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Piles of dead bodies, women and children, killed by the government troops at a UN base in Bor, Jonglei state, South Sudan(Photo: supplied)
Piles of dead bodies, women and children, killed by the government troops at a UN base in Bor, Jonglei state, South Sudan(Photo: supplied)

Oct 09, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — We strongly protest the invitation given to Salva Kiir Mayardit to visit the Arab Republic of Egypt by the Egyptian government which is extended to be in November. We rejected this invitation extended to Him by the Egyptian authority due to the fact that President Salva Kiir Mayardit who is assuming his presidential legitimacy and powers has not only destroyed the south Sudan image inside and outside south Sudan but totally destroyed economy, reputation, political, development and among other thing that a lovely country like south Sudan could have…………………

Nuer Community in Egypt have totally rejected his coming to Egypt, “We don’t want Him here, because he is a killer! He has butchered very many civilians both young and olds” said a little Nyaluak whose twin brother was killed in December 15th 2013 last year in Juba by Salva Kiir private recruits(Gelwengs/Mathiang Anyor) President Salva Kiir Mayardit who lost his ambitions of leading the government with good vision and mission cannot be allow to toured peaceful nations whose citizens are enjoying the fruits of good leadership from their leaders.

President Kiir is a leopard who has change its spots with in a short period of time and the vulnerable and the innocents are the primary victims of SPLM-Juba zigi-zagy leadership of maintaining wealth and luxurious life instead of caring for national assets and its people.

We are calling for the Egyptian authority to cancel the visit of president kiir Mayardit to Egypt if possible because Salva Kiir is downplaying the acceleration of peace process which is going on in the Ethiopian capital Addis-Ababa by touring where He might find aid for weapons whose use will be to cleanse the Nuer Nations and killing of young children whose sin is to be born a south Sudanese at this very time of Salva Kiir’s Reign.

We ought the humanitarian agencies to put an eye to whatever Salva Kiir must be planning on those helpless citizens who are staying in IDPs camps in South Sudan.

As per South Sudanese people, President Salva Kiir is changing the regime to be a dictatorial regime which will not give right to its citizens to express their right on whatever they like in the country, So we the Nuer community in Arab Republic of Egypt, we are calling for protest wherever you are too to called for Salva Kiir exit from the bloodily throne to give peace a chance in our young nation South Sudan.

Together as one there shall be a united South Sudan…………………………………..

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