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Phou Community In UNMISS Camps Condemns and Disowns Their Defecting Elders For Standing Against Peace

Members of IDPs community protesting at the UN Protection site in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: supplied)
Members of IDPs community protesting at the UN Protection site in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: supplied)

August 16, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Phou Community at the United Nations Protection Sites in Juba strongly condemn and disown senior elders and former members of parliament, Timothy Tot Chol and Micheal Marieu Dhuor, who represented the twin counties of Ayod and Pangak in the past governments, for dividing the community and working to derail peace process that is being finalized in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

According to elders and chairpersons of the two counties, who spoke to the defecting politicians and generals, these politicians and the two generals have been bribed by Juba to derail peace process, which would then prolong Salva Kiir’s leadership.

The IDPs are confident that the generals, Gen. Peter Gatdet, Gen. Gathoth and the associated elders: Gabriel Yoal Dok, Michael Marieu Dhor, Timothy Tot Chol, Gabriel Changson Lew Chang and Thomas Thon Teny do not represent the IDPs or the Nuer community’s interest but their own.

“Look, these generals and politicians can not claim to represent any Nuer community. They do not want peace, they want war to be rewarded separately like the G10. They are fighting for political posts. Five men cannot represent the interest of this large community, we have many other elders and generals who understand our suffering. Let them go” Said James Gatwech Pal, a student of Kampala International University, in Juba.

The IDPs from Phou Community condemn Hon. Timothy Tot Chol and Hon. Michael Marieu, and swear to disown them from their community affairs.

“We the Gawaar community residence in UN protection in juba disowned thimoty Tot from the chairman of Gawaar community.” Said Dobuol Both Luak, the chairman of Gawaar community residing at UN protection in juba. 

“All Phow sons, who defected, let them know we are not going to recognize them in the community because they are against the Nuer who are suffering in all corner of Nuer land.” said Michael Diew Kuet, the chairperson of Phou State at the UN base in Juba.

According to their denunciation statement, elder Nyabom Dar and other elders from Greater Pangak have contacted the defecting elderly politicians to reconsider their decision but all in vain.

Up to five elders, mostly politicians, have allegedly declared their support for Gen. Peter Gatdet and Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth.

Although it is yet to be confirmed if the elders are ready to weigh a new war, they are determined to take part in the future peace talks as a separate entity if the two major factions of SPLM fail to sign the peace agreement tomorrow.

Gabriel Changson Lew, who is likely to be the chairperson for the pentagon, has promised to travel to Addis Ababa tomorrow to present their position.

The disgruntled politicians, two of which were recently sacked by Dr. Riek Machar, are supporting the government position that the two principles should not sign a peace agreement on its dateline as the new group hopes to be included in the peace talks.

Contrarily, if included in the peace talks, the new group is likely to prolong the peace process as their generals, who are carrying burden of international sanctions and possible prosecutions when peace is signed, are calling for a Transitional Government of National Unity without the two principles, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Salva Kiir.

Having lost community support, regional and international recognition, the disgruntled generals and politicians are likely to assert no significant pressure on the two warring parties.

Overnight Prayers and Demonstrations

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 4.52.28 AM
Internally displaced persons in a past meeting in Juba, South Sudan ….

The IDPs communities in Juba and Bentiu held long overnight prayers across many camps this evening, August 16th, for the final peace agreement to be signed tomorrow.

However, given the low prospects for peace in Juba and other government held areas, the IDPs are ready for “plan B”.

The IDPs are prepared to demonstrate in thousands if the two principles fail to sign the compromise peace document.

“We are holding over night prayers tonight in all the churches; for tomorrow, 17/8/2015, if the peace is not signed, we shall continue demonstrating calling on IGAD , United nations, USA & others international communities to take action, but if they sign it we shall turn out in happiness & Joys demonstration” Said Chairman Doboul Luak.

Bearing in mind the influence of Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, who has reportedly manipulated the Compromise Peace Document, the IDPs are praying specifically for the original IGAD-PLUS copy to be signed.

“We also condemn the so call “Kampala text”, we only need IGAD plus compromise proposal.” said Luak, a resident of POC3.

In other reports, president Salva Kiir, who relieved four governors yesterday, has instructed the governors to organize protests in all their areas of control to demonstrate against the peace signing on Monday.

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