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By Jal Duop,

Members of South Sudanese Nuer community commomerate the second anniversary of Nuer Juba Massacres in Kampala, Uganda(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Members of South Sudanese Nuer community commomerate the second anniversary of Nuer Juba Massacres in Kampala, Uganda(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Sept 29, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The leadership of Nuer community in Uganda condemns the attempt bribery by Taban Deng Gai’s group in which Riek Yak Guandong forged the ghost names that joined Taban Deng’s bogus leadership. On behalf of Nuer community in Uganda and on my own behalf as chairperson, James Nyoat Beliew inform the general public and entire Movement’s supporters that Nuer community will never betray the people’s Movement and had never erased the death of innocent civilians since 2013 when Juba regime massacred over fifty thousands (50,000) people from 15-20 December 2013.

Beliew also urge the South Sudanese people that let us stand behind the visionary leader, chairman of SPLM/A-IO and commander-in-chief Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, who struggle for reform, good governance, justice, transparency, equality and tranquility in youngest nation South Sudan. Salva Kiir and Taban Deng dismantled the peace which signed in August 17, and 26/ 2015 by two rivals, but Kiir and Taban attempted assassination on Dr. Riek Machar in J1 presidential palace on 8/ 7/ 2016.

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According to UNCHR report said that South Sudanese refugees reached one million this month in different neighboring countries and this is what Salva Kiir and his close friend Taban Deng wanted. South Sudanese people had been in refugee camps for 21 years when we fought for Self-determination until we got our independent on 09 July 2011.

Unfortunately in 2013 our president started killing his own people who voted for him in 2010 elections that’s why our people seek refuge in neighboring countries for their safety, please youths let us forecast our future and don’t just follow any betrayer because of money. If our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers seeking settlement in UN protection sites in Jonglei State, capital Bor, Upper Nile State, capital Malakal, Unity State, capital Bentiu, Central Equatoria State, capital Juba and Western Bhar el Ghazal, capital Wau hence, I don’t think that South Sudanese youths especially Nuer youths may just run after some traitors who have money.

James Tayien Koang, chairperson of Phow community in Uganda alert the South Sudanese people that we suppose to embrace peace accord instead of initiating bribery to mislead the people of South Sudan. We have been surprised that strange names appeared on social media to be people backing Taban Deng yet he is the man without constituency in South Sudan.

However, we therefore stand firm behind the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, chairman and commander-in-chief of SPLM/A-IO. Koang also advises youth to support the Movement in which all of us will benefits from it not just getting fake dollars from people who lacking supporters, South Sudan is the country with many minerals, gold, copper, oil and so on. We cannot be bribed with our own resources by people who already spoiled themselves; this is a clear message to you brothers and sisters.

Both Gatwech Lum, chairperson of Latjor community (Eastern Jikany) and entire community in Uganda disown few individuals who tried to bribe people in the name of SPLM/A-IO which Taban Deng used as his shelter to get support from Nuer- Community worldwide and from other South Sudanese tribes. As Latjor community we condemn it in the strongest term possible that Taban Deng tried to send bribery team to Kampala and he has no any single person here in Uganda, Gatwech said.

Gatwech also advises Bor Gatwech, Ruot Kuyoch and Lol Gatkuoth to distance themselves from Latjor community for the very reason that they sold out their people as well as to secure their living condition.

Khor Chuol Ruot, chairperson of Bieh (Lou-Nuer) community in Uganda urge members of Bieh community and entire Nuer community that anyone who will be intercepted supporting Taban Deng Gai thus that person must be expelled or isolated from community. Because we don’t want to betray our people who were massacre in Juba 2013 up to now and this is the very clear cause that our Movement fighting for.

Taker Puol, chairperson of Lich community censure those who associated themselves with Stephen Taban Deng and call them opportunists who don’t care about their people, only mind of their own gain. Please your pretext to be SPLM/A-IO Taban Deng or Crown hotel will not solve your problem and it is better for you to focus on what can bring change to this country instead of investing fake dollars to cover the cause. As community chairperson revile Bor Gatwech who attempted to bribe some few individuals, but failed because we are all stand firm behind SPLM/A-IO under the leadership of visionary leader, chairman and commander-in-chief Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.


Viva Dr. Machar

Viva South Sudan


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Peter Gai Manyuon Web


GatNor September 30, 2016 at 3:17 am

I cant understand how a few disgruntled & defected individual who simply switched camps could cause so much confusion for months on end. Damned, recalled them to Pagaak, the HQ & hail them as heroes or ground them as spoilers. All this disowning and condemning is just a lonely wolf cry that wont yield any fruits. If not, launching major attacks on the all the camps to which they have clearly defected to will definitely explain who is in control and it will not be them, the defectors.

Deng Malual October 1, 2016 at 11:11 am

The youth showing the way.
Standing by principles, looking further ahead than the ones only looking for money for a new smartphone.

Remembering who pulled the trigger in the December 2013 Genocide.

Never wanting a repeat of that


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