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The International Youth for Africa Calls on U.S Government to imposed Arms Embargo on South Sudan

Press release,

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

A south sudan government tank that was recently captured in Kuek, Northern Upper Nile(Photo: file)
A south sudan government tank that was recently captured in Kuek, Northern Upper Nile by the SPLM/A-IO forces (Photo: file

September 10, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —– The International Youth for Africa (IYA), a human rights organization based in Kampala, calls on U.S government to impose arms embargo on South Sudan rather than sanctioning of individuals.

According to Ter Manyang Gatwech, the Executive Director of IYA, sanctioning of individuals will impose less impacts on the overall crises in South Sudan.

“If it is individuals Sanction, let US government considered sanctioning East African countries because South Sudanese Generals and officials have huge assets and property in East African nations.” Ter said.

“The  impose arms embargo on South Sudan will help to reduce the ongoing crisis between President Salva Kiir’s forces and Dr. Riek Machar’s focus in South Sudan.” Ter continued.

South Sudan Government has been buying deadly weapons through neighboring countries with the help of international community.

In early March 2015, the UN Security Council adopted a resolutions to impose arms embargo on South Sudan but it failed prematurely due to many conflicting interests both from members of the international community and leaders of East African countries.

Observers believe that both the Government and the Oppositions will not bring everlasting peace in South Sudan through dialogue or political talks.

“Kiir’s government think that they will crash Machar’s forces in South Sudan for good whereas Machar’s forces think that they will removed Kiir’s Government by force and therefore, this is what we call magical thinking between two groups in South Sudan.” Ter claims.

“South Sudan is permanent and therefore, both Salva Kiir Dr.Riek Machar are stay temporary on earth for time being.  They will not stay for more 20 years in South Sudan.” The director IYA states.

Accountability and Justice

The governments and oppositions have not shown any serious effort to hold those who have committed human rights abuses accountable in South Sudan since 2013 up to date.

The human rights violations include sexual discrimination, rape, killings, disappearances, torture, distortion of property and displacement of civil population.  

IYA urges African Union to establish Hybrid Court for South Sudan to prosecute those who are bearing responsibility for international human rights abuses and violations of South Sudanese laws since 2013.

Ter said human rights are the most fundamental and important rights that must be observed by every citizens whether they are sons of farmer or sons of president.

“All are deserved equal treatment or rights in order for them to lives in dignity. The right to be free from prejudice on the basis of race, gender, national origin, color, age or sex. Abuse relates to physical, sexual, psychological, financial, legal/civil and systemic abuse as well as constraints and restrictive practices.” He said.

Many people in South Sudan lack awareness and knowledge of their rights especially women and children.

Ter said they also have no where to go even when they are aware that their rights have been denied.

“For people with cognitive impairments, developmental disability, acquired and organic brain impairment, psycho-social disability, dementia, neurological impairment such abuse could be live threatening” The Director of IYA concludes.

About IYA:

The International Youth for Africa [IYA] is non-partisan, and Non-Governmental Organization and Civil Society Organization [CSO] that works to bring difference communities together as a way to ensure, peace and reconciliation, conflict resolution, human rights, gender equality, justice, increasing demand for a collective platform for research, training and policy advocacy for young people by young people in South Sudan. IYA founded on the 2nd of March 2015. While maintaining its original goal of empowering the young people, organizations, institutions and communities at the grassroots through initiatives aimed at promoting a culture of non-violence, peace and socioeconomic development in South Sudan.

Website: www.interyouthafrica.org

Email: info@interyouthafrica.org

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