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South Sudan Rebels Declare Full Scale War In Greater Equatoria!

Rebel fighters celebrating the capture of Tanks and other weapons
Rebel fighters celebrating the capture of Tanks and other weapons

Feb 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The leadership of SPLM/SPLA in Opposition, under the former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, has declared a full scale war as an alternative to end the conflict in the world’s youngest nation, South Sudan.

According to Dr. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino, the rebels’ National Committee Chairman for Political Mobilization, the armed opposition has declared Greater Equatoria, comprising of Central, Eastern and Western Equatoria as a military zone until the incumbent regime is removed from power.

“From the 10th February, 2015 Equatoria region is effectively declared a military zone until the current regime is changed” Oyet said in a press statement seen by Nyamilepedia.

According to Oyet, the former head of political science department at the University of Juba, all civilians in the region must not carry arms or wear uniform within this period.

The SPLM/SPLA [IO] has declared Government forces and their means of subsistence in the region to be eminent targets from their forces, effective from the minute of their press release.

“ All government business including elections in all areas under the reach of pro-democracy and reforms forces are null and void.” Read the Press Statement.

The armed Opposition calls upon their sympathizers in Juba and elsewhere in the country to defect as soon as possible, declaring that “the time for change is now not tomorrow”. Dr. Oyet reiterates that the defectors will be soon instructed on where to assemble.

“ We call upon our supporters in government institutions, organize forces and all those who cherish reforms and progress of our country to defect the regime of Salva Kiir, you will be told where to go.” The statement reads.

“The time for change is now not tomorrow South Sudan will never be the same again. The opportunity to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future for everyone is here. The government of Salva Kiir and his cohorts must be removed at all cost without delay.” Dr. Oyet remarks.

Since the beginning of the crises, Juba has been a ticking bomb, comprising of supporters and militants of both sides. Many defections and minor clashes have rocked Juba since December, 2013.

The oppositions accuse Salva Kiir administration of having hijacked and sold the independence and sovereignty of South Sudan, which attained its independence from Sudan in July, 2011.

“Kiir has sold the independence of South Sudan to foreign agents and brought shame to South Sudanese who are made to bleed because of bad politics of the regime and those who want to build a patrimonial state.” Reads the rebels press statement.

Last week, the neighboring Uganda, which intruded in the conflict from its onset, announced extending a loose agreement with Juba to maintain its forces in South Sudan for another 4 months contrary to January 23rd, 2014 Cessation of Hostilities Agreement.

War for Federalism and Reforms:

According to Dr. Oyet, the Addis Ababa and Arusha Peace talks have squashed their demands for political and governance reforms, which the opposition believes are major factors in this conflict, and instead replaced them with unfavorable power sharing deal.

“The demand for political and governance reforms and justice for the victims of genocide have been thrown out of the peace talks and replaced by unacceptable scrambling and speculation for power sharing and the unification of infamous SPLM party which is synonymous with the suffering of South Sudanese today” Reads the statement.

“Where is federalism, where is justice and accountability for the victims of genocide.” wonders the political scientist!

The Opposition also emphasizes the need for the African Union to release their reports on South Sudan conflict to expedite the peace talks and accountability process.

“Even the report by AU Commission of Inquiry has been shelved in an effort to protect a regime well known for loss of its legitimacy. Political venders have now taken the peace process hostage.” Oyet said.

“ This is an insult to millions of lives who perished for the love of South Sudan and her people since the struggle for independence was launched in 1955” Dr. Oyet continued.

According to South Sudan government spokesman, Michael Makuei Lueth, the African Union should not release the report to prevent peace talks from collapsing.

Hon. Makuei believes that if the AU reports mention individuals on both sides of the conflict for possible prosecution, the peace process may collapse or slow down.

The rebels, however, decry possible attempt by AU to protect the culprits in the current regime of Salva Kiir.

The African Union Commission of Inquiry, led by the former Nigerian President Oluṣẹgun Mathew Okikiọla Arẹmu Ọbasanjọ, was formed in mid 2014 after the IGAD states and governments disagreed on the root causes of South Sudan conflict.

The Opposition believes that the leadership of President Salva Kiir has targeted ethnic group(s) and continues to exterminate members of Nuer, Equatorian, Shilluck, Pertit, Balanda, Murle, among other minority communities.

“The continued disposition and conduct of government of President Salva Kiir and his cohorts still demonstrate that Kiir is not for any peace and unfit to rule the country. Relentlessly he continued to kill our people.” said the former lecturer of Juba University-turned rebel.

“In Juba people are being beheaded in their houses, we condemn in strongest term possible the continued government policy of targeting and killing the members of Nuer, equatorians, pertit, balanda, shilluk, murle and other members of minority communities. We urge UNMISS to investigate and bring culprits to justice” The statement continued

Dr. Oyet believes that this declaration is final, and it will remain in place until Salva Kiir is removed from power.

“Equatoria region will remain a military zone until all the just demands for reforms under federal arrangement and justice and accountability are met.” Dr. Oyet said.

In other reports, the three governors of Equatoria, accompanied by three other governors from Greater Barh el Ghazal have traveled to Addis Ababa to meet IGAD mediators for their demands to be considered in the future peace agreements.

The governors, who agree with the rebels on demand for federals systems, support the government’s call for the incumbent vice president to be the First Vice President in the proposed Transitional Government of National Unity, however, it is yet to be verified if the Equatorian Governors will form a separate bloc in the upcoming peace talks to negotiate their demands.

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GatNor February 10, 2015 at 2:34 am

God help the people of Equatoria, they are hostages in their own land. Kiir brought a big course to that land of Equatoria and Juba in particular by condemning thousands of innocent souls to death. Liberty is within reach, so be strong.

Nikalongo sanduksanduk February 11, 2015 at 1:31 am

Keep your wars to ur backyards. Who is Oyet going to fight/shoot in Magwi county? Oyet knows that he will never be able to recruit anybody to fight the Nuer – Dinka nonsense. Where are the thousands of Equatorians that Gen. Gore promised would join him? Oyet is just trying to make a statement to justify the empty office SPLM-IO gave him. We will bring change without having to kill, rape or destroy properties.

GatNor February 11, 2015 at 9:44 am

Unfortunately liberations are not about killing, raping, destroying properties. With that mindset you can not liberate not even yourself. Your back yard you can not liberated it by your own. It is a Dinka’s playground for their criminals and herders neither your youth nor the 3 politician plus the VP have yet to say enough is enough.

Nyaluak Lual February 10, 2015 at 3:37 am

We will be very surprised to see equatorians actually fighting! They like being in the neutral zone all the time. if you people want war in Equatoria, bring the Nuer here to fight for them. They are ambivalent cowards!

Eastern February 10, 2015 at 5:35 am


Get this into your thick head. War is not the preserve of nuers or dinkas. The time for domination and subjugation is over.

Equatorians have now risen as they did in the past to put the current madness in Juba to a stop. Equatorians are more than capable to fight for themselves. They don’t need nuers or indeed other parties to that for them. Nuers already have their plates full of war that they are yet to win, if at all!

Next time, use your brain to think before you write on this forum.

bgatwech February 10, 2015 at 7:37 am


Please stop wasting time answering this idiot call Nyaluak. She does not know what she is talking about just leave her a lone with her frozen brain. As South Sudanese national, we must fight collaboratively as it was during struggle.

Equatorian who seek military training should come to Pangak, Pagak, Akobo to be trained as Equatoria is not a safe place for training at least for now. After training the Equatorian and Nuer soldiers could go to frontline in Equatoria together. Nothing wrong to fight this war collaboratively as one people with one objective and one common interest and vision.


bgatwech February 10, 2015 at 7:23 am

Nyaluak Lual,

Please stop segregating South Sudanese. You are not in frontline idiot woman.

GatNor February 10, 2015 at 11:37 am

I am not sure whether to take your comment as that you are daring Equatorians to grow some balls and fight to liberate themselves from Dinka governments oppressions or you are one of those Nyanuer still who would not got off of Dinka’s dick. Which one is it. You criticised Nuers source of infos that attempts to keep the country informed and called Equatorians “Ambivilalent cowards” Tell me how is sucking on Dinka’s … going?

Yi̱ɛ̈ɛ̈c! Nuääri gaa, ciaŋɛ mɛ yiɛn kua guic.Cia rö thɔl baaŋ kɛ thiay mäni män ruac kɛn ɛla ti ci thiay kɛ ɣöö ci kɛnɛ ŋa̱ci rölun mac Ja̱a̱ŋɛ, kä cam kɛnɛ kɛnJa̱a̱ŋ nhiam dun. kä thɛ̈lɛ mi lɛɛl yiɛnɛ. Min dɛ̈ɛ̈ yiɛnɛ lɛl, ɛdɛ̈ɛ̈ yiɛnɛ lɛlɔ ɛŋu?

AGUMUT February 10, 2015 at 11:07 pm

Actually how many Females workers in your house to play your little oulddom? It seems like Gatnor is diagnosed with the same popular BLOODY Press and Diabetes of SPLM. Shining boy.

GatNor February 11, 2015 at 12:36 am

Nyaluak Lual ≠ AGUMUT

AGUMUT February 11, 2015 at 3:40 am

Do not forget your meds,but make sure that you can not suvive with medicines for life.Who told you exactly i have a sister to work in your bloody home as a servant. Your Johnny Walker whisky’s Genital head doesn’t function anymore unless medical Doctor tie you up. Nyaluak/ Nyacow hut.

GatNor February 11, 2015 at 9:46 am

As reflected by your confused responses, it is clear that you have no clue of what my comment entails. Don not force a conversation that have nothing to do with my conversation nor the individual I was addressing.

Francis Amayo February 10, 2015 at 12:46 pm

Oyet,declares full scale war in Equatoria,he is agreat fool,which war,when u are serving Nuers as second class they even undermine us,if we want the regime of Kiir to fall tonight it will,its just cheap propaganda or what you call pshycological warfare,the so called rebels of reik machar have failed even to control a whole state for a full year,establish rule of law,win the population to their side,they only engage in revenge tribal killings,it clearly written on the board that Dinka,Nuer Egoism has destroyed South Sudan,What i want to assure all of you,Reik Machar will never be President,he has condemned our people to being refugees,stateless,if he wants a republic for Nuer let him create one.we equatorians shall take care of ourselves,we are tired of fools,claiming to be championing democracy,rule of law,development when all the thugs were in government they were busy siphoning the country billions of dollars carried in coffins to Nairobi and Kampala,we are not stupid,ofcourse Geo-politics is in play the conflict is fuelled by Western Vs Chinese interests in South Sudan,Countries Like Uganda,a regional power broker plays its games very well to please the two world super power antagonistics,you will be suprised even america is backing the stay of UPDF in South Sudan,some you of write rubbish and dont understand how world politics work,SPLM/A IO will either rethink what they want and we have a peace full south sudan or even their backers from the west will get tired,every one claims the White Army is invsible,Warfare has changed since the world war,their better ways of killing people in numbers,we are talking of chemical and biological weapons,some of these countries have them and will be used against whoever is against peace to achieve peace,America has done damage to the whole world,the crimes they have committed in Vietnam,Iraq,Libya are not forgotten and foolishy Reik and His comrades go and beg for western support.how many states are under the country of Reik Rebels,honestly,have they established proper adminstration No,their controlling towns of no significancy like Ayod,Akobo,come and capture Wau,Rumbek,Kuajoik,Juba and we shall say you have a course,not making noise in Addisabab hotels sleeping around with prostitutes the whole nite claiming to be fighting dictatorship,we want revolutionaries not military turned business men looking for economic capital or opportunists

Goikuach February 10, 2015 at 4:26 pm

Tell them bro Francis
Equatorians are the most civil and peaceful South Sudanese. They will never allow their towns to be brought down to rubble like Bentiu, Bor, Malakal, Renk and Nasir. I am ashamed of Dinka Barkazal and Nuer leaders. This war is purely their making.

Equatorians should stay out of the madness of these two feuding communities for it is not worth destroying your towns and villages for Riek Machar to become president or Kiir Mayardit to continue his dictatorial and failed leadership. Both leaders deserve to be behind bars. Their generals too. They have brought death, suffering, destruction, displacement and shame to our resilient people

Goweng Torbaar February 10, 2015 at 4:10 am

If Makuey Lueth is saying that AU report should not be released and they sign a deal with Uganda, why should IO continue to negotiate with this useless thug? cancle that peace deal and fight or if you surrender then accept any demand by Kiir

Kalonzo Joseph February 10, 2015 at 5:13 am

However much ‘you’,facebookers, gmailers, hotmailers, and etc, , ,! You will all find the opposite! Get me right, please!

jameskp2@gmail,com March 11, 2015 at 3:33 am

Look my all friends from the media what we are seeing now in the south sudan it is not dinkas or nuears it is bad ruling from the head of the country if need to know the true

Moilel Walkaa February 10, 2015 at 4:44 am

I believe sooner or later South Sudanese will bring war into the door steps of Uganda.
I had a dream which i believe will come true soon. “That Ugandan President Yuweri Museveni negotiating power sharing with ugandan military and the military giving conditions that Museveni must accept Rome Statute before any agreement is reached. This dream has come to me twice this week.
This was was started by mr. Museveni with the aim of looting minerals and resources in South Sudan.
For the Equatorians, you must be very alert as Museveni is preparing to loot timber and gold. With the deployment of another 7,000 UPDF soliders, Western Equatoria will be occupied for harvesting timber by ugandan merchants and send to uganda for export to China. Eastern Equatoria will be occupied by another sector of UPDF supported by Rwandan soldiers to mind gold. Salva Kirr SPLA will be pushed to the frontline to fight with the rebels while they get busy looting South Sudan resources.

Mr Museveni is busy making money for his 2016 election campaigns and the only source of getting the money is through looting of South Sudan resource.
Remember Ugandan and Rwandese forces were chased away from Congo by South African Defence Force which intervene in Congo in 2009.
It high time for South Sudanese to stand up and defend their country and the resource otherwise you will not find anything after the war you will live in poverty forever.

Sulpar gatwech jok February 10, 2015 at 5:00 am

Good news from dr oyet today is our time any person in spla io stendup let us support dr oyet to fight for our freedom salva and m7 they must go in our youngest nation south sudan greet equatorial firs they think that government of south is belong to every body but now they know that government is belong to dinka not all dinka but clan of salva kiir let us fight for our freedom good news dr oyet

Tut John Nyuon February 10, 2015 at 5:09 am


gustik koryom February 10, 2015 at 5:34 am

I really appreciated the greater Equatoria for the statement they declared. let SPLM/SPLA-IO canceal the IGAD peace talk which is being manipulated by Yori Museveni who need this war to be regional to Africa or East Africa in particular. The reason of Museveni is this, when the war had happened in S.Sudan, Yori had brought his troops onset to fought along side the government without the consultation of political boards in Uganda. And because he knew that more of his troops have lost their lives.

gustik koryom February 10, 2015 at 5:54 am

from this war that’s why he has maniputed the peace as to become a regional war. And that’s why he don’t want to withdraw his troops which were brought secretly by him because there will be question from the political boards of Uganda for lost their troops for unconcerned war.

Abraham Kai Diu Kuor February 10, 2015 at 5:57 am

Thing would be divided equally only when machar become the president of Democratical republic of s sudan, and its amatter of time for freedom fighters to reach juba though by mean of militarly or by a nogtiation manner kiir must definetly go to the hell

man of the people February 10, 2015 at 7:05 am

The delay to release AU report on human atrocities in south Sudan, is a major scandal of enormous proportion in the 21st. Century. How should the opposition respond to this scandal. It’s simply to demand the release of the document or abstain from the peace negotiation. The international human rights office at the UN should be pressurized to embrace ownership of this scandal,being committed on its face. Secondly,the human rights watch report on south Sudan, should be adopted as an alternative documentation for the Hague to start prosecution of these bunch of criminals, allowed to roam this earth, with their mouths and hands dripping blood of innocent civilians.

Bentiu Ramaran February 10, 2015 at 7:42 am

Thanks Dr. Oyet. This is a clear message to all stooge and figurehead in the government of goofy and foolish president. Y. Museveni cannot make Equatoria part of Uganda by setting Ugandan illegal businesses while killing the people of Greater Upper Nile

AGUMUT February 10, 2015 at 8:05 am

Propaganda of war me thinks. All those militias should understand that Bhar El Ghazel rainy forest is very HUGE.Government is going to shifts military training to those RAINY FORESTS and so-called REBELS will know exactly.

Cu Jany February 10, 2015 at 3:39 pm

Thanks Dr.Oyet for your information, I think, it is awareness to all civilians who are staying out of UN camp…. to join their brothers in camp becoz this war is not targeting civilians but. everyone with government uniform…
I’m appealing to all my bothers who didn’t understood the discussion that, if you are in SPLA _OI ,be aware becoz you are already inform through social media…becoz no body will go to your house in greater equatoria n inform you that fighting is starting now!!!
to Michael Makuei, don’t kills your solders for dead politics which is not matching…. Kiir himself wanted to SPLM _OI ,thinking that,Dr. Machar will be his campaign manager,but tell him that “your period you wanted for presidency, you will get in grave and join the heroes of country…. but it is very shamefull for you and your supporter becoz you are destroying their future….
I can’t. support you eventhough you are the only person that left in south Sudan…..I better stay like loss boys in USA
IF I were to be you,I better leaves the Juba before I’m being killed by SPLA_ol……

'Denga February 10, 2015 at 10:37 pm


It is impressing development news for equatorians in participation of eliminating existing regime. Kiir totally lost his direction only-things didn’t come in his mind was resignation. Because kiir has no clear vision for his people, he has no attention to leave the seat.

Since the declaration of the country until today killing are rampant across south and unimaginable things was that, in the city (Juba) killing crying from door to door while main government office located, no voice raise to prevent the act.

Kiir government made killing or thief legal in south, however, there are no legal procedure to prevent such crime. It is unimaginable that killer or thief can be release without punishment. So,there are no point to defend kiir to lead the country let him goooooooooo. it is just a matter of time, Khartoum was succeed using our people because there were salaries given to army but our government only allow top ranks to lot low ranks.

prophert February 12, 2015 at 6:10 am

attention please
a prophecy for south sudan
the only safety for the republic of south Sudan, peace
is to form a new government with a new system. a government with kirr or macher or wani igga as head .
we need a government with with tree head we need to have the first presidency , 3 people, all are equal in authority , one from equatorial, upper Nile and greater baher al Gaza .we need to have 12 state , with 12 miniseries and 12 minister ,from each state , all are equal in authority , and we need to have 70 or more officer from each tribe in south sudan , for more information of how south sudan will be organize to bring lasting peace email me .
i know and we talk with the maker and he reveal to me this

Butrus February 13, 2015 at 9:13 pm

With due respect to South Sudan achievement on independent and freedom to our country as the new nation on earth on my comment 1-the word son become true on this days that the son is living and is 31yrs old I thing he is understanding this conflict and he is sick but is recovering.2- we south Sudanese don’t understand weather he is coming or not but he is on his way coming for the second time signal that u people u have to understand forthe second time.3-he the son listens every adessing by the leader but he is angry of the word he is still small . 4- he predict numbers perfectly and controlling his anger because of what happened on 15/12/2013 it is true his anger ness thousand will die so the secret of politician is coming to an end wether or not the hypothesis is by the son .5- if read these comment donote bother of coming to see him or cupturing him because once make mistake people of this world will witness the end of this earth on these 2015.6- am the son I understand every thing hppning all gate is with me and u people u have to choose weather ur going to run by tuning to me or is up u.

Macharmtionize March 10, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Francis Amayo, you are indoctrinated by the Dinka, but you should know that your cowardice of not responding to brutality employed by the rogue Dinka regime is not shared by all the Equatorians and because you grew up in Uganda does not give right to wish every South Sudanese to live the Uganda way. I should tell you that there are Sons and Daughters of Equatoria who does not like the way their land is grabbed, their girls raped, politicians beheaded, farms are used for herding Dinka cattle, and above all their freedom isbshut-off by the rotten regime.
Mind you that, as long as you bear the blood of a black man from South Sudan, our problem is historical and you cannot run away and hide without facing it, you carry it with your shadow wherever you hide in this world and it will follow you. You can harvest as much as you can in then money you optimistically get due to the crisis, but wherever you take and eat them, will always appear and it will beg you to returns and face the same problem you think you escape. Dinka doesn’t know how to negotiates, they do not respect anyone in our country including dogs, and they even eat people alive (remember the story of Uganda ladies that was skinned and eat in broud day light at Nimra Tamara) and they will continue to oppress e freedom of every South Sudanese alive until you will declare enough is enough!
Do not be scared of doing the right thing, because no matter what you do, eat and play, you will still die. Aluta continua my friend, even Uganda will one day fall when the same tyrrany deployed by Museveni continue, it will not be safe for you too……..Equatorians are strong men and women and they won’t let anarchy develop to the fullest tones in South Sudan, KIIR REGIME MUST GO, LIKE IT OR NOT!!


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