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Press Released by Information and Media Office of Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA.

Members of Twic East Community during Dr. John Garang Memorial Day in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.  9/27/2014 (Photo: Twic East Website)
Members of Twic East Community during Dr. John Garang Memorial Day in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. 9/27/2014 (Photo: Twic East Website)

Jan 17, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — On behalf of our citizens, the Greater Twic East Community in USA is sending cordial condolences to family of the recently deceased brother from Greater Duk Community after unknown gun-men trying to steal cows from Pawuoi wut of Awulian, Twic East County, Jonglei State, South Sudan.

Also, our prayers go to the wounded brother from Kongor Clan of Eastern Dinka who was wounded in the same event. In addition, we would like to highly appreciate Greater Twic East and Greater Duk Youths for their undeniable bravery to returns our people cows after 4 hours of chasing the enemy. May Almighty God Rests the Soul of brother, who perished in Peace, and may the almighty God of recovery touches our brothers’ wounds to heal in time.

Another point we want to reiterate to you our citizens is that please try to avoid some misleading web-sites and bloggers as such: New Sudan Vision, Borglobe, and Paanluel Wel. These websites and bloggers are distorting and localizing to certain content based on biased news or histories that are against fundamental objectives of journalism that are usually associated with truth and ethical ideals of reporting.

Furthermore, we hope our humble brother, Mr. Philip Aguer and his family are doing well after an evil one has done the unthinkable to his personal shelter that has nothing to do with servant works he does according to government policies and political ideals.

In addition, we cordially thanks our brother, who have already responded to lingering faults or accusations against person of God like Bishop Daniel Deng Bul. The man who devoted his works to reconcile and comfort the sufferings is now being hunted by evil enemy of deaths admirable. By the way, God!!! We forgotten that; all the Churches’ leaders are rebels, as well as someone from the government had said it before. isn’t it? Are you sleeping! Okay! Whatever you say but I am not sleeping.

That was then, but now our people, no matter what the wrong-doers do; at the end of the day, nothing will success at all. By the way whether as a joke or not, we all might know were the word “Greater” originated from. What! Are you really sure where the word “Greater” originate from before it is now trying to go to Lakes States of Agar, Gok, Aliau, Kiec, Atuor, etc? Yes, Jonglei State, you are kidding me, brother.

No, I am not kidding, believe me “Wenke janyke Jodun ci menda wo Waa, Nhialic by God.” Stop it, Full stop! Hooo!!! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! For swearing quote. You cut me offs before I say to you that, you’re Excellency. You been cut offs, that means no Excellency to me as it has been the case in South Sudan where everyone needs to be recognized through word Excellency. What do you call “Excellency” in our Dinka Twi’s Dialect? Is it “Bany”?. You would be totally wrong. Whatever, you know English is my second Language.

Moreover, we advice you our citizens to be aware that the un-provoked enemy is on loose trying to devours anyone. We hope you our citizens will understand what we mean here. Or in other word as it is in old sayings, “if you caught the thief you are always being advised to be careful.” Please make more research about our metaphor above. As a reminder, you our innocent citizens, you have been smeared as rebel by obvious enemy. Who did that? Are you still dreaming brothers? Why, how and who did that? Are Malual Dinka rebels too because of Dan Aturjong? Are Agar Dinka rebels too because of Eng. Chol Tong? Are Padaang Dinka rebels too? If no, then why is it only the Eastern Twi Dinka people that are being branded as rebels? No answer. If you have no answer, brothers, then I think it is the right time for our Eastern Twic Dinka to wake-up right now. And the time must coincide with the opening of Dr. John Garang’s Foundation. Coincidentally, this is the time when Jesus Christ resurrected, and therefore we must utilize that Spirit of our LORD to resurrects our Eastern Twic Dinka again.

Back to the point, you have been tagged with such titles, accept it or not? Not Again, I will not accept such a title until the same enemy has tagged Dinka Malual of Mr. Dau Aturjong, Agar Dinka of Eng. Chol Tong Mayay and others whom they could possibly tag as rebels. Brothers, do you know that the un-provoked enemy has suggested that, “anyone from either Western Dinka Communities and/or Eastern Dinka Communities in which the un-provoked enemy are identified as rebels have been asked by them to go to Eastern Twic Dinka of Jonglei State because Greater Twic East Community according to un-provoked enemy becomes a safe oasis of any rebelled person the un-provoked enemy thoughts of.” This claim is 100% true from un-provoked enemy our people. Never relax, please, because it is about time. If you have been sleeping, we think it is time for you the Twi Dinka people to wake-up!

Talking about wake-up!!!

Please takes this message outside the box of our leadership whom we think you our citizens should admired plus whoever love what Dr. John Garang did to him/her when it comes to nation independence. We did obtain this noticed from Dr. John Garang Foundation persona (Foundation website: drjohngarangfoundation.org). According to that person, this up-coming Easter Day of 2015 (which would be Friday, Saturday and Sunday of April 3, 4 & 5, 2015.) is going to be the opening day and date of the Foundation. So for anyone who might be asking why it has taken this long? To answer that, the reason was due to some circumstances that we wouldn’t be able to explain here in details. However the bottom-line is, you know sometimes there are certain elements we can’t control though in regards to our daily lives.

Additional information: (a) The Center was established in 2014 (b) It has been registered (c) Its banks accounts have been opened (d) From tomorrow the Office Phone and Cash Register Machine should be working (e) Within the next few days or weeks, the center work schedule should come out as well. (f) Center computers are there for work, etc (g) And more.

Also within the next few weeks, the full Opening Event Press should come out, so please stay tunes.

Things you need if you want to be part of this important event of our time:

  • Prepare your ticket ahead of time
  • Jots down what you think will help our Greater Twic Community citizens’ brighter future
  • Give noticed in advance to your work agency, company, organization, etc
  • You are being asked to donate whatever cent or dim you have our citizens. Please don’t ever underestimate your cent or dim, because every higher dollar amount always start with these two elements in money system. Whatever you have is needed for the future of our people. To close this point, it is your time, “we mie/mith ɣɔn ci Nhialic ku jo ya Garangda ke thiai pinymom/nom. Yin yi tok, ba kɔiku palwei ke yi ci nieu-nyin, keka bi jo ya kedu yitok mawaakaai. EMen jieem woe, randa ater ka nɔŋ doo’ ran luaak ku wo nɔŋ doo ran bii. Aŋiɛcke ke Doo’ ran bii awar doo’ ran luaak. Ayokku luel wu ke thaa bi yin kedu bi wo doo’dan ran luaak ben nuoi tenɔŋ ran ater tou bii.”

Finally, we condemns in any strongest terms what did happen recently in Australia between Greater Twic East Youths and Greater Bor Youths. We also condemns any other incidents back in South Sudanese and around the globes.

N/B: Any Press, Article or any medium prints that bearing outside name and not “Twic” and or it has “sub-sectioned our name Twi.” Our citizens, from now on, that medium is 100% not ours. Protects yourselves and also always be there for your brothers and sisters. Things have changed. That is the only things we have to tell you now our people.

This information was validated by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA,
Information and Media Office

Our web site: www.twiceastcommunity.org

Contact E-mail: dinkatwi@yahoo.com

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