South Sudan SPLA Reclaims its stronghold of Nasir – Dina!

By Dina Maruach,

Members of the White Army, a South Sudanese anti-government militia, attend a rally in Nasir on April 14, 2014.(Photo:AFP)
Members of the White Army, a South Sudanese anti-government militia, attend a rally in Nasir on April 14, 2014.(Photo:AFP)

May 03, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The SPLA reclaimed Nasir from the government troops this morning, Dina Maruach reports.

The heavily armed mixed government troops and mercenaries were overran by the Latjhor white army, who withdrew from the town on Sunday to minimize casualties.

Government troops captured the town for the first time on 4th evening, spending only a night in the historic town of Nasir.

Reports from Nasir have alleged that the important installations and all tukuls were set a blaze, during their[Government troops] one night overdue in town.

Nasir has been relatively calmed since 1991 when the SPLA split on the visions of Self-determination and New Sudan Vision(Unity). Dr. Machar settled in the town in 1990s and for most of the last 4 months until last Friday.

Dina Maruach has also confirmed that Maj.Gen. Gatkouth and Gen. Dor Chuol Diet who are being held accountable by the local population for the fault play leading to the incident will thoroughly investigate the matter.

“OKdor Chuol Diet & Gathoth Gatkuoth will take serious investigation to any sub- clans this week to whom sub- clans endorse dehumanize government will face consequences against for their crime. They will take investigation to find rumors in detail from societies, to who interfere in this incident will be terminating against his crime by the laws reinforcement Freedom Fighters.” Din Marach’s long report reads.

The commanding Generals Chuol and Gathoth have pledge to defend and protect children, elderly and future installations from the government troops.

“Chuol Diet said, we will depend our territory against abusive government not attempt genocide to our children and women.” Dina report.

The government troops also made attempts to recapture the oil hubs of Bentiu, however, the military governor, Maj. Gen. James Koang Chuol Ranleay and his notorious counterpart Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka refused to leave the town.

“By early morning, Gen. Koang chuol Ranleay repulsed them back, and they suffereed massive casualties, and also destroyed most of their vehicles and tanks. Peter Gatdet Yaka and Koang Chuol Ranleay are now controlling the full state of Unity without fear.” Dina reports.

Clashes have been reported in the town of Renk and sources alleged that the government troops, who attempted to retake the town were repulsed back to Paloich oilfields.

“Other offensive combatants also erupted in Renk County and Freedom Fighters won that battle and defeated government forces to Paluoch” Reads part of the Dina’s long report.

In Jonglei state, Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual has allegedly repulsed an attack on his position by the allied government troops.

The South Sudan government signed a rushed military cooperation during this conflict to gain military support from Egypt and to allow Egypt builds its military base in an approximate distance to monitor Nile water disputes with Ethiopia.

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