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Payinjiar County authority responding to the so-called “Payinjiar Community demands sacking of County Commissioner”

By Matai Dar Teny, County Youth Affairs Secretary

Members of Payinjiar Youth Association in Khartoum, Sudan(Photo credit: Payinjiar)
Members of Payinjiar Youth Association in Khartoum, Sudan(Photo credit: Payinjiar)

Dec 04, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — On behalf of Payinjiar county leadership, I would like to respond to this deceitful and misleading article authored by unnamed individuals, evilly wanting to incite violence, hate and disunity amongst the people of Payinjiar. This is not the first time that these unnamed individuals authored this deceitful and fabricated article against the county leadership. This is the second time in their thirst for violence, hatred and disunity amongst our people. But the county leadership snubbed it. 

To put the records right; the relationship between the Area Commander, Brig. General, John Tap Puot Kang and the County Commissioner, Hon. Yohaness Kujiek Ruot is excellent. These two leaders work together side by side and there has never been a day that the duo disagreed over military and civilian matters. They very well know their gallant responsibilities and are guided by values and customs of their operational principles.     

It is not true that the County Commissioner, Hon. Yohaness Kujiek Ruot “collected all the guns when the Area Commander went to Adok, accompanying the General Chief of Staff “as these unnamed individuals alleged. When General John Tap went to Adok to accompany the General Chief of Staff, it was a noble request from the General Chief of Staff that he had to be accompanied by Gen. John Tap. It was not a transfer. It was well communicated to the people of Payinjiar including the county commissioner that General John Tap was going to come back to Payinjiar after that brief noble duty. His Deputy, Col.Thoi Yar was left in charge of the army. Hon. Kujiek was not left in charge of the army. It is ridiculous that the commissioner could be alleged of having “collected all the guns when the Area Commander went to Adok” without the Deputy Area Commander’s notice and reactions. Where were “all the guns” collected taken and for what reasons?  This is indeed a dangerous lie.   

 It is not also true that the County Commissioner “was advised to hand over all the guns he took from Ganyliel to the army”. The unnamed individuals shamelessly alleged that the Commissioner “ignored all calls and declared he would fight the area commander”. This is again another dangerous lie, manufactured by these unnamed individuals for reasons best known to them.  There has never been a day that the Area Commander and the Commissioner disagreed or quarrelled over anything. 

It is not also true that the commissioner “subjected the people of Payinjiar to serious discrimination on the basis of clans and sub-clans” as alleged by these unnamed individuals. Since the commissioner came into county leadership, county employees were deployed on merits as practiced by the commissioner’s predecessors. It has been a professional and historical practice in Payinjiar that county employees are employed on merits but not on clan or sub-clan representations. This is a value that has been embraced for decades in Payinjiar and no complaints have been presented over this. These unnamed individuals are instead causing mischief if they want people employed on clan basis. I can’t tell if these are people of Payinjiar because the people of Payinjiar know how people are employed by the county authority. 

It is not also true that the Commissioner “is becoming a threat to NGOs, politicizing their recruitment and confiscating money meant for their operations”. They would have mentioned an organization (s) whose money was confiscated by the commissioner or any official working for the county or would have mentioned an organization (s) whose recruitment processes were politicized by the commissioner. This is a despairing attempt to cause anxiety in the public. The Payinjiar Community the unnamed individuals have purported to have “demanded the sacking of the County Commissioner” are not even aware of their ill motive. Our chiefs are our powerhouse and what they have demanded, cannot be disputed by anyone. Where have they spoken that they do not want the commissioner?   

Sudantribune.com would not have published an article authored by unnamed individual (s) otherwise Sudantribune.com would be used as a propaganda machine by people with ill intentions to propagate hate, violence and disunity in the society. People authoring articles must bear responsibilities with real names. Two sides of the story (articles involving allegations) would also be sought before publishing an article (s) otherwise Sudantribune.com will lose credibility and respect. Just an advice to you.

Matai Dar Teny, Payinjiar County Youth Affairs Secretary can be reached at mataidarteny@gmail.com

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