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Press Release: Collo Community in Diaspora condemns government decision’s on Makal

Condemnation and Rejection statement from Collo Community in Diaspora against the transitional government of the Republic South Sudan’s moves to  relocate the Head Quarter of Makal County from Makal Municipality.

Nullification of government’s attempt to relocate headquarters of Makal County from the Makal  municipality

To: Dr. Riek Machar, the first Vice President and the chairman of Sudan People Liberation Movement in  Opposition (SPLM-IO) and Hon. Obuthok Ayang Kur, the Upper Nile State Governor.   

Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Hon. Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro, meeting Dr. Riek Machar Teny, First Vice President and Chairperson of governance cluster(Photo credit: supplied)
Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Hon. Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro, meeting Dr. Riek Machar Teny, First Vice President and Chairperson of governance cluster(Photo credit: supplied)

March 13, 2021(Nyamilepedia) – We call and urge the Transitional government of the Republic of South Sudan to invalidate this  provocative decision and to leave land issue in the hand of state authority and native inhabitants to  decide on use of lands.  

We, the undersigned Collo community leaders in Diasporas would like to remind you that the land issue  and the use of land or any relaxation of adjacent lands was one of the reasons that led into the current  conflict in South Sudan. 

The current Republic of South Sudan was born as a result of long marathon negotiations between two  former warring parties, the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) and then National Congress  party (NCP) which signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, that was incorporated in the Tansitional  constitution of Sudan and transitional constitution of the republic of South Sudan, hence the Sudan  border of 01/01/1956 was the reference that marked the geographical boundaries among the states,  counties and communities and Makal/ Malakal county was not exceptional. 

We the Collo Community leaders in Diaspora in the strongest term possible condemn and reject the  moves of relocation of Makal County  

 The Sudan People’s Liberation in Opposition (SPLM-IO) becomes the people movement because of the  promissory call to put an end to insane policy of land grabbing and to give back the grabbed lands to  their native inhabitants.  

SPLM-IO call for imposition of federalism in South Sudan had become attractive to the grassroots entity  for its assuring call to impose a system of federalism in South Sudan based on tribal boundaries  demarcated by January 1, 1956’s political map. SPLM-IO once adopted the system of federation and  appointed the governors of twenty one states as self-governing states. This practice had motivated  people to support the IO as a real people movement. 

But the outcome of the recent meeting between Dr. Riek Machar; Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro; Hon.  Obuthok Ayang Kur, governor of Upper Nile State; deputy governor, James Tor Monybuny and the  Presidential Security Advisor Tut Gatluak announced by the minister, Dr. Martin to relocate the  headquarter of Makal county outside Makal municipality is interpreted in the following. Misleading 

people: SPLM-IO misguided or misled people by going against its previous call to impose federalism in  South Sudan. Violation of state constitution and intervention in state jurisdiction: Salva Kiir’s  government with permission of SPLM-IO violated the state constitution and jurisdiction by ordering  relocation of headquarters of Makal County outside Makal municipality. Violation of Peace Agreement:  With permission of SPLM-IO, the federal infringement of state constitution and land laws constituted a  clear violation of the September 2018 Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict and the  good work of IGAD’s Technical Boundary Committee that was authorized to define and demarcate the  tribal lands based on 1 January 1956. Too much concession  

We urge the Transitional government of the Republic of South Sudan to invalidate this provocative  decision and to leave land issue in hand of state authority and native inhabitants to decide on use of  lands. This is the way to implement endurable peace and to restore peaceful coexistence between  neighboring counties.  

We also urge all the newly appointed constitutional post holders in the government of Upper Nile State  from the sons and daughters of Collo from various political parties including SPLM-IG to distance  themselves from the policy of land grabbing doctored by Joshua Dau, the co-chair of Jieng Council of  Elders (JCE) and immediately resign to consolidate the solidarity with Collo people, Makal County and  land of Nyikango.  

Long live the people of Upper Nile  

Long live the Collo people 

Long live SPLM/A-IO (Agwelek)  

God bless Collo kingdom and the Republic of South Sudan  


Dr. Chol Giel Obwony, Chairman, Chollo Community in Kenya 

Aban Akwoch Kur, Chairman, Chollo Community in Egypt  

Nyibil Amum Okiech, Chairman, Chollo Community in Australia  

William Dak Goldiet, Chairman, Chollo Comminty in Canada

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