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SSHURSA welcomes President Kiir’s reversal of execution Order and calls on state to respect human rights and rule of law



Feb 22, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— The South Sudan Human Rights Society for Advocacy(SSHURSA) welcomes the statement from the office of South Sudan President Salva Kiir that reverses his recent execution Order, in which he instructed the Minister of Defence to instantly execute soldiers accused of human rights abuses and without any due process of the law(https://radiotamazuj.org/en/article/president-kiir-reverses-orders-shoot-rapist-soldiers). SSHURSA previously condemned such Order uttered by President Kiir.


The reversal statement of President Kiir could, however, at the very least, be regarded as sense of realising the due process of the law. Such a reversal is a crucial element in observing principles of fair trial provided for in South Sudan Constitution and in the international and regional human rights instruments to which South Sudan is a party by ratification and by virtue of its membership to the international community.

SSHURSA again calls on President Kiir to ensure that justice is done in strict adherence to the spirit and letter of the law and human rights values, all of which are intended to protect dignity of each person including suspects of any crime. SSHURSA further urges President Kiir to cooperate so that strongly independent accountability institutions are set up to end impunity in South Sudan.

SSHURSA urgently calls on the African Union, the United Nations especially the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan and the rest of the international community to push for the establishment of such institutions. Those who have been abusing human rights should be held accountable but through processes legally provided for.

For more information on this press release or about SSHURSA, Contact us through e-mail: sshursa2007@gmail.com/info@sshursa.org . Tel: +211955912237 or visit our website at: www.sshursa.org.

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Bala February 22, 2017 at 5:21 am

Let’s cut out African Union,UN Human Right Groups and the International Community’s help.We South Sudanese can build these institutions on our own. The organisations above don’t ask South Sudanese for help about anything they do. This is logical and not to be argued with. We have to be creative and do unique things, not just copy laws from them and incorporate them into our Constitution. In the US the expression all men are created equally is a good idea but in European countries and the rest of democracies,they have different ways of expressing the same idea uniquely. This is not to saying anybody is against the reversal of the presidential order.


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