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By Dr Thon Awan,

The office of the president has had cases of corruptions in the past.(Photo: BBC Hardtalk youtube)
The office of the president has had cases of corruptions in the past.(Photo: BBC Hardtalk youtube)

July 7, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Unabashedly, the office of the president is increasingly becoming synonymous with rampant corruption and egregious incompetence. As the President grapples with restoring peace, order and tranquility to the nation after the aborted coup attempt of the 15 December 2013, his closest aides, are hell bent on the belief that its the endgame for the president and his government: And their focus has shifted to amassing as much wealth as they could, while times last. For the aides, their aim of colossal embezzlement requires two things: a closely knitted network united together in corrupt practices, since corruption ensures loyalty; and secondly, a vertical power structure that are semi-illiterate in order to deprive them of logical reasoning or critical thinking, but most important of all, they have to be tribal to ensure maximum secrecy.

What and who is the racketeering Network?

The ring that is looting massively in the office of the president is limited mainly to four personnel. The Team is headed by Mayen Wol, the Chief Administrator in the office of the President, deputized by Yel Luol and their two prominent subordinates John Agou Wuoi, a national security agent and Kondok John Aguek, the current office manager to the Minister in the office of the President.

By design, the network is strategic and effective. Mayen Wol and Yel Luol are abusing the powers entrusted to them by the president to sign and legitimize the scandalous activities they are perpetrating in the name of the security. As most of the movement of liquid in done in the name of the security, which can then be confirmed and approved by the main security agent John Agou Wuoi, but most important of all, employing Agou provides them the means of bypassing the actual security apparatus and organs that have to be notified. Once that web is tangled the actual office of the president is bypassed by making sure all including the minister are kept out of the dark, since—the minister technically relies on his office manager to scrutinize the documents that make it or shouldn’t make it to his desk—Kondok is part of the racketeering web, he has an interest to just play along while legitimizing the actions in the name of the Minister in the Office of the President. But more importantly, it necessary to understand that Kondok is an in-law of Mayen Wol who previously served as his office manager before moving to the minister, and so it would be wise to involve him in all the dealings not only help him but to also silent him of the previous dealings that had done.


The president in his major speeches has never failed to mention and recite the mantra of “eradication of corruption.” And maybe for the first time he demonstrated he was dead serious on the corruption issue by firing two cabinet ministers before the failed coup attempt, but, while that decision was extolled by many, his continual condoning of the two aides in his office—mainly Mayen and Yel—seriously mired in corrupt practices, sends the message that he is oblivious to his own message.

Recently, the duopoly—while the country is recovering from the losses of the post coup was trying to collect revenue and pay its civil servants, the military, and the police forces that had not been paid in the last three month—conceived of a plan, as the have done in the past, to make some quick buck for themselves. Since it war times, the network knows anything that has to do with war security, especially if its coming from the office of the President becomes inviolable. In pursuit of this plan, Yel Luol Koor on the 5 February 2014(as shown in appendix 1) decided to write to the Ministry of Finance, Commerce, Investment & Economic Planning and requested for the release of Twelve Million One Hundred Twenty One Thousand and Two Hundred and Eighty Dollars (U$D 12, 121, 280) to meet “the cost of security issues,” according to his letter. That amount was debited against the President’s special account.

Ironically, any amount of that magnitude for any security concern, as Yel is well aware, must be approved by the Minister for Security in the Office of the President, or, the Director General for Security; and in all cases, the President’s approval must be sought. In this case however, that procedure was not followed and worst of all, Yel did not even dare copy the letter to either the Minister of Security who sits in the same premises as he does nor the Director General for National Security, but instead copied his partner in crime, Mayen Wol and the Controller of Accounts, who was to release the payments once the money leaves the ministry of finance and goes into their custody.

This document is only part of the story. Because our sources indicate that all this money was sent to a trust fund—currently holding twenty million dollars (U$D 20, 000, 000)—of Luoldit Foundation for Education, whose accounts are operated at CFC Stanbic in Juba. This fund is operated by Yel Luol who is the chairman of the foundation and John Agou Wuoi who is currently the treasurer.

According to our sources, John Agou Wuoi, the security agent who has stopped using his national security badge and cunningly uses the badge of the office of the president to access offices and intimidate people with it, then moved and dispersed the money from the CFC accounts to other various accounts, all the bank transaction documents will be published in the next edition.

From there Kondok John Aguek was paid one million dollars (U$D 1, 000, 000) in Juba as part of the deal, then two million was paid to Lupai Motors, a contractor who bought 15 Landcruiser V8’s to pay off their associates including a white Mercedez Benz for John Agou that is to be registered in South Sudan and shipped to Nairobi, Kenya. Then out of the nine million dollars (U$D 9, 000, 000) left, two were wired to Nairobi into a trust fund in Aguoi’s son and wife’s name and the rest were left in Yel’s custody for himself and his friend.


While it is corruption that hits the headlines, the question of incompetence equally vexes the office of the president. While the constitution states the official language in the new republic is English, the office of the President, which is mostly run by this four elements, who are, with the exception of John Agou, graduates of Arabic Pattern an as a result, its not difficult to see the difficulty in communications and execution of one’s chores. Its because of this deficiency in English, that’s why Kondok Aguek, after work is usually spotted at Arkel hotel in Thongpiny courting Aguoi’s help in drafting the Minister’s letters and documents. it is also reported that Yel seriously needs Aguou’s help in writing, which also explains, why every evening Yel delivers documents to Agou who is normally parked in other compound for the president after being prohibited entry into the main presidential building.


Yel Luol the Executive Director in the Office of the President and entrenched Morkuaism into the administration of the presidency. Morkuaism is a novel practice in South Sudan politics based on a kind of a new deal between aides in the office of the president and some corruptees and businessman. It’s the notion that you let us do what we want—which means using the office of the president to ensure their debts are settled by the ministry of finance while you pay them exorbitant commissions.

The crises that occurred on the 15 of December is suggestive of the diminishing poltics that is engulfing our young nations and to stop the exacerbation of this, we have to pay the heavy price of reforms, and that starts with the highest land in the nation.

Incompetence, corruption, nepotism and cronyism employed by Yel Luol and Mayen Wol represents a wholesale abuse of power by these elements must be stopped but more importantly, the President needs to surround himself with people who are replenish with administrative skills and innovative ideas not the likes of Yel Luol, Mayen Wol and their associates who are bankrupt of new ideas but full bank balances.

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Dr Thon Awan holds PhD in corruption and embezzlement, University of Yel and Mayen and can be reached at tigeroyee@gmail.com

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[…] The International Crisis Group’s latest update is sobering, as is nearly anything you can find these days about the civil war. The country looks to be on the verge of outright state collapse, with the army failing to pay its soldiers even as hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on arms-deals that end up fattening up the off-shore bank accounts of SPLA insiders. […]

Anguie Anguie July 17, 2014 at 6:18 am

False Allegations of Corruption in the Office of the President:

By Dr. Anguie Anguie


Dear readership of nyamilepedia website,
I am here as an adverse party to antagonize people who called themselves whistleblowers like Dr. Thon Awan who published an article dated 7th July, 2014 on nyamilepedia , and in that article he tried hardly to attack and duplicate stories of corruption for senior staffs in the Office of the President.
First of all, the article that was written under unknown wretch writer Dr. Thon Awan who is a graduate of university of Yel and Mayen and specialized in corruption and embezzlement is an article indeed meant for Jumbling up, cheap propaganda and making of confusion and it is contentless more than serving the public purpose.

Political blackmailing and Failing for authentication

When I deliberated on this dirty article, there is no any seriousness from the writer, because the information displayed are all irrelevant in consistency or in one way or another.

Dr. Thon Awan, you cannot divide or distribute the money on your own cast of mind without documenting that with the details of the accounts transactions made from account of the President to the personal accounts, to me that one thing alone disqualify your allegation, and you can simply investigate that no impact made by your article because of lack of seriousness and determination.

The second argumentative point is a paragraph where you mentioned that the controller of account was waiting for instruction to start transacting the money in to these officials accounts which means the money had not yet gone in to the account of the President’s Office rather than rushing to convict, and this is completely in contradiction with the two statements in the same article which mean all your allegations are assumptions and baseless.

Therefore, this point also negate your rush accusation that could be translated as ill intention for political blackmailing to these people whom you mentioned in your article.

The third observation is that there is no correlation between the names of the people suspected by respectable academician Dr. Thon Awan and accusation to them by making fraudulent.

The document seems to be under process in the system as it indicates various signatures of finance ministry’s officials. And hence the question comes up naturally on how Dr. Thon obtained this paper which is supposed to be in the account section in finance?
My humble analysis is Dr. Thon seems to have been looking desperately for any little piece of information to convict on the ground of revenge for unknown reasons.
Regardless of Dr. Thon grievances, the style adopted as negative propaganda is jeopardy for his life, because eventually such writing and unjustified allegations lead its end in the court rooms exactly like Pagan Amum, a suspended SG for SPLM’s case with Arthur Akuien Chol, Former Minister of Finance.

I advise my colleague Dr. Thon that most of these cases end up always on the side of an accused.
I wonder how my colleague Dr. Thon obtained academic degree of PhD although he was not able to articulate and justify his allegation to Senior Staffs in the Office of the President.
Did Dr. Thon pass really through course of research methodology subject while he was pursuing post graduate studies? Or this piece of writing is only for the sake of writing.

The reason I also discard Dr. Thon Article is the conclusion mentioned telling specialization which is not either in economy or banking and finances. These writings lose their credibility, validity and lead directly to a series of articles targeting for individual on the purposes of cheap propaganda and character assassination.

Civilization shock in the use of modern technologies

These days we started to have many cyber politicians who are trying day and night to assassin people characters, and I think there was a semi article in June 2014, for allegation of corruption involving Nhial Deng, Chief Negotiator and a son of governor of Central Bank, Honorable Kornelio Koriom Mayik in a desperate attempt to wage propaganda war and assassin their characters.

The new phenomena of flinging with invalid accusation and trump up people attitudes need to be changed among our people, otherwise, we are not respecting the government civil service servants or our ministers in those offices.

I agree totally in psychology theory that this behaviors normally come from individuals who feel deprived or denied of access to resources which he/ she thinks as the only source of livelihood.
My colleague is advised to adopt a better ways to actualize his dreams and ambitions by refraining from irresponsible and unsound criticism against country fellow citizens.

In the past , unknown individual of the same like attitude wrote out a fake memo to Sudan Tribune claiming that it was a leaked memo written by Maulana Telar Ring, Presidential advisor for Legal Affairs to the President of the Republic in which he talked about People of Greater Equatoria as weak, slippery, substitute of Jemma Nunu Kuma with more populous man such as Gen. Allison Manani Magaya and suggestions for more political strategies which was to my understanding meant by a clique who wrote it for creating confusion and more internal divisions such that the inside front is not united in the face of challenges created by 15 December events.

The culprits’ objectives are obvious specifically at this juncture in the history of our nation in making concussion, wobbling the security and instability across the country.

In journalism ethics: writing is a direct responsibility for those who express their views even if it is on electronic sites. The irresponsible Keyboard struggling must be confined to a certain limit or will backfire on recruits dealing with it in an ignorant way.

Killing rumors for disarray

Dear readership, I am sure we all have heard about the rumors which were flying in Juba of a fake document claimed to have leaked out that H.E. the President of the Republic has planned to assassinate prominent leaders of Greater Equatoria, an allegation that put the whole Juba town in panic and on a barrel of gunpowder. The creation of rumours and mythopoetic behavior through irresponsible writings online will plant unfortunate condition to this beloved country in one day if we are unmindful of dealing decisively.

In conclusion I urge nyamilepedia leadership

Once again in togetherness, we can discourage the new indecency fashion of writing used by Dr. Thon Awan who is reachable only through tigeroyee email address.
Togetherness in combating this street style behavior demonstrated by Dr. Thon Awan in order to build credibility for website like nyamilepedia as reliable sources for bringing us news and to prohibit publishing unrealistic information that can mislead a country to anarchy where image of the country vibrates, and absent of respect for all organs of the government including the fourth arm of the government which is the media.

Dr. Agnuie Anguie is a PhD holder in animal behavioral science, and a lecturer at Juba Grand International University.
Email Address. anguie_25@jgranduniversity.com
Mobile: +211912679910

False Allegations of Corruption in the Office of the President! | Nyamilepedia July 17, 2014 at 3:28 pm


Response: False Allegations of Corruption in the Office of the President! | Nyamilepedia July 17, 2014 at 3:30 pm


Okot Dabor (@OkotDabor) August 1, 2014 at 3:52 pm

Thank you Nyamilepedia for bashing these thieves. Riek Machar will surely thank you. NB but those credentials chief… “PhD in corruption and embezzlement” ha ha!

achor (@AchorMabior) August 4, 2014 at 12:46 pm

So the “PhD in corruption and embezzlement” (very good title by the way) says that if the President gets rid of four people in his network that corruption, nepotism will end. This I feel may not be true as there is no guarantee the other individuals put into power will not have the same negative values. Corruption is an issue that can’t be dealt with in one sitting but something that will take a long time with education and information against it.

aker (@akerbai12) August 4, 2014 at 1:19 pm

This judgement is unfair and totally biased. Governance in Africa for the past five decades has been based on the philosophy “It is our turn to eat.” The same will be true when Machar is in power. I can predict this with 100% certainty

aluel (@aluel12) August 4, 2014 at 9:12 pm

Kiir has let this people run wild. You are right, keep writing these wrongs.

deng (@dengkuol9) August 5, 2014 at 2:24 am

The people of South Sudan overwhelmingly endorsed Kiir’s bid for power. This stated they elevated him to power and consequently his corrupt entourage. Let’s not complain now that “our people” no longer have an opportunity to eat

gollo (@golloifoto) August 5, 2014 at 2:52 pm

Something funny about names of Nyamilepedia authors. I google ‘Dr Thon Awan’ and the ’University of Yel and Mayen…’ The results were virtually non-existent lol. Guess Google is too dumb for whistle blowers 😀

domaac (@nyadomaac) August 6, 2014 at 2:54 pm

Me too, looks like propaganda :). Where is the ‘evidence’ and documents you promised… we are waiting for you and Nyamilepedia goons
Following this very closely

MUNDARI (@MUNDARI18) August 10, 2014 at 12:21 am

So these are the Four musketeers! It is common knowledge whoever is in those sits is likely to steal. I don’t know why you people still have faith in people.


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