By Stephen Pajok Kong,


South Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardit(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
South Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardit(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

June 04, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This article asked the question, is Salva Kirr Mayardit Insane, Mentally Retarded or a Cult Personality? The author has concerns about Kirr Mayardit is mental reasoning back during the time he was commander of Guerilla fighters in the liberation struggle. He used to be a long beard commander, according to the people who are his close associates Kirr promised that he will not cut his long beard until the independence of South Sudan. In my opinion, I think the dirty long beard has been replaced by brand of Dallas Cowboy Hat. The author recognized some disturbing warning sign after Salva Kirr came back from the memorial service of the world iconic leader Nelson Mandela known as Madiba at the time of his death in December 2013. He looks a very depressed man, turned out to be his evil plan to kill more than 20.000 innocents Nuer women and children. What befallen our nation on December 15, 2013 will remain to be a history. This paper will briefly stated why we could debates the reason of insanity, cult personality and my personal appeals to Nuer volunteer fighters.

Let’s say what happened in South Sudan in December of 2013 did happen in a country like the United States, Canada, or Great British and so forth. There could have been a debate from Law Enforcement, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, sociologists, Anthropologists and Psychotherapists about whether Kirr Mayardit criminal or not, is anything attributed to mental illness? Although Kirr reveals some of the most predictable attempts to shift the blame by causing the most detestable crime against humanity, he manages to make some low-minded individual believed his evil plan for two days after Monday morning, when he give press conference about coup attempts, I quoted “a group of soldiers allied to the former vice-president Dr. Riek Machar and his group attacked the army headquarters near Juba University.

These attacks continued until this morning” Kirr Describing Machar as a “prophet of doom who continues to persistently pursue his actions of the past” Kiir made reference to the 1991 split in which the ex-vice president defected from the SPLM/A rebel group during its civil war with Sudan to persuade a called for South Sudan independent. The reference to august 1991 incidence compromise only one purpose Kirr and his defense Minister Kuol Manyang want Bors community to know that Kirr Government is going to kill Nuer as a revenge for 1991 incident. The blind supporters from Bor communities took it as a promise from Kirr Mayardit. But, what they do not know is Kirr’s blade cut both ways. They are blindly supports Kirr during his rampages for three days regardless of a called from Mama Nyadeng to Bor Communities that the ongoing massacres of Nuer civilians have nothing to do with the 1991 incident. Kirr and his whole government cannot stand a chance for the insanity defense, even though their action was the action of a madman the time it took to plan the massacre is well calculated.

Is Kirr a cult Personality President?

YES! If not all, the majority of the South Sudanese public will agree with me that Mr. Mayardit is a cult personality individual, before we wasted more time, let’s consult the expert about the definition of cult personality. Cult Personality Leader. According to Oxford Dictionary cult of personality or personality cult arises when a country’s leader uses mass media to create a larger-than-life public image through unquestioning flattery and praise. Cults of personality are often found in dictatorships but can be found in some democratic as well. A cult of personality is similar to general hero worship except that it is specifically built around political leaders. However, the term may be applied by analogy to refer to adulation of non-political leaders.

My intention here is not to make a diagnosis I am just an ordinary citizen, like millions of South Sudanese whom wondering about the mischief engulf our young nation. I for one can personally argue that there is many piece we have grasped from Kirr psychological dysfunctional, many people who known him during the liberation, knew him as somebody who never successfully carry out a military operation. What supposed to be his first Tiger operation end in disgust, second Tiger operation end the lives of twenty thousand (20.000) innocents Nuer women and children. Kirr leaved many South Sudanese family from now and then in trail of broken hearts, shattered expectation. The man is completely lacking conscience, compassion and in feelings for others.

Many South Sudanese bloggers and writer know full well that Kirr can be anything. One Southern Sudanese writer by the name Chuol Chot Puoch asked this question “Did you know that chameleon changes only its skin color? We must be very sincere, faithful, careful and more importantly accountable when it comes to something that does away with a human life” Mr. Puoch it is obvious Kirr is being a serious mendacious first President. For the last eight years Mr. Mayardit was always unsettled and only believe in what he choose to say. Because of his notoriety dictatorial or cult personality, he gauges the power of the masses and how to manipulate people by creating a believable ideology that allows him to develop and maintain power. Kirr think he is larger than life. Everybody else in our country is corrupted, but him, according to Mayardit. He figured out if he makes too many decrees and reshuffles he will control the public employees to press him and believed in him. Or else there will be Republican Order No. RSS/RO/J/16/2013 issued by HE Salva Kiir Mayardit to relieve you from your post. Kirr has grandiose ideas of who he is, and what he can do if you do not worship him as your king. He has a strong sense of entitlement and excessive self-admiration.

To make comparison between Kirr Mayardit and historical president who are known to be Cult Personality. Let take Adolf Hitler of Germany and compared him to Kirr Mayardit of South Sudan. Adolf Hitler had a frantic hatred of Jew. Kirr Mayardit has a long history of fanatical hatred of Nuer Nation. On January 31, 1939. Hitler gives public speech, in his speech Hitler warned Jews on what he would do if they started the II world war, Hitler already planned the war himself. On Saturday December 14, 2013, Kirr Mayardit warns Nuer about what he would do if Machar started war. But Kirr already prepared to start the war himself. I quoted Kirr is warning here. “In the light of the recent development in which some comrades have come out to challenge my executive decisions, I must warn you that this behavior is tantamount to indiscipline, which will take us back to the days of the 1991 split.” Mayardit December 14, 2013.

Dealing with Kirr Mayardit is worse than fighting a terrorist who determined to blow up a bomb. Kirr put the onus of blame, and guilt to others. According to Kirr Mayardit everybody is forcing him to do whatever he did. His record revealed that he previously has spilled too much blood of innocent and helpless Southerners. In my last article about him I try to paint a picture of what Kirr is up to. I give it a tittle “President Kirr is Tainted legacy” you can read more HERE http://www.southsudannation.com/kiirs-tainted-legacy-and-the-relentless-fight-for-freedom/

I discovered that the man has a motionless peculiar belief, different from all South Sudanese cultures and norm. His behavior is consisted with confrontation degenerated into dogfight liar and shallow emotion.

MY APPEAL to Nuer Freedom Fighters.

Dear all Freedom Fighters (Active or Volunteer) from Mayom Leer, Guit, and many others counties in Western Nuer. Ayod and Uror in Central Nuer. Dome, Ulang, Nasir and Longachuk to Eastern Nuer. Thank for choosing to die for the right cause. The killing of Nuer women and children in our nation capitol Juba by Dinkas Militias called Dut-ku Bany and Guelweng is worth fighting for. The soldier of Salfa Kirr and Yuweri Museveni of Uganda whom are frantically marching to face you in battle-fields are wrong. This summer is already a gloomier summer in Nuerland then any others summer in Nuer historical account. But we have god on our side, even though Dr. Riek routed out of Nasir, His fighters drives toward Maker Gaguang. Nuer in a times like this was times that try men is soul. Our volunteer fighters look forward to go to their homestead for summer planting. The men who stands the fight now earned the love and thank from Nuer women and children who perished in Juba, and some still shivering in the jungle hiding from Salfa Kirr and Museveni soldier. Some are crammed in UNMISS Concentrations Camp. Tyrant Kirr and Museveni is not easily conquered. Salfa Kirr and Museveni Soldier and mercenaries are in Bentiu, Ayod and Nasir and Longachuk, it seems the only things you could do is to prevent them from going to Nuer Homestead to do mischievousness one more time against innocents. Nuer this is another gloomier years. And this suffering is also base on fabrication liar. Like the year 1927 a rumors began to circulate that Guek Ngundeng is preparing for war even-though the source of rumor are not convincing because they came from British major Wyld and his Dinka chief and interpreter, a person who had demonstrated perilous to all thing Nuer. The particular liar cause the life of many including Guek himself. Our forefather have seen all the bad thing against them and never hold grudge against their offenders. I hope we will TOO. Machar said in peace you have to make compromises 5/30/2014. We have been wrong. We forgive!

Stephen Pajok Kong is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at pajok.kong@yahoo.com

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