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Time Heals Everything

By GatmaiMachar


The Nuer Civil Defense Force, White army at the frontline(Photo: file)
The Nuer Civil Defense Force, White army at the frontline(Photo: file)

Jan 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This is a piece of opinion written to bring to your concern that however worse or better a situation is it will change, there is always time for everything, fortunes and misfortunes.

I am here to consolidate the victims of this senseless war imposed on our people by selfish individuals fighting for their personal interests that, the hardships you are going through now will end and you will once again live free like the rest of south Sudanese who are now enjoying life while you are in camps suffering.

The whole world is now aware that half of the total population of South Sudanese children and elderly are currently encountering several hardships, ranging from food insecurity, lack of shelter, safe drinking water, medical care and high rate of school dropout. 2 million of the population have fled the country to neighboring countries for their safety to live as refugees, it’s so painful to live in camps as refugees when your fellow citizens are comfortably enjoying the fruits that you all sweated and fought to win.

I always feel the pain and share the suffering with you each time foreign Governments took advantage of the situation at home and mistreat us. We did nothing wrong to deserve this brutal sufferings, we offers all it took to win our freedom which is denied today from our life long enemies, it’s so unfortunate that the love for money and materials wealth has tempted our colleagues with whom we share the front line to win our freedom from the oppressors to turn against us.

One bitter thing about this that will always makes us not to reconcile and easily forgive each other’s and start a new chapter, is the fact that our own country mates hired foreign mercenaries to come into our land with our own wealth’s to wipe us out. Yes they brought all kind of mercenaries with all types of banned weapons to complete the planned ethnic cleansing but with our bravery and the help of our Ancestors we managed to resist and defend ourselves.

The worst year has gone, with the year 2015 beginning, I believe God has a solution for any existing problem,
he will soon find a solution to this fatal tragedy in our beloved nation. We resisted our worst part and their worst part is on the way and I hope they won’t resist it as we did. The mercenaries are getting tired and the world is getting tired of lies of the failed assassination which is later misinterpreted as a failed coup. To those families
which have lose their special ones, take heart, God gives and takes, your beloved ones did not died in vain, their blood will cemented our freedom, they died for a noble cause of setting all of us free, they will live in our hearts forever and we will live to fulfill their commenced cause.

I hope 2015 will come with joy and brings blessings to our lives and our nation.  Wish you all a happy blessed new year, 2015.

Opinion by Gatmai Machar, A former secretary of Nuer community and former secretary of South Sudanese United Students, Association ( SSUSA ) Koboko district west Nile region Uganda.

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