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Latjor (Jikany) Community in Uganda Condemns the Defection of Their sons

By Both Gatwech Lam | Chairman
Source: via Latjor.com
Source: via Latjor.com
August 13, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The chairman of latjor community (eastern jikany in Uganda) condemns the declaration made by Gathoth Gatkuoth, Changson Law Chang, Gatwech Puoch Marwang and Chuol Gang Yiol.
According to latjor community (eastern jikany) in Uganda, the community will never support the decisionmade by the above group. As community we will remain strongly to support SPLM/A in opposition led by DR. Riek Machar Teny.
Lajor community (eastern jikany) still considers the SPLM/A in opposition as the only way forward because what is being negotiated in Addis Ababa is necessary to help our country to bring peace back to south Sudan.
Latjor community believes in SPLM/A in opposition and whatever might have went wrong with in the SPLM/SPLA  administration would have been solved internally, instead of trying to mobilize and create another movement.
As jikany chairman in Uganda I welcome the appointment of Cdr Wui Kuon by the opposition chairman and commander-in-chief, DR. RIEK MACHAR TENY.
SARA CHUOL: As the Sectary for finance of latjor community (eastern jikany community) in Uganda, I reiterates that we as Latjor community stands firmly behind our visionary leader, DR. Reik Machar Teny, the  leader of the opposition for the cause of our people.
We, as jiknany community in Diaspora, will not tolerant and accept any movement apart from SPLM/A in opposition, which has a clear road-map to negotiate peace with illegitimate government of Salva Kiir.
Let me assure those who defected for their personal interest that DR. Riek Machar Teny is the only opposition leader, which will negotiate peace that will favor all the civilians that where victimized by the current war particularly, the Greater Upper Nile.
Changkuoth Wor jal: As the Sectary for Gender of Latjor community (jikany) in Uganda, I strongly repeats that the war which broke out on 15/12/2013 in Juba, South Sudan was started by targeting DR. Riek Machar as a person in the first place, and then escalated to kill all the Nuer tribe, cowardly killing women and children everywhere across the country,
The first people, who reacted positively to the killing of civilians by the government among  Jikany-Nuer community were Gen. Gathoth and Gen .cdr Koang Chuol Raanley. For this reason, we as Jikany community in Uganda are condemning the betraying move played by Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth,  Changson lew Chang, Chuol Gang Yiol and Gatwech Puoch Marwang, who is known to Jikany community worldwide as a government agent, who joined the movement with bad intention to dismantle our cause but DR,RIEK Machar will always remain as the only leader of the movement.
NYUON SUDAN NYUON: As the Deputy Sectary for finance of Latjor community (eastern jikany community) in Uganda says:
We will not tolerant the mobilization of visionless leaders who had forgotten the death of   beloved sons who scarified their lives to safe lives of other innocent civilians in Malakal and elsewhere across South Sudan.
We will not allow Jikany community worldwide to be divided and our response as a community is whoever doesn’t want SPLM/A in opposition’s vision and objectives will have no room in  jikany community.  That is why we  stood up and support  SPLM/A in opposition leader, DR. Riek Machar Teny, untill the peace comes back to all south Sudanese.
WIYUAL PAL KUON: As a representative of jikany youth in Uganda I reiterates that we Jikany youth in Kampala support the SPLM/A (IO) under the leadership of DR. Riek Machar and we will not support any individual’s interests.
CHUOL GONY GATLUAK: The Advisor for political affairs of Latjor community (eastern jikany community) in Uganda says that jikany community in Uganda are still mourning for their beloved members  that have  been massacred on the 16-18/12/ 2013 by government of South Sudan and also we are still saluting and honoring Jikany sons who scarified  their lives for the cause.
As jikany community in Uganda we welcome the decision made by Jikany community in Kenya to denounce, disown and alienate maverick leaders who think for themselves, identified as Gathoth Gatkuoth, Changson Lew chang,  Chuol Gang Yiol and Gatwech Puoch Marwang.
We, as jikany community worldwide, are not surprised for the move played by Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth, Brig, Gen. Gatwech Puoch Marwang and Chuol Gang Yiol because it is not the first for them to defect but jikany community shall remain united and reject senseless mobilization among our community worldwide due the above leaders that want to disrupot peace process which is going on in Addis Ababa.
According to their inconvenience agendas that (1)- DR.RIEK Machar has been bribed by chines for $ 100 million dollars so that SPLA in opposition should not capture the oilfield (2)- DR. RIEK MACHAR is running the movement like family affairs (3)- Teny Riek  Machar was given a contract of $7 million dollars to clean juba, my  questions to maverick followers is, were they not  there in Nasir convention when DR. RIEK MACHAR was given a full powers as commander in chief of SPLA and chairman of SPLM/ IO? Where were they during Pagak conference when the leadership of IO came gather and discussed the challenges of the movement? Is it the first time for DR. REIK MACHAR to lead the movement? Why did they accept DR. RIEK MACHAR in the first place while they knew the weakness of DR. RIEK MACHAR better than anyone in the movement? Why they did not rest those agendas to the leadership council in pagak?
We as jikany community in Uganda will stand together with Jikany members who are committed toward IO vision that include Gen Koang Chuol Raanley, the deputy chief of staff for operation, Duier Tut Duir, the governor of Sobat state, Cdr. Wui kuon, the chairman of national committee for finances and resources and Puot Kang Chuol, the chairman of SPLM youth league in opposition.
To conclude, I advise the jikany community worldwide that let us stand united as Jikany-Nuer community and support the IGAD-plus and power sharing for peace to return back to south Sudan
Jikany community in Uganda will be reach through  cgatluak@yahoo.com, +256781394891, +256756659111

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