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Statement by the USA President on One Year of Violence in South Sudan

Dec 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Last December, when a political conflict erupted into violence in South Sudan, the hope and optimism the world felt with the founding of the new nation in 2011 was overtaken by images of bloodshed and grief.

Instead of seeing the promise of their struggle for self-determination realized, the people of South Sudan have suffered countless, unimaginable tragedies. The magnitude of this crisis is felt in both the devastation that violence has left in towns and villages, and the scars—visible and invisible—on the South Sudanese people.

Today, I appeal to the leaders of South Sudan to pursue peace as a way to honor those who have died. It is in your hands to end the cycle of violence, to set forth on a course of reform and reconciliation, and to hold to account those responsible for atrocities.

Leadership that recalls the promise of South Sudan is what the country now needs to end this senseless conflict.To the people of South Sudan, who have suffered for far too long, I urge you to renew the spirit of hope, unity, and fortitude that enabled you almost four years ago to come together and vote for a brighter future.

For the sake of future generations, I urge you to seek peaceful reconciliation rather than violent retribution. The United States will remain a friend to those who seek peace and progress, and will stand with the people of South Sudan.

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Joseph Wany December 13, 2014 at 8:26 am

Guys or folks, we must to look at President Obama of US ‘s wise speech on South Sudan conflicts. He talks of ” reforms, reconciliation and reunited” for the sake of peace and implementation of civil population’s vision during Sudan’s longest civil war about self-determination which handed us this ruined fruitful nation by greedy, tribalization, corruption and nepotism from self interesting individuals or group etc.

The reforms which Barrack Obama is talking about is the real transformation caused this serious and monstrous violent based on tribal line in which the conservative and ethical leaders insist on preaching about it to prevail in the nation, but whoever careless and unrealistic would soon face the consequences for the accountability for the thousand lives murdered in cool blooded in Juba and across the countrywide.

If we had been in a conflicts of an inter-group or intra-group’s interests silently for ten years since 2005 under a negative effect of self-determination led by uninformed and malaise liberators who cares of their privatization in the nation. How would these mess result where as we have got another Mandela who was imprisoned for 27 years in South Africa? He must to sacrifice himself/herself for the promises made during our founder fathers’ meetings to laid down the foundation of self-determination in 1947 Juba Conference. Unfortunately, the blood of the forgotten deceased heroes/heroin during struggle and the tears or curse of their families has caused this devastated war in the nation. Otherwise, those who belief or have an ideology of born to rule and owned the property of the countrywide and neglect their country-man will soon perish.

In the reality, we did struggled harder to abolish the Arabs invasion and encroachment into South Sudanese social-cultural ethics and principles. How come now a days we have to treat ourselves with fear, favor and prejudice base on gender and tribe!. If we meant for the real democratic not the mere one in the new nation, our leaders would have avoid tyrannical acts and servitude which are the really cause of this confusion while they are condemnable in the Human Rights Declaration in December, 10 1948. This is what Human Rights Watch Dogs are after to implement world-wide.

Please! be refer: According to Bible says; ” if you cause a child to sin, the grinding millet stone would be tie on your neck and put or sink down into sea or lake” That meant if you murdered innocent person intentionally you will face no Mercy in the face of Creator/God. May God counts the steps of killers and caused to hell!!!!

By: Human Rights Activist
Nyok Nhial

Penny Gamlin December 14, 2014 at 12:25 am

There was nothing “wise” about what Obama said. It was just cliches. Meanwhile, he fans violence in the Middle East.


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