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SSSUU Provides Support To 143 Students From Various Universities And Colleges Across Uganda

Union’s Executives with Patron Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau, the of Minister of Petroleum and Mining (Photo/SSSUU).
Union’s Executives with Patron Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau, the of Minister of Petroleum and Mining (Photo/SSSUU).

April 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- This year, South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda (SSSUU), has rendered financial support to students in various Universities and colleges in Uganda. Under the leadership of the Union President, Mr. Albino Akol Akol, the Union’s cabinet and Council agreed with the heads of Associations of different Universities and colleges that the support would be directed to the finalists who cannot pay their fees.

In this consensus, it was affirmed that each University would nominate three students and each college with two students who are not able to pay their tuition fees and also in their last semesters. Other students with special needs which cannot allow them to continue with their studies were also assisted. This assistance came as a result of the $100,000 that the president of the Republic of South Sudan gave to the Students’ Union.

The assistance was provided on the basis of the Union’s constitution which recognizes only the institutions that have subscribed.  So far 37 institutions, both Universities and Colleges have subscribed to the Union. The financial support was therefore given within the boundaries of subscription which qualify any institution to be a member of the Union.

In his words, the Union president, Mr. Albino Akol Akol expresses his gratefulness to H.E president Kiir for his steady support to the students in Uganda.

“It is because our president Salva Kiir has the students in his heart that makes him give this huge support at a time the national economy is dwindling”. Akol stressed.

“With the support from our President, H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit, we have so far extended assistance to 143 students. The assistance which could not cover all students was designed to help the needy ones in final years, last semesters.  It is important to assist this particular group of finalists so as to finish their studies and take new responsibilities”. Akol continued.

Though the assistance might not have paid fully the tuition fees for the needy students who were selected by the heads of Associations of the Universities and colleges, it has at least paid over 50% of their tuition fees. Akol Akol, the Union president expresses his gratefulness to the Heads of Associations from different Universities and colleges as well as all the Students in Uganda for the cooperation they have shown during the exercise. He also advises his critics to be clear on the points of criticism instead of mere propaganda which do not serve any purpose.

SSSUU was formed about a decade ago and has been acting as a link between the Government of South Sudan and the students in Uganda. In the early years of its formation, the Government provided adequate financial supports that covered all the students in the Universities and colleges across Uganda. But lately, this support was halted by the economic crisis in the country. Besides, issues of alleged corruptions were also reported but no official investigation was conducted.

The current Union President Mr. Albino Akol Akol has renewed hope by pledging that he will be working closely with his cabinet and the Council to establish a clear system of accountability. He promises that any little support that comes from the government must go to the neediest students so as to benefit from the Union which was formed to serve them.

The Union leadership is also organizing Peace Conference to hasten peace and reconciliation not only amongst the students but the entire South Sudanese community in Kampala which is one of the objectives of the Union.

This report is compiled by Samuel Reech Mayen in Kampala, Uganda. He can be reached through mayenreech@gmail.com

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