The Logical decision we all need to make to solve South Sudan Crisis and bring a lasting peace.

By Bol Ring

Dr. Riek Machar, the former vice president, and his former boss, president Salva Kiir, at deadbolt to democratically transform the new state, South Sudan (Photo: Nyamilepedia files)
Dr. Riek Machar, the former vice president, and his former boss, president Salva Kiir, at deadbolt to democratically transform the new state, South Sudan (Photo: Waakhe Simon Wudu )

April 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) —  In any problem, before we can fix it we must agree or accept that it exists. Further, we must trace it back to its origin to solve it properly. What is the problem? Before the crisis and fog of war, majority of South Sudanese agreed that Kirr failed as a leader. Even if there were few who believed thatKirr leadership was good, we can rely on statistics to draw an accurate conclusion.

Here goes the facts: Economically South Sudan is not thriving. Militarily South Sudanese soldier lack proper training and payment. Socially, South Sudanese are more divide now more than anytime in history. Globally, South Sudan rank third most fail State, and fourth most corrupt state. We can go on with the problems. As a head of state for nine years, people have the right to blame Kirr for all those problems. So what are the alternatives to solve the problem?

Before we pick anyone to replace Kirr, we must revisit what happened to those who opposed Kirr leadership in the past.

First, Dr. Lam Akol tried. On the election time, his campaign team were arrested, beaten and intimidated. He did not have enough weight behind him so he was harassed and forced into an exile for over two years

Second, George Athor learned from Dr. Lam mistake and tried different alternative. Again, he did not have enough support to challenge Kirr militarily. He ended up dead.

Third alternative, Pagan Amun realized the problem and tried to fix it within the SPLM Party. Again Kirr release his force on him and was put in an house arrest without justification and is now in jail.

Fourth, Some activists tried to use the democratic means to point out Kirr bad leadership. In form of writing, they express their opposition against Kirr openly. Like the other Kirr opponents, they were met by force. They were tortured or murdered. Example, the case of Isaiah Abraham, Ngor Garang and others.

Considering the past events, we reach the conclusion of who can effectively challenge Kirr. When we look at all the alternatives, Dr. Riek is the only one that can be able to take the heat in case Kirr decide to use violent. And surely like previous times, Kirr opted for violence releasing his body guards ,the Tiger Battalion, to capture or kill the oppositions.

With those lesson learned, how will peace come to South Sudan?

Peace will come when Kirr realize that the violence as a mean to get rid of his opponents is no longer doable. That’s when the real PEACE talk will start.

How can an individual like you and me help bring peace? Best way is to put our weight behind Dr. Riek and the rest of the Freedom Fighters. If for some reason you are against Dr. Riek, It is best for you to stay neutral unless you truly believe that Kirr has better future to offer despite his last nine years records.

Bol Ring is a concerned South Sudanese who lives in Ft. Sill Oklahoma, USA. He can be reached at boljock95@gmail.com.

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Dak Bol April 23, 2014 at 10:49 am

Bol Ring congra. you really touch every but one thing, Kiir was used public finance since to build only the Bar el gazal states, especially Warrap and Aweil, the Northern Bar Elgazal state. second Kiir was trained private armies for Nuer tribe assassinated and still complained is a leader. what kind of leader isolate one as enemy?

BK Luak November 26, 2014 at 6:10 pm

Only blind and dull minded people would deny all this facts. good reminder to kid supporters.


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