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Spokesperson: South Sudan Rebels Clash With Gov’t Forces In Multiple Areas In Upper Nile

Press Release,

soldiers of SPLA-IO in one of their strongholds in Upper Nile...
soldiers of SPLA-IO in one of their strongholds in Upper Nile…

April 01, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Yesterday Thursday March 30, 2017 the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) regime in Juba ordered more than three (3) Coys (300) of its ruthless Mathiang Anyor government forces based in and around Wau to attack SPLA-IO positions and bases in order to terrorize the innocent and defenseless civilian population in and around Ayod.

As those Mathiang Anyor government forces were moving towards the directions of Wunbiem, Jakyom Wau north and also Gaap and Waai respectively, the gallant SPLA-IO forces of Brigade One (1) under Cdr Brigadier General Wuor Gai Thanyieny and Division Seven (7) Cdr Major General Simon Diang Duoth Deng intercepted the movements and subsequently clashed and engaged the Juba regime Mathiang Anyor aggressions in those areas.

In the intense and fierce fighting that lasted for some five (5) hours, the gallant SPLA-IO forces defeated, destroyed and dispersed the Mathiang Anyor government forces. In addition to the forty seven (47) Mathiang Anyor government soldiers killed in this fighting alone, the gallant SPLA-IO forces also destroyed three (3) Juba regime tanks and one (1) newly purchased/acquired Texture mounted with 12.7 armouries.

The residual Mathiang Anyor government forces have been surrounded, cut off from Ayod, and confined in the surrounding bushes without access to any reinforcement, food and water, as the gallant SPLA-IO forces move forward aiming to take full control of Ayod within a short time.

The same day, the gallant SPLA-IO forces under Special Division Cdr Major General James Ochan Puot also intercepted, defeated and destroyed another Juba regime Mathiang Anyor movement and aggression in and around Renk, which eventually led to an equally intense and fierce fighting in Jerbeni, now fully controlled by the SPLA-IO, with Juba regime fatalities and loses still being counted.

Meanwhile, the SPLA-IO is extremely glad to confirm the release in Khartoum, Sudan, of the non-South Sudanese oil workers that the gallant SPLA-IO forces rescued during the fighting in and around Adar oilfields the recent past. The SPLA-IO calls upon the African Union (AU), United Nations (UN) and indeed the international community to put maximum pressure on the Juba regime to immediately release from its detention the SPLM/A-IO officials that were kidnapped in the neighboring Kenya and are still being held, tortured and denied legal counseling in one of the most guantonomo notorious Juba prisons.



Col. William Gatjiath Deng

Spokesperson for SPLA-IO


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