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South Sudan Government Plans To Launch New Offensives in Lou-Nuer Areas, Jonglei State!

A government tanks captured by the rebels in Pangak County after the government troops temporarily captured the town. The government lost the tanks that reached Pangak to SPLA-IO forces(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
A government tanks captured by the rebels in Pangak County after the government troops temporarily captured the town. The government lost the tanks that reached Pangak to SPLA-IO forces(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Dec 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from South Sudan, Juba, reveals that South Sudan government, backed by the Ugandan forces, will launch major operations in Lou-Nuer areas in less than seven days.

According to South Sudan’s Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Ms. Rachel Nyadak Paul, who represents Lou-Nuer’s Uror county in Salva Kiir’s government, the youth must allow the “constitutional army from entering Lou Land next week”

Nyadak Paul 597126327099223_8480416030247776223_nNyadak accused the family of South Sudan’s former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, for mobilizing the youths from Greater Lou-Nuer, who responded in days to Juba massacres conducted by tribal militia recruited by South Sudan president, Salva Kiir and the current Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan.

Hon. Nyadak and many other Nuer officials in Salva Kiir regime are under pressure from the government to visit their constituencies and mobilize the civil population to support Salva Kiir leadership as the government plans to conduct elections in less than seven months.

The Nuer-officials in Salva Kiir’s leadership, however, are barred from entering the constituencies they represent in the government.

According to insider’s reports from South Sudan capital, Juba, the deputy Minister, Rachel Nyadal Paul, has fallen out with Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting.

Although the government has made attempts to overrun Akobo in the past, proponents believe that the Deputy Minister leaked out such confidential military plan in an attempt to renew trust with the Minister and Salva Kiir administration.

“Nyadak is losing her position. Hon. Makuei Lueth has referred her case to Salva Kiir and she might be fired. This is the reason she is acting outrageously like this. What will she gain by leaking this information to rebels?” Said an insider Malith*, Juba.

In the past, Ms Nyadak acknowledged the massacres of the Nuer civilians in Juba and condemned brutal killing of more than 30 civilians, who were believed to be members of Nuer ethnic group.

The civilians were beheaded and left unburied outside the Juba Technical hospital in March, 2014 as relatives failed to claim their bodies due to fear of reprisal.

The call, however, was quickly condemned by Lou-Nuer intellectuals who believe that Nyadak acknowledged the massacres to plead with the IDPs and Lou-Nuer youth, who threatened the deputy Minister to never step her foot in Greater Lou-Nuer counties.

The allied government forces, comprising of mercenaries and loyal forces, have made attempts to capture Lou-Nuer counties in the past, however, the youth combined with SPLA-IO forces pushed back the attacks to Duk and Twi East Counties.

The government of Salva Kiir, through Jonglei administration, appointed 5 new commissioners, on April 7, 2014, to the five counties of Pangak, Ayod and Greater Lou-Nuer to support the politicians representing the counties in Salva Kiir’s government.

Out of the five appointed commissioners, only Michael Buoth Malual of Ayod county, has started his assignment after the allied government forces captured Ayod on April 27, 2014.

The others four commissioners to Pangak and three Lou-Nuer Counties, are hoping to take control of the counties during this upcoming dry season.

Attempts in Pangak and Pigi Counties have led to major loses on the government side.

The government forces temporarily took control and burnt down the counties headquarters on November 27, 2014, however, they lost control of both towns in less than two weeks, leaving behind two tanks and other artillery, according to videos released by Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Kong, the military spokesman of SPLA-IO.

In other reports, the Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, demands that the region must deploy its forces to secure South Sudan capital, Juba, before he considers withdrawing his forces.

“I think Ethiopian forces are already there (in South Sudan), and Rwanda is there. Once they are ready, and can ensure that at least Juba is not affected … then we shall go back. There is no big issue.” Museveni told Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn.

Ugandans army remain loosely defending Bor and Juba from eminent attacks, however, it is yet to be verify if the UPDF will provide any ground supports to Salva Kiir forces if war continue in the upcoming year.

Uganda forces withdrew from the front lines around April this year after the foreign forces and SPLA-Juba lost control of Bentiu and Malakal and promised to provide only aerial support as war was expected to intensified during the wet season.

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Dor wieh chang December 27, 2014 at 10:32 pm

Spla .io is strong enough to protect the civilians from the abuses of the so called govnt of s sudan that is killing the citizens using foreigners.

Malek auger December 28, 2014 at 11:27 am

Dor don’t be stupid, security of citizen is under government,not your massacre rebels who are killing civilians,tell your rebels to protect their ass, chief Paul Malong is coming to smoke them out from South Sudan, if you have some money that you looted from Malakal or Nasrpir or Bantiu, you better get them out and run to Ethopia

Gatluak December 29, 2014 at 1:09 pm

Paul Malong is better for to sign asylum with Ugandan president before he is trying to smoke out SPLA/M-IO during this dry season. Paul Malong is not really protect the government, he is just finishing up the money stored by Salva Kiir to kill Nuer people.

Malek auger December 28, 2014 at 11:30 am

For, you just run chief Malong is coming to smoke your ass out from those areas

John Korsuk Wani December 29, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Please stop wishful thinking. You are not aware that we have a government. What’s different from the constitution of SPLA/IO? These are the former militia war Lords during the 21 years of struggle. They have gone back to where they belong. Let’s not get more confused with the Western propaganda. The West know who those commanders were before though they pretend to attain their hidden goals. Unfortunately, all S. Sudanese know them very well.

Let’s be realistic. We are a country so we must stop being tribalistic. If Machar is popular, he should come back, form a political party with completely different name and vision. Definitely, his popularity will be seen from there and perhaps win elections. What I am sure is that, military solution is the longest and more painful. The most people that are suffering are the innocent which people like you do not even think about.

Wise people always choose less expensive solutions. Assuming the Nuers takeover the government, what next? Are the Nuers going to rule without other tribes? Are the Nuer better than all the tribes? The conditions put up by the Machar’s negotiators shows that the Nuer are selfish which is not really true. The few Nuer thing about themselves and forget the diversity of RSS. As a concern citizen of the country, I am worried of the future if the Nuer intellectuals do not change their narrow minded and shallow perception of realities in life. We should not behave like foodball supporters who are not convinced of realities.

In conclusion, God is not mistaken to create the existing tribes in South Sudan. God meant it for blessing and not for curse. Let’s leave the odds of the past for the good of future. We can not afford to continue in this way. If you can not forgive, who do you expect to forgive? The Nuer have an opportunity to show to the whole world that they are more than a tribe and has the nation in their hearts. Let’s stop ralling behind leaders with personal interests. The earlier the better.

gravity December 30, 2014 at 10:54 am

I think you just making noise for not thing and it seem to me your not in touch with the problem which started the war. If you know and you were in Juba, you should not say can return back to Juba and form political party. The guy was running for his life and he should be dead like other Nuers whom were killed by Kirr troops. This war will never end until Kirr is out from south sudan. It does matter how long it will take all nuers and other people who support spla io are prepare for it.

Mary Pal December 28, 2014 at 5:06 pm

Nyadak is making no sense. How can Lou-Nuer youth allow their killers in their territories? So many evidences pointed to massacre of civilians by south Sudan government not only in Juba, but also in Bor, Malakal, Nasir, and Unity States. Lou-Nuer land is defended by well equipped youths, men, women and their commanders. Dinka and their mercenaries will be defeated period.

Dinka soldiers killed thousands Nuers in Juba and as well, they ate their dead bodies. At this time, it will not happen in the Lou-Nuer land.

Nyadak does not know that there is no constitution,event Dinka pretend to have a constitution in place even if they know they have no legitimate constitution and legitimate president in the country. Saliva Kiir is sell out and acting governor of Musevenni in the south Sudan. Mussevenni and his troops can fire him and hire a new governor. Dinka sold out the south Sudan to Uganda and they do not know what they have done.

Kiir Ajach December 29, 2014 at 5:05 am

Hon. Nyadak is the concern citizen of S. Sudan and specially to Lou-Nuer. Youth of Lou-Nuer should follow and listen carefully rather than Riek Machar because she is from Lou-Nuer and she intended to protect Great Akoba not to confront the government force with new weapon this will be danger disaster. So Nyadak has informed you to choose one of the two

1- To welcome government force in Lou-Nuer land in peace.
2- Or resist it and this will means much destruction.

I advice you to welcome government force don’t confront it because you will not be able to defeat them.

Kur William December 30, 2014 at 11:13 pm

Dear you seem like having good capacity of argument but don’t fool your self or public!there is no sell out here between South Sudan and Uganda what allowed Ugandan troop to involved into this conflict militarly is just existing bilateral tied between the II countrie that the reason you need to know otherwise if you guys are not lobbying for peace your land will be destory,the whole Upper Nile not only Lou-Nuer’s land!!!!!!

Mach Majak Guluat December 29, 2014 at 5:13 am

Sorry,stupid dinkas never knows the up coming forces of Nuer youth,for me I think they will all get dead or will be displaced(for those who will survive) to their neighbouring countries.Let this be clear to every dinka.

Dragoon Nyakuony Yier December 29, 2014 at 7:27 am

We believe that our government opposition to controlling the movement of Republice Of South Sudan in this dry season . I have the realia believe for our minefull president Dr machar to taking this south sudanese his new long live forever. We ‏didn’t believe those who left in the government juba . Because we sell our community Nuer . God must protect our people living in bad place due to protecte our community nuer day time and night time. ‎‏

gravity December 29, 2014 at 11:37 pm

I would to say thank to Ms nyadak for let white army know your army are coming to lou nuer land. This information is vital to white army and they already prepared them for that time. The government troops will be defeated by white army even if they brought with them the Ugandan army they be defeated because they will not know around them and the fight will be won by lou nuer period.

Padiet Gahgah December 30, 2014 at 8:39 am

john korsuk wani, you sound like Equatorian but you talked like your master dinka, if not you could not call Nuer as selfish. Are you really aware of Nuer massacre in Juba on December 15 through 19 etc in which about 20,000 lost their lives or you denied it like dinkas themselves? One thing I would like to tell you is the attitude of borne to will not be affacting only Nuer, you Equatorians will face it too. Padiet Gahgah, can be reached by pgahgah@gmail.com

Kumba December 31, 2014 at 10:27 pm

if i think what happen in Dec 15. 2014. was not good for the all south sudan in General, who didn’t have one dead by then , i did. but on december 14 during the meeting of SPLM/A at evening time people in that meeeting vote 157 against 7 and Dr. Riek left the meeting before closing it by president and one of his gards shoot on air and it was capute. so, afterward in one hour shooting start in Jebel @ 8.00 local time so what happen is that Duer think the are 60% in the airmy and the can caputer juba in one day. what i now those who having good capacity of argument but don’t fool your self like Nuer believe the can rule South Sudan by force!!! it take me back to sense somebody tool me before that do you met one from Nuer before who crezy in any hospital. i ask why it say the don’t think, becuase the Nuer intellectuals do not change their narrow minded and shallow perception of realities in life. We should not behave like foodball supporters who are not convinced of realities. so, let us see who is wright and who is wrong. if eclected one is wrong when Dr. from Nuer becuase is Nuer have wright to be the best.


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