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Archbishop Deng Bul a tribalist and not fits for Church and public offices

By Chol D*

Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul who tripled the roles as Archbishop of ECSS/S of two Sudans and also an appointed chairman of South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation program that have now collapsed(Photo: supplied)
Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul who tripled the roles as Archbishop of ECSS/S of two Sudans and also an appointed chairman of South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation program that have now collapsed(Photo: supplied)

Feb 28, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——- Who is Daniel Deng Bul Yak?: – Daniel Deng Bul Yak is a South Sudanese born in Bor on 2nd January 1950, He is married and has six children. Deng Bul was ordained deacon in 1977 and a priest in 1978; he was consecrated bishop in 1988 in Khartoum during ECS crisis which he engineered; during ECS one of the meetings held in Khartoum, Daniel Deng could not control his anger, took a pistol and start shooting at the church leaders some including Bishops, priests and lay-readers, this is well known to everybody in ECSS and non- ECSS. The reason was he wanted to be a Bishop; as a result, he was actually consecrated Bishop and was posted as a bishop of the Diocese of Renk, a newly created Diocese from 1992 to move Deng Bul out of Khartoum. Deng Bul is the current Anglican Archbishop for the two Sudans (South Sudan and Sudan) and He has been the fourth Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church of South Sudan and Sudan since his enthronement on 20 April 2008.

South Sudan Crisis

Before and after the crisis in South Sudan, Archbishop Deng Bul who tripled the roles as Archbishop of ECSS/S of two Sudans, the largest denomination in South Sudan with over 4.5 million membership as well as a top-secret member of “Jieng Council of Elders – JCE” and top adviser to President Salva Kiir was part and parcel of ethnic cleansing.

In earlier 2013, Archbishop Deng Bul hijack a well-planned Peace and Reconciliation Initiative chaired by Dr. Riek Machar Teny to heal the wounds of the 22 years’ civil wars; he lobbied for the position after hearing that millions of dollars were poured into the programme, following intensive lobbies with president Kiir Mayardit and JCE, President Salva Kiir through countless advices from JCE, issued a presidential degree dismissing Dr. Riek Machar from the peace initiative and replaced him with Archbishop Deng Bul. In 2014 Archbishop Deng Bul during one of the gatherings he thanked UPDF – Uganda People Defense Forces instead condemning UPDF for using cluster bombs on South Sudanese people but according to him as long as the bombs were not used against Dinka no problem, he calls Nuer “devils and animals” who were almost overrunning Juba through Bor if UDPF did not intervene.

Archbishop Deng Bul’s denial of Nuer massacre and genocide:

After over 20,000 thousand Nuer mostly children and women were massacred in 9 days by president Salva Kiir’s militia with the help of Gen. James Hoth Mai, a Nuer who acted to pleases his masters, Archbishop Deng Bul organized a mockery visit to the survivors of IDPs sheltering in UNMISS’ Tongpiny camp with his two blindfolded, money lover and trusted Nuer priests (Rev. Paul Bol Kuel, a former Presbyterian Moderator and Rt. Rev. Peter Gai Lual, a current Presbyterian Church Moderator) who dance to the tune of Deng Bul denying of Nuer massacre. But this visit did not go well with the remnants and victims of Nuer IDPs in the camp, Archbishop Deng Bul and his team were spotted and shouted out and escaped narrowly almost to be stoned by the Nuer IDPs. Nuer IDPs termed this visit as a mockery and could not control their angers to see these bloodsuckers and heartless human beings off.

Archbishop Deng Bul’s International diplomatic lobbies and campaign against truth of massacre and genocide in South Sudan.

After local and international reports emerges telling the truth about the mass massacre and genocide against Nuer community, indicating that in fact mass killing was committed by Kiir Mayardit Government and his militia; Archbishop Daniel Deng in the name of being chairman of Peace and Reconciliation Initiative and Archbishop of two Sudans was heavily funded by the President Kiir Mayardit and JCE government and went around the world using the church platforms and pulpits as its Archbishop to campaign against truth of massacre in South Sudan.

He first invited Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of Anglican Communion in London and instructed Bishop of Bor (Akurdit) to prepares a mass grave near the church for the people killed to be seen by the Archbishop of Canterbury, upon arrival of Archbishop of Canterbury in Juba he took the Archbishop of Canterbury straight to Bor and was shown the mass grave dug in the church compound, he took photos with his technologically advanced camera which found that there were no human bodies in the mass grave only found only a heap of bags of sand and cement, the Archbishop of Canterbury shook his head and says only God will help South Sudan.

After that, he (Archbishop Deng Bul) then invited Archbishop of Australia and the 7 Archbishops of East Africa respectively. Archbishop Deng Bul did all these to reverse and denies the truth of the problem in South Sudan and to criminalize Dr. Riek Machar Teny and the Nuer community in general who are victims and survivors of mass massacre and genocide.

Archbishop Deng Bul hatred toward Nuer Bishops and other Bishops

Archbishop Daniel Deng annexed all Area Dioceses of Nuer to nearby Dinka led Dioceses and he advices Dinka Bishops not to elevate any Nuer area Dioceses into full Diocese, he says Nuer are good allied to Equatorian Bishops and will outnumbered you, if allowed to have full Dioceses, by keeping them under your jurisdiction they will be less effective and no says. Some Dinka bishops took the advices serious, among them the Bishop of Malakal Hillary Garang Awer, kept Bentiu Area Diocese on hold for 9 good years, diverting its relief assistance to Pariang Area Diocese a move that did go well with Bishop John Gattek Wallam of the area Bishop of Bentiu. Archbishop Deng Bul says that Nuer community in the POCs or UN protection of Civilians under UNMISS should not be given any humanitarian assistance for they are rebels. Because of this statement, the Nuer, the Equatorian and some Dinka bishops sharply disagreed with his notion thus he cuts off relationship and communications with some prominent bishops as follows:

  1. Bishop Enock Tombe, – Rejaf Diocese
  2. Bishop Joseph Maker Atot, – Pacong Diocese
  3. Bishop Abraham Yel Nhial, – Aweil Diocese
  4. Bishop Paulo Yusuk – Lomega Diocese
  5. Bishop Thomas Tut G – Ayod Area Diocese
  6. Bishop John Gattek – Bentiu Area Diocese
  7. Bishop Isaac Dhiue – Akot Diocese
  8. Bishop Peter Joh Mayom – Malek Diocese
  9. Emeritus Bishop Nathaniel Garang – retired Bishop of Bor Diocese 

With all these evidences, therefore Archbishop Deng Bul should be tried and face International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague for crimes he committed in South Sudan. More information will follows suits as gather in-depth information.

About the Author:

My name is Chol D. (E-mail: chold1975@gmail.com ) I am a concerned South Sudanese who fought for South Sudan secession and voted for South Sudan independence in 2011. I am obliged to tell my mind and what I think is true to the public as a born again Christian baptized and confirmed in the Episcopal / Anglican Church of South Sudan in the ECSS Diocese of Bor. I grew up under the spiritual care and God fearing Bishop, (Emeritus Bishop Nathaniel Garang Anyieth) during bush time and during the CPA era. The information and details listed above are based on one-on-one discussions with concerned South Sudanese Christians, community leaders and my personal observation overtime as things unfolded in the direction not pleasant to me.

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