youngest and oil-rich state,” he said.

“For Sudan this situation is of great concern because of the oilfields and the flow of the southern crude through the Sudanese pipeline.”

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad) will hold an urgent summit on Thursday in Juba to discuss the latest developments in the crisis.

Earlier, the Sudanese government made it known that it had no intention of intervening militarily in the current war in South Sudan.



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