Press Release

President Salva Kiir Covering The Newest Country in Africa With Blood And Violence

People’s Democratic Movement – PDM

22nd November 2016, London, United Kingdom

Sonja Giese (Spokesperson)

DIE LINKE, Press Office

Party Central Office

Department of International Policy

Kleine Alexanderstraße 28

D-10178 Berlin, Germany


Dear Sonja Giese,

Nov 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) wish to acknowledge the statement of DIE LINKE Party delivered in the Parliament of Germany on 14th November 2016, condemning President Salva Kiir’s regime in South Sudan for covering the newest country in blood and violence while at the same time enriches itself unscrupulously.[2]

The PDM supports your esteemed Party stance that the Kiir’s corrupt, oppressive and dictatorial regime in Juba is not a worthy partner of the Federal Republic of Germany because of the use and recruitment of child soldiers, the deliberate attacks on civilians and the killings and rapes of civilians including international aid workers, which according to human rights watch, constitute crimes against humanity.

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As the Honorable Member of the Party and Parliament, Niema Movassat MP, stated:

“One is complicit in the crimes of a regime, if one cooperates with it in the area of migration defense and border protection. Stop this.”

President Salva Kiir and Paul Malong, chief of staff for the Sudan People’s Liberation Army orchestrated the violence in South Sudan capital Juba that killed hundreds of civilians and the regime with its tribal Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) backers, are responsible for the continued and flagrant violations of the “Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan” with impunity; including by:

  1. Unilaterally creating 28 states designed to derail the implementation of the ARCISS[3] peace agreement at the behest of the tribal Jieng Council of Elders (JCE);
  2. Non-compliance with demilitarization of the capital Juba in conformity with agreed provisions of the peace agreement on security;
  3. Obstructing the work of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) which is supposed to monitor violations of the peace agreement;
  4. Engineering violence to expel his partner in the peace process, the SPLM-IO leader from Juba and pursuing him with intent to kill and opting for military confrontation over peaceful dialogue to resolve the conflict;
  5. Obstructing UNMISS from undertaking their peacekeeping mission in the country.
  6. Murder of innocent local civilians, and rape of international aid workers by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), the Government soldiers
  7. Embezzlement and looting of the country’s financial resources for personal benefit of the President and his tribal cronies, and the lack of his compliance with the rule of law and the country’s constitution

President Kirr and his 1st Vice President Mr. Taban Deng Gai’s newly formed Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) has committed the crimes cited above without international condemnation, and without signs of being held accountable.

The People’s Democratic Movement wishes to point out that President Kirr’s failed regime is now without constitutional legitimacy to govern the country after having lost the authority provided by the peace agreement by choosing violence over a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

PDM supports DIE LINKE in demanding that President Kirr’s regime must be isolated by the international community and held accountable for the human rights and economic crimes committed. We also call upon DIE LINKE Party to demand that the German Federal Government:

  1. Recall the German Ambassador to Juba, and cut diplomatic ties with Salva Kiir’s dictatorial and criminal regime to isolate him
  2. Call for implementing sanctions and travel bans on President Salva Kiir and members of his corrupt regime; the JCE leaders; Justice Ambrose Ring Thiik, Aldo Ajo, and Joshua Dou, who are part of the problem and not part of the solution for settlement
  • Extend support to democratic political forces to promote and bring democratic change in the country to end dictatorship and militarism;
  1. Actively support efforts to rebuild the state and democratic institutions for democracy building and promotion;
  2. Engage with South Sudanese civil society advocacy groups that are operating in Germany to identify urgent humanitarian assistance needs of recently war affected populations;
  3. Initiate Humanitarian assistance to over 200,000 refugees who fled their villages to Uganda between July and October 2016[4].

The PDM is a people centric political Movement and shares in common with DIE LINKE Party and the people of Germany democratic ideals for uplifting South Sudan from the failed state it’s currently in to a democracy, in which the values of freedom, liberty, equality and justice are upheld and lived by our people in their daily lives.

We are keen to establish cooperative and strategic partnership with DIE LINKE Party to promote and develop democracy in South Sudan, end impunity, dictatorship and militarism in our country, and to empower and uplift our people from poverty and deprivation

Accept assurances of PDM highest regards for DIE LINKE Party’s concerns for our country and its people.

Hakim Dario PhD

PDM Chair

United Kingdom

For all comments, queries and opinions please communicate to: press@pdm-rss.org

ABOUT PDM: The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) is a popular grassroots Movement formed by concerned South Sudanese in the country and the Diaspora; in response to the political crisis and fast deteriorating economic, humanitarian and security situation in the Republic of South Sudan. It seeks to offer the way forward amid heightened ethnic polarisation and devastating conflict in the country, encouraged and abated primarily by President Salva Kiir’s divisive Government policy, incompetent, oppressive and corrupt leadership.

The current crisis in the Republic of South Sudan that dates back to December 2013 has brought untold suffering including displacement of over 2.78 million South Sudanese, of which over 1.05 million have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Well over 1.73 million have been displaced internally, of which over 200,000 civilians are taking refuge in UNMISS protection-of-civilian sites (PoCs) across the country, including in Juba, the capital city. Furthermore, a total of 5.1 million people in the country are in dire need of assistance[5].

[2] http://en.die-linke.de/die-linke/welcome/

[3] Agreement for Resolution of Conflict In South Sudan

[4] Panel of Experts Report to UNSC


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