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Nuer Community in Uganda Chairman Mr. Biliu Babouth (center) with a few members of his board [photo credit: Nyamilepedia/Gatwal]
Nuer Community in Uganda Chairman, Mr. Biliu Babouth (center) with a few members of his board [photo credit: Nyamilepedia/Gatwal]
Oct 9, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)— Following a successful general elections on 24th August, an exercise which was accorded with utmost transparency and fairness, the Nuer Community in Uganda has elected a new leadership.

The leaders elect took oaths on 7th October, in a colorful ceremony that was graced and attended by prominent community members including the community elders, Religious leaders, women and school goers.

When given the chance, Mr. Nyoat Biliu Babouth, the newly elected Nuer Community in Uganda Chairman had very few crucial aspects he said his board would like to address for greater betterment of Nuer Community in Uganda and beyond.

However, before he could highlight them out to his audience which was attentively listening, Mr. Biliu made it clear that his newly inaugurated leadership doesn’t recognize the newly created 28 states by President Salva as legitimate.

“The Nuer Community in Uganda has rejected the creation of 28 states by Salva Kiir Mayardit. This move is unilateral and does not represent the interest of South Sudanese community.” Said Mr. Biliu. He cited that the decision is unprecedented, unilateral and a systematic violation of the pact.

“As Community we call upon the two warring parties’ leadership, the SPLM Juba and SPLM-IO to treat the Compromised Peace Agreement signed on 17th and 26th August respectively by the two principles with respect.” He further continued.

“On my own behalf I also wish to call upon the International Community, friends and partners to South Sudan, Regional Bodies like Africa Union and IGAD to amount ‘too much pressure’ on the two conflicting parties so that they get into implementation modalities to bring a lasting peace to South Sudanese who are in desperate need of it.”

The other important issue he pledged his leadership will concentrate on mostly is; the unity of purpose in the Nuer community. This will be achieved through various means because unity is a good sign and gesture of health community he believed.

“The Community Constitution shall be amended, and legalized with the Ugandan authorities into workable laws to effectively govern us. Nuer Community Council of Elders in Uganda shall as well be established for proper consultations on issues beyond the scope of one body’s capacity. And this shall be approved by the new leadership which is now in place.” The Chairman continued to assure.

He concluded by reminding the school goers in different levels of learning to stay focus and import the knowledge home, South Sudan where it is most needed telling them that no situation is permanent, a statement he meant to console and comfort those who have missed schools due to lack of tuition fees because of South Sudan current crisis.

Other various key speakers overemphasized mostly the importance of unity of purpose and advised his board to be exemplary in exhibiting sound and just leadership.


Report compiled by:

Gatwal Augustines


Kampala, Uganda.

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AGUMUT October 8, 2015 at 11:38 pm

Nuer are people of South Sudan,but i have no respect of what ever they elect because of Riek Machar Hacking. Dr.Riek Machar has destroyed the image of Nuer.


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