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SPLM(IO) Youth League Chairman Disregards Youth Gathering in Nairobi, Kenya

By Puot Kang Chol
Chairman of SPLM(IO)-Youth League,

Puot Kang Chol, SPLM/A-IO Youth League Chairman conversing with Dr. Riek Machar in Nairobi in 2014(Photo: file)
Puot Kang Chol, SPLM/A-IO Youth League Chairman conversing with Dr. Riek Machar in Nairobi in 2014(Photo: file)

Jan 15, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– The position of Sudan’s People Liberation Movement (IO)–Youth League do hereby disregards the recent youth gathering in Nairobi Kenya in the past three days.

What happened in the Kenyan capital was not in any manner an inclusive initiative that shows all faces of the South Sudanese youth in general, but a pocket of individuals who are being use by Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). Their motives are to keep the status quo. The SPLM(IO)- YL once again says the conference was not for all youth in the country but for those that succumbed to JCE calls.

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The SPLM(IO)- YL strongly believed that the position Presented by that conference try to advance only the interest of President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his government.

The SPLM(IO)- YL has acknowledged that the conference that was held in Nairobi, Kenya didn’t seek to include all the youth leaders across the Country but a selective of people who are only to sing praises to the current regime.

Our people are suffering and they are in their dire need for peace, but the president and his entire cabinets have laid obstacles and bumps to obstruct that very peace that our citizens seek wholeheartedly.

Therefore, the youth who are being lure into politicking by our elders who are careless about the dying of young children in IDPs camps across the young Nation must put in their minds that it’s their future that they are playing with, not the future of the elders but their own future because the future of tomorrow belong to them and their children.

However, the searched for peace has been the number one priority for SPLM/A IO in general for the last three to four years of violent.

And the SPLM(IO)- YL showed their commitment for the search of the genuine peace, but it seem our brothers who the future of tomorrow awaits them, are being mislead by Jeng council of Elders.

Moreover, the SPLM(IO)- YL again reiterates that the return to peaceful settlement will not be achieved by a group of youth rather than a constructive engagement of the parties involved.

Finally, the SPLM(IO)-YL didn’t participate or delegates any member in or outside the country to attend the conference. Should anybody appear in the conference he or she is responsible of his or her actions and not the SPLM(IO)-Youth League.

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