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Press release: Condemnation over the gruesome killing of Gaajaak civilians from Longechuk County

H.E Salva Kiir,
President, Republic of South Sudan

H.E Riek Machar,

First Vice President, Republic of South Sudan

Your excellencies,

Jan 21, 2021(Nyamilepedia)We, the undersigned Gaatjaak Executive leadership in Europe together with Gaajaak community members around the globe unequivocally condemn the cold blood killing of Gaajaak civilians from Longechuk county which comes as result of an alleged revenge attack of the incident that preceded Baai Atak on the 13th of January 2021 in Paloch.

As leaders and committed members working on restoring tranquility and normalcy in the greater maiwut, seeing traumatic lynching of Gaajaak civilians just because they are Nuer is a crime that should be condemned, and the culprits need to be comprehended.

As citizen of this great nation, we profoundly denounce this repetitious gruesome trend of murdering civilians cowardly when they are peacefully commuting from place to place in our nascent nation.

This attack on Gaajaak civilians that occurred in Paloch in particular, and those that are going on in other parts of our young nation in general are unacceptable, and they must be rebuked with condemnation in the strongest term possible from the presidency. This is part and parcel of the already systemic hatred that has been planted in the country since 2013 and the community in

Upper Nile should not dare to pursue the same carnage. We must all unite and cherish our share positive values to bring an end to this violence extremism.

We call upon all peace loving Upper Nilians to shun all forms of violence against innocent civilians such as children and women. We are at peace. Our people are longing for the return of a peaceful Upper Nile, not unstable Upper Nile on both sides. We demand an immediate end to all these unnecessary killings and call for the rule of law and the return of complete stability back to the country.

We want to take this opportunity also to thank Gaajaak community for their patience and resilience for not taking law into their own hands by carrying out revenge attacks.

In the same note, as a community united for peace and reconciliation, we urge the presidency to speed up the implementation of the peace agreement and finalizes all outstanding issues such as security arrangement and appointment of Upper Nile State’s nominee by SPLM – IO; Johnson Ulony as articulated in the RARCSS.

As a way forward to rebuild the relations among Gaajaak community and their neighbor Dinka Apadang in Upper Nile from now on, we demand an immediate action for perpetrators of this killing be brought to book as soon as possible and a border peace conference be conducted.

We pray for the victims and their grieving relatives. May their innocent Souls rest in peace.

Signed by:

  1. Moses Wawich Thok ( UK ); Chairman of Gatjaak Community Association in Europe
  2. James Bol Tut (Denmark); Deputy Chairperson, Gaatjaak Community Association in Europe
  1. Wal Bichiok Wur: (Netherlands); Secretary General, Gaajaak Community Association in Europe
  1. Nyantut Koang Chuol ( Norway) Admin and Finance Gatjaak Community Association in Europe
  1. Stephen Pal Lampuar (Sweden ) Information Secretary, Gaatjaak Community Association in Europe

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