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National NGO, UNIDO, Protests Illegal Detention of Employees in Juba, South Sudan!

Updated 4:40Am, Dec 25, 2014(PT)

Inmates in South Sudan prisons lose weight very fast due to lack of food and poor facilities. Most die of starvation and illness while others are executed (Photo: supplied)
Inmates in South Sudan prisons lose weight very fast due to lack of food and poor facilities. Most die of starvation and illness while others are executed (Photo: supplied)

Dec 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) –The Universal Intervention and Developmental Organization (UNIDO) urges the South Sudan government to release its employees, who were detained in Juba on Dec 12, 2014.

On Dec 12 2014 seven employees working for UNIDO were arrested after arriving in Juba and remain in security cells to date.

According to reliable sources, the employees were arrested on the basis that they are from Nuer ethnic group.

According to the preliminary notes, the process was expected to be a matter of short interrogation, however, latest reports confirm that the seven employees will be treated as war culprits.

“Juba said they should be treated as war captives because they come from Leer in Unity, an areas controlled by the fierce military Governor, Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka” The insider elaborated.

Initially, South Sudan security arrested and charged the pilot for transporting “rebels”, however, the Kenyan pilot was released due to threats from Kenya after spending 10 days in jail.

Kenyan authority threatens to impose sanctions on South Sudan if the warring factions fail to honor their promises to restore peace in their country, a pressure that shaken the bilateral relations between South Sudan and Kenya.

On 21st December, 2014 the same organization endured another lost to Security apparatus. Two newly purchased, land cruisers vehicles, belonging to the same organization, were seized by the Security forces.

The Organization calls upon South Sudan to release the employees and the vehicles with immediate effect.

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Ajang Abier December 25, 2014 at 3:27 am

where is our new nation of the SOUTH Sudan Vision,????????????? Dr Garang Mabior has die with it? ,should any of our leaders said he /she is the one to bring back the country in to the level of a good country, I may said no for that, give peace time from now an forget of yourself the think that u miss right now u may get it but the people that we have lost for this war will not come back agains let prayer for God ,so that we may get peace in this new year coming, get out of your interest ,

Kiir Atem December 25, 2014 at 5:32 am

You are right to grief pray for peace to prevails in our beloved country.
But, the biggest question is does the peace exist in the mind of our leaders who imposed war on our suffering nation?

Sijin Jany December 25, 2014 at 8:21 pm

Then why Juba is denying everything do to the fact that they are from rebel?????
I will never and ever believe that,the peace must be restored in south Sudan dye to the discrimination still existing..
If you can think as an educate people,can rebel be taken to Juba rather than Ethiopia????
you need to think logically,otherwise you are killings yourself…
you must to know that us called “humanitarian organizations”are they formed for Juba-government???
they have no any relation with neither parts of you(government or rebel)
You are creating problem for yourself, why do you detain somebody who is just working for organization???
Don’t you know where the rebel are????


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