Full text: Resignation letter of Warrap state minister


Hon. Nyenagwek Kuol Mareng (rt), past file.

February 7, 2014 [RT] — The Minister of Information of South Sudan’s Warrap State resigned last Sunday after a confrontational meeting in Kwajok between her, the governor, the deputy governor, the state security advisor, and a top official from South Sudan’s national security service in Juba.

The minister was accused of links to the opposition forces led by Riek Machar and presented with evidence of the same. Her version of events and her reasons for resigning are recounted in a resignation letter published in full below.

Full text, 5 February 2014:

On the reasons leading to her resignation from her Constitutional position as minister of Information and Telecommunication – Warrap State


1 – I am Nyenagwek Kuol Mareng, a journalist by profession and a captain in the SPLA. I was referred to the list of SPLA reserve force and seconded to the Secretariat General of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Juba in October 2006.

2 – Then I worked as the Director of Information and Telecommunication of the SPLM since October 2006 until the date of my appointment on May 21, 2012, as Minister of Information and Telecommunication – Warrap State.

3 – During my work in the SPLM General Secretariat, which required coordinating meetings of the SPLM Political Bureau, I got the opportunity to be close to both the Chairman of the SPLM Comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit and Comrade Pagan Amum Okech, the Secretary- General of the SPLM at the time as well as I participated in the various committees with all the other members of the Political Bureau as well as the National Liberation Council members.


1 – On Saturday 012 \2014, I was summoned to attend a meeting attended by the governor of Warrap State, her Deputy and the security adviser to the governor in the presence of Maj. Gen. Akol Koor Koc , The Director General of the Internal  Security for South Sudan

2 – Gen. Akol displayed an unauthorized recording from the Judiciary as dictated by the law, that record contains a phone conversation between me and Hon. Deng Alor Kuol, the ex-Minister for Cabinet affairs. The conversation was on Sunday evening, December 14, 2013, before the outbreak of the recent violence.

3 – The summary of that conversation was on why Hon. Deng Alor absented himself from meetings of the NLC, we commented on the speech of the President as well as on some of the negative comments circulated in social and electronic media.

4 – Gen. Akol said that the president was annoyed by this dialogue and that he does not want me in his government.

5 – I then conducted a direct call with the President and we discussed about the meeting and the illegally recorded telephone conversation I and explained to him my position on it.

6 – I submitted my resignation to the state Governor on Sunday, 02 \ 02 \ 2014 without mentioning the reasons for the resignation, pending the outcome of the Communications between President Salva Kiir Mayardit, the Chairman of the SPLM with both the Director of Internal Security and the Governor of Warrap State .

7– In order to clarify the facts to the public and to avoid rumors and press speculations, I must point out the following:

8 – In the talk show broadcasted from Radio Warrap, I described the events of December 15th, quoting the statement of the spokesman for the SPLA Colonel Philip Auer Panyang who said that a misunderstanding between the Republican Guard units is what led to the fighting among these units.

9 – In that talk show, I condemned the violence that has targeted certain ethnic groups, especially those belonging to the Nuer tribe in 107 residential area and Gudeli based on the president’s speech in front of MPs when he said that and I quote ‘’those who kill people and claim they are defending the government, they do a great harm to the government and my personality.”

10 – I rejected violent and hateful logos and placards against detainees and the international community , especially the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and I called for the lifting and chanting slogans calling for calm and peace and caring for displaced persons and refugees.

11 – I strongly condemned the intimidation, killing, raping and displacement of innocent citizens in Juba and looting of their property, including that of my own family my family which was looted in 107 residential area too and I called on the relevant authorities to arrest them and bring them to justice as soon as an opportunity allows, whether uniformed or armed citizens.

12 – I also condemned elements of the White Army who killed innocent Dinka civilians in cold blood in Akobo, Panrianag, Balit, Malakal and Bor. .

13– I condemn and deplore the manner of eavesdropping on citizens and constitutional talks without a judicial decision and ask the authorities to stop it immediately and to hold accountable those who violated the immunities and constitutional rights of citizens by elements of the security services and its leadership.

14 – I personally refuse to accept the attitude of imposing non-agreed and non-binding opinions which are not passed by the leadership of the SPLM Gen. Salva Kiir. I also call for the upholding of public affairs and work to mend what is left of the social fabric in order to preserve the gains of the SPLM and the completion of the project of independence and unification of the South Sudanese.

SPLM Oyeee


Hon. Nyenagwek Kuol Mareng

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