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Liech Community in Kenya Wants Stephen Buay Rolnyang Release Unconditionally

For Immediate Release,

South Sudan detained army officer General Buay Rolnyang (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

1st November, 2019(Nyamilepedia)The story of the Case that led to the barbaric arrest and detention of Major General Stephen Buay Rolnyang is well known to the people of South Sudan and the East Africa region as a whole. Thus, we do not want to bore the Readers and the General Public about the chronology of this infamous story because it was repeatedly televised and the information are in public domain. 

It was Dr. Martin Luther Kings who said that ‘‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’’. And what he meant by this assertion was that, ‘‘we cannot think of ourselves as separate from all the other people in the world. That, ‘‘what we do affects others, and what others do will eventually affect us’. 

On 31st May, 2018, Stephen Buay Rolnyang was arrested in Unity State Capital, Bentiu. He tied and chained like wild animal before he was thrown into the hired Airplane and shown in the government owned SSBC Television. 

Those who saw the video clips and the photos would agree that, the way Buay was shown in the SSBC broadcasts was very malicious for it was done purposely to kill and or lower his dignity, reputation and largely to hurt the members of his family and particularly the community he hails from as seen in our feelings. The manner in which he was shown SSBC has really traumatized his family members.

We believe no Democratic and Independent Nation that has adopted the Human Rights Charter can subject any Human being to such inhuman treatment and humiliation let alone an innocent citizen in the 21st century. 

In 2018, when President Salva Kiir appointed special Judges to hear and determine his case in accordance with the law; we thought Buay would get fair Ruling based on fact and evidence, that he will be vindicated; that he will recover and regain the dignity and reputation, and that eventually the perpetrators behind this cowardice act would face the wrath of the law. 

However, at one point, we begins to be worried especially when the President Kiir decided to substitute the first judges who were earlier sitting in his case, we knew justice won’t prevail.  

As we have heard, the accusations leveled against him were that, he had wanted to join one of the rebel groups which are now part and parcel of the peace accord sign on 12th September 2018. This accusation followed his public condemnation of the rampant Human rights abuses against civilians in Unity state by government forces. Why is it that the government condemn to death anyone who want to do good in South Sudan? 

Like we have stated in our past writings on this matter, there is clear contradiction because the groups that he was accused of joining at the time are now in Juba dining and winning on the same table with them. Recently, the Chief of Staff of SSPDF Gen. Jok Riak was seen together with SPLM-IO deputy chief of staff Gen. Koang Chuol on several occasions. So they should know that the freedom of Association which they are now enjoying is not the preserve of a few.          

Last week, on 21st, October 2019, the SPLA court Martial siting in the City of Juba pronounced its judgment that, the Accused (Stephen Buay) was not guilty of all charges but declined to set him free from jail. At the same time, they passed the ruling that the Accused is demoted from the Ranks of Major General to a rank of civilian, and that the Accused is dismissed from the South Sudan People defense forces (SSPDF). 

Their failure to set him free was in contradiction with the judgment saying he was found not guilty of any charges. Through the audio made by the Accused soon after the court martial pronounced its judgment on the aforementioned date, Buay mentioned that the court had sentenced him to one year in jail starting from the day he was arrested on 31st May 2018 which have already elapsed. As we speak Buay, the innocent is still in detention in Juba. 

In view of the foregoing, we would like to reiterate his appeal to have him release since he was found innocent. In our view, the ruling that he was demoted to rank of civilian is hogwash. Buay will remain Major General despite this unjust ruling by the court martial in Juba. 

Stephen Buay has work so hard and rise through the military echelon to become Major General. Thus, the court Martial in Juba cannot demote and dismiss him for unjustifiable reason. In the audio that is circulating on social media, Buay stated that his nemesis from the Bul Community in Unity State were behind his woes. And that they were among the politicians influencing the outcome of the court martial. Luther King, Jr’s dictum: ‘‘we need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice’’   

We would like to tell some Bul politicians and military officers on President Salva Kiirs’ side especially Major General Mathew Puljang to rethink and show exemplary military leadership that have the interest of the people at heart as demonstrated by many military Leaders who served in that capacity in the past. What you have been doing is not good and time will proved you wrong very soon. Martin 

We want Stephen Buay to be release unconditionally to take care of his family who are in dire need of his parental contribution. 


Dak Buoth Riek-gaak

Chairman, Liech Community Association in Kenya

1st, November, 2019

Nairobi, Kenya

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