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SPLM Chapters in United States Denounce The Disgust Defection of The So Call Generals

General Gathoth Gatkuoth talking to Press Early this year 2014
General Gathoth Gatkuoth talking to Press Early this year 2014

August 15, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — To all peace lover, we the SPLM chapters in United States are hereby denouncing the disgust defection of the so call generals who are pretending to disown Dr. Riek Machar from the leadership of SPLM I.O. This defection is baseless, and it should not puzzle those who are the true champion the change for democratic in South Sudan.

We the members of all SPLM Chapters in United States would like to inform the whole world, international communities, IGAD and the entirely South Sudanese that, SPLM I. O is not fighting the war of Nuer vs Dinka like what dictators regime of Salva Kiir conducting in Juba. Dr. Riek Machar is fighting for change of democratic transformation that would enable and free South Sudanese from dictatorship tendency of genocidal regime of Juba that have terrorized the innocent and vulnerable population of South Sudan. However, those generals who proclaiming to have disown Dr. Riek Machar Chairman and commander in Chief are baseless and we condom that allergy propaganda in strongest term possible and we would like to inform all South Sudanese that, this proclaim general are only themselves and they do have 0% percent of forces exist in the ground and people should not taking notes and be panic about their illegitimate claim.

We also would like to inform the whole world that, this nonsense defection of those propecia online pharmacy notorious general was tactically instigated by the ruthless regime of Salva Kiir in Juba which is not in favor of peace rather of war. However, we all are aware that the senseless war that was started by President Kiir himself in Juba and murdered more than fifty thousand of one ethnics groups of the Nuer. Should not be used has a sources of defection because dictator Kiir don’t worry about peaceful coexistence of South Sudanese population.

Therefore, we condemn such act and we encourage those general to abandon their blinks coups and come back to the democratic champions movement that want to free its people from this ruthless regime and transform South Sudan into a democratic society where ever body shall live in peace and harmony under one nation.

The undersign are the SPLM I.O chapters in united States of America.

  1. Chapter of Tennessee
  2. Chapter of Dominoes Iowa
  3. Chapter of Minnesota
  4. Chapter of State of Maine
  5. Chapter of Taxes
  6. Chapter of Arizona
  7. Chapter of State of Nebraska
  8. Chapter of Washington Seattle
  9. Chapter of State of Alaska
  10. Chapter of State of California
  11. Chapter of South Dakota
  12. SPLM Women Leagues
  13. SPLM Youths leagues

Sign by

Simon Tongyik Nguth Dahel

SPLM I.O National coordinators

Email: dahelnguth@gmail.com

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