President Kiir: Calling Idps To Go Back Home Is A Baseless Noise.

The presence of IDPs in UNMISS compounds define the illegitimacy of the current government.  

By Elbow Chuol

Salva Kiir 2014-04-15 at 4.38.30 PM
President Salva Kiir Mayardiit (Photo: AP)

April 15, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The very first thing that emanates into your sight when you enter IDPs civilians’ fortification site through West gate, Tong piny Camp, is the long road leading through the other gate of UNMISS staffs offices and resident for International Humanitarian Agencies.

Before you brand any other move, your eyes will meets with children ambling around half naked with dirties clothes, bear footing, some carrying eggs and other moving wheel-borrows depositing and uploading some kind of items inflowing UNMISS compound.

And that welcome you to the site most talks across the world and what Kiir accuses Ms. Johnson of accommodating rebels in the city. 80 percent of the IDPs here are women and children.

Men seat in clusters talking of nothing else than mourning their beloved ones and how they should one day take retaliation. So tell me, how can you talks of them moving out, just few months away from losing their relatives, loved ones and some part of their bodies is lost?

Women get busy in the hot sun convalescing from heavy rains that floods most of their possessions and try different kind of hardship cooking anything their hands catch to make a living from families who’s their friends or families sent them money from outside country.

Much gratitude to those people in Australia, Canada, America and other part of the world who spend a lot of energies trying to support this abandoned people.

Nothing will spurts your eyes as long as your foot rung on UNMISS compound. Universities students droopy around doing nothing in precise, if they attempt to go out they are being identifies by security agents and vanish just like that; they never come back leaving almost their friends in astonishment. And here you talks of them going back to their homes.

In case you are a visitor every Tom, Dick, and Harry will have to take a look at you whether you are a Nuer or a Dinka, and hundreds among those children who look at you are all orphans, with no father, mother or any relatives. It should be note that, if you talks of them going back home, where are they going in particular, to orphanages or some sort of government protection sites, apart from this lovely shoddier UNMISS which their nothing but guns swung around waiting for SPLA drunkards soldiers to bout this helpless people and run in defense?

I knew why you think they should go, it’s because you just perceived there is UNMISS somewhere, where some kind of irregularities Nuer exists and they don’t want to go back to their homes because they are just but fraidy-cats. The leeway of this kind of thinking running through your brain now mean you need serious helps from above. Seek out some kind of help.

It’s unfortunate how some people just anticipated things.

Moving slowly away from these little fellas, what about those pregnant women, those destitute mothers whose husbands were killed during the after math of Dec 15? And now their homes are all occupied. Where will they go bearing in mind the Kangaroos court our country have? In fact those exterminated people in Juba were security personals and countless police men in action in which, for any complain these people should take advantage of them.

Seriously, it’s pretty disturbing.

Real talks, none of the IDPs own a house in Juba, their houses are taken by those who killed their loved ones and how can you tell someone to move with a stick in her hand against someone with a RPG in his right hand? That is nonsense. Life may just be normal for those who are not living in this mess but time proves it all that nothing last forever. Time will come when they will be out.

Take them to their states if you have consideration for them.

Government agents are still killing IDPs, rapping their wives for those who have survived. Thwacking young girls when they go out for grinding mills, threatened them if they don’t give in they should be slayed. Otherwise, when they meet some these tenacious women they used force and rapped them. I talks all the time with victim of this occurrence.

There is nothing on earth like humiliating a woman, which we all come from, a woman who has zilch to do with all of this, a woman who is so innocent and now you reap off her dignity. You shamefully did it. For the reason that of being Nuer, you took away her pride and you did it in an debauched way. Not one or two but numerous men.

What have she done to you? Nothing but because of her identity being Nuer, she goes through all this. Will you tell her to go back home? What will you do when she go back home? Will you go and do the same thing to her again? Sickening

The government of south Sudan is being ashamed of thousands of IDPs being held in (UNMISS) in Juba because as long as they are still in UNMISS  revolutionaries will finally one day come here and removes them out. That mean the government is gone. Yes, they will come. They are their families and this is the reason for the uprising.  Kiir didn’t only deal with politicians but make sure that where the revolutionaries’ leader come from should be clear off. And that is what has happened.

Then if its government institution which creates this untidiness, then, who can we trust. Fakes stories luring innocents to go back homes just to make sure they have their last meal outside and the next day they gone. Unfounded calls. Let them suffer inside because is far much better than someone out there waiting for you to sniper the last breath of you. Time heals all and this truth is clench in consideration of the fact that, dictatorial regimes in the world history tried this method and they nose-dived at long last.

One of the most brutal campaigns in the history is that of Hitler and his allies tried so hard to exterminates few Jews living in German because of hatred. Hitler gone and Jews name remain. This kind of brutality must be halt and the only way is for Kiir to go and be animating a normal life in the village or else seek deportee in Uganda.

These IDPs you see around in most of the camps living in UNMISS in Juba; saw the worse of this crisis. They witness their relatives slaughtered in their presence, they were forced to drink blood and eat human flesh. Some were cause to stream diesel and potency into fire to burn to ashes. Their children were thrown into toilets and died a painful death. Men were forced to suck dicks of this fellas who endangered them if they don’t they risky being kills. Many of them died because they couldn’t accept such an inhumane act which is unacceptable among the straight and those we consider not normal.

What has materialized to Nuer has never happen in human history.  It’s an act of serious extermination that needs serious determination to exterminate the actors in this Cosmo-inhumane act never before seen in Sudan history.

The above ten reasons should lighten your brains because this people are not rebels but civilians whose kiir government decide to do away with them. They lost their dignity and it just a matter of time before they are free from worse kind of government the world have ever perceived

The point here is that no need for people who careless to barks telling IDPs to walks out and meet their end in their empties houses at night. Those who committed killing should be put into account first before anything else is arrange for their safe return.Which is just but a dream and wishful thinking.

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Elbow Chuol is a concern south Sudanese citizen living in Juba, he can be reached at elbow.chuol14@gmail.com

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