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Rights Groups Condemn Egyptian Air Bombardments On Civilian Population In South Sudan

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Feb 15, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– The South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights, Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan, Alliance for South Sudan, and Human Rights activists are hereby condemning in the strongest terms possible the Egyptian air attack on civilian population in Upper Nile region of Wau Chollo (Shilluk), South Sudan.

The Egyptian Air Force participation in South Sudan civil war is uncalled for as it has been visibly the case against South Sudanese citizens in opposition held territories in northern Upper Nile in recent days. We are calling the international community, UN Secretary General, African Union, European Union, and US President Donald Trump to stop the Egyptian bombardments of civilians in Upper Nile Region. We South Sudanese civil society are concerned that Egypt’s involvement in the South Sudan civil war may cause a regional conflict.

On humanitarian grounds, the South Sudanese civil organizations in the United States of America are issuing a strong condemnation against the move made by Egyptian government for using its advance war planes. In light of such unfortunate attitude displayed by the Egyptian government in the region, we the South Sudanese American human rights activists and civil society are calling the new US Administration, African Union, European Union, and United Nations to stop Egyptian air bombardments campaign.


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Bala February 15, 2017 at 8:06 am

Egypt has made it clear that it isn’t involved in South Sudan’s conflict. In addition, it says it doesn’t interfere in the internal matters of another sovereignty. Egypt has no money to fight regional wars as far as the truth is concerned. It is trying to fix its bad economy. Why keep accusing Egypt for nothing. The activists at the Enough Project has a satellite that glides over Sudan and South Sudan, taking images. why don’t all the concerned South Sudanese like these activists simply ask Enough Project to produce satelite imagery,showing the Egyptian airforce is bombing Upper Nile. Even the White House has a satellite over Sudan and South Sudan. I heard it from the grapevine and various media that President Obama told President Kiir that he had satellite images which indicated that South Sudanese government was supporting Sudanese rebels but Kiir told Obama to check his images. In turn, Obama got pissed off with Kiir because he called him a liar, leading to breakdown of good relations between Kiir and Obama. That satellite is always above the two nations of Sudan, why can’t South Sudanese concerned about the alleged involvement of Egyptian airforce into the bombing of Upper Nile ask the White House under Pres.Trump to do the same so the Egyptian airforce is acquitted if it has told the truth or convicted if it has told the lie.


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