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South Sudanese Union President Says Students will still manage their affairs regardless current Crisis!

President of South Sudanese Students Union In Uganda ,Peter Nin Tut in the middle and Mr. Anthony on the right (Photo: Extracted/Nyamilepedia)
President of South Sudanese Students Union In Uganda ,Peter Nin Tut in the middle and Mr. Anthony on the right (Photo: Extracted/Nyamilepedia)

Oct 14th, 2014 (Nyamilepedia) — South Sudanese Students Union in Uganda held their General Assembly under the theme “education is power and wealth’’ at Equotoria Hotel in Kampala Uganda, on Tuesday.

In the meeting were the Minister of Upper Nile State government, Hon. William Pur Tut, and other dignitaries from the Republic of South Sudan Embassy in Uganda.

The main agenda for the assembly was to gather student’s opinions toward peace talk processes in Addis -Ababa and how to resolve the current conflict that has caused “insurgencies” in the Republic of South Sudan, according to the Union president, Peter Nin Tut.

The union’s leadership welcomes the guest of honor, Hon. William Pur Tut, on behave of the Governor of Upper Nile state, at least peacefully this time.

Hon. Pur urged the student to remain united irregardless of the tribal issues back home, which the minister believes do not promote the interest of South Sudanese students.

President Peter Nin Tut said the appreciation goes to those who have been supporting the Union Leadership since its formation in 2007.

Mr. Nin, however, commences that union leadership will still manage the students affairs regardless of the crisis that  ongoing in the Republic of South Sudan.

Tut said the union’s general policies framework of 2013/2014 is all about the progress of the Institution of which activities of the Union are in place.

He said his office have managed to hire the office for Students in Kampala for a period of one year with computers and enough chairs.

He recommended that next leadership will come and start where his leadership stops. Mr. Tut said union leadership manages to help the affected students from various Universities and Colleges in Uganda within the amount of money the South Sudanese Students leadership received from the office of the President of the Republic of South Sudan Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, last month.

Mean while, the Guest of honor, Hon William Pur Tut, urged the students to remain united in Uganda regardless of the current conflict in the country. However, he also appreciated and acknowledged the patriotism and spirit of nationalism of uniting South Sudanese in Uganda under one umbrella for the betterment of the union.

On Tuesday 14th 2014, Eastern Jikany University and Colleges Students in Kampala protested and rejected to recognize the Union’s guest of honor, Mr. PUR TUT, the Minster of Education Science and Technology of Upper Nile state.

According to Chuol Gony Gatluak, a Student of Cavendish University in Uganda, the East Jikany students denounced the government of Simon Kun Puoch in Upper Nile state.

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