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Unity State Students Association in Egypt Support Federal System of Government in South Sudan

Unity State Students July 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dear citizens of South Sudan, we, the Unity State Students Association in Universities and higher Institute in the Arab Republic of Egypt declare our empathy and support to federal system of governance in the youngest nation.

The idea of federalism that has been proposed by the SPLM/A – in opposition is the best solution to the ongoing crises in the Republic of South Sudan and at the same time it is an infinite solution to the marginalization of the people of South Sudan that has been suffering from dictatorial regime of Salva Kiir which fail to deliver basic services and instead encourages tribalism, nepotism and state destruction.

Beneath are the advantages of the federal system of government pointed by USSAUHI in Egypt.

  • Since the Republic of South Sudan composed of ethnic’s diversification, it will be easier to practice federal system of governance to manage the affairs of the states.
  • Federalism will eradicate tribalism in South Sudan because the states will build bilateral relations among themselves in order to exchange their resources.
  • Federal System will bring development to South Sudan due to the future competition between the governors on whose state to be on the top rank.
  • The federal system will give the state freedom to exercise & faces their internal affairs without the intervention of central government.
  • There would be limited of powers from the central government or prime minister.
  • In federal administration freedom of expression will be exercise.

Finally, the USSAUHI in Egypt request the government to stop the dictatorial tendency and respect the views of the citizens of South Sudan in media where they speak out their concerns and voice out their demand for federalism.

We, the USSAUHI in Egypt strongly urge the government to respect the peace deal signed on Friday, 9th of May 2014, in order to end the conflict in South Sudan.

Long live South Sudan

Long live Unity State

Deng Machar Tot,


Koang Kuany Bol,Gen. Secretary.


Contact: +2011-5911-8011 / +2011-4887-9177

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