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Wonduruba’s Paramount Chief’s Son Killed in SPLA Shooting!


23 may 2010 – Western Equatoria State, South Sudan – People displaced by the LRA attacks. The LRA has attacked a number of roads, villages, and clinics near the town of Tambora over the last week pushing thousands of people to flee to Tambora for protection. Western Equatoria state has been rocked by LRA activities since 2006. Thousands of people have been forced from their homes as brutal attacks continue against the civilian population in the region and neighboring DRC and CAR. Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus
Western Equatoria State, South Sudan – People displaced by the LRA attacks in 2010 and remain victims from SPLA attacks.Thousands of people have been forced from their homes as brutal attacks continue against the civilian population in the region and neighboring DRC and CAR. Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus

24 Oct, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — A witness speaking to South Sudan Liberty news on Thursday afternoon alert that he saw SPLA forces traveling from Lainya open fire as they neared Wonduruba, shooting at any civilian at sight killing the son of the Chief instantly and he had no chance of getting away and hide as others managed to do.

“I was on the road then I saw two SPLA Land Cruisers traveling from the direction of Lainya towards Wonduruba, as they arrived near Tuli hills they started shooting indiscriminately with no regards to Civilian lives, the shooting continued from the hills until they reached to the center. We do not know whom they were shooting at. Tuli hill is just near Wonduruba Centre along Lainya road,” added the eyewitness.

A local source close to the family of the deceased confirmed that indeed the chief son unfortunately was gun down in cold blood by Kiirs agents, leaving behind a wife and two little children, who are now fatherless.

Juba is targeting any male in Wonduruba, in their efforts to suppress the populations into submissions. “The Chief son is a family man and has never been known to be involved in political things. His killing is not isolated as Kiir targets anyone whom he perceive not supporting him although the Chief is a local government who never talked ill against the government, thus the killing of his son is uncalled for and it is a criminal act which must be condemned by all south Sudanese”. He added.

A huge number of Civilian populations, particularly woman and children fled from earlier violence, Triggered by Kiirs Soldiers in Wonduruba and have not returned since. Recent shootings are discouraging people from returning, said one resident. “People are now afraid,” he said.

Another credible reporter alerted South Sudan Liberty News that the same SPLA forces in Wonduruba Centre arrested four Civilians early this week, including a father and his three children. One of this Childs is 12 years old. “They were arrested while trying to escape the ruthless Civilian killings and hide in the bushes. The arrested are still under the custody of the SPLA forces in Wonduruba, no explanations has been given to loved ones as to why a father will be arrested with her underage children with all the trauma it produces in these children.

The arrested Civilian and a father’s name is Loku Yubi,” the sources added. It is feared that he has been tortured in front of his children.

We the Media houses call on the international communities and human right organizations to focus their attentions to the ethnic cleansing that have been going on in Wonduruba. Kiir has dispatched his kin to cause havoc in Wonduruba as a result woman and children have been killed and many remains unaccounted for.

We strongly condemn the genocide ongoing as we speak at the order of Kiir in Wonduruba. Civilian must be protected not targeted by a government that claims to be legitimate.

The author can be reached at j.kwaje@aol.com

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Tolio October 25, 2015 at 11:09 am

There must be something wrong people of that payam is doing to the government soldiers that is driving them so mad to the point where they just shoot at anyone without discrimination.

People of Wonduruba, tell the truth that may not be known to some people who wonder why?

It makes no sense to be attacked when you haven’t done anything wrong to soldiers. This is not a normal human behavior.

The soldiers whom you blame for these attacks are the national army forces whose some of them were recruited from places such as Wonduruba. There is no way these government forces would be so aliens to your payam.


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