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Is Juba Selling The Skin Before It Could Catch The Leopard?

By Kon Joseph Leek,


April 29, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— It seems like Juba has arrived at the dust as the animal it was chasing has darted away. It seems like Juba is comfortable with the arrival at dust as the main object they were running after is nowhere to be seen. It’s like the case of a man getting comfortable with the shadow while missing the image it intended to catch, the case of shooting first and aiming later simply to negatively make us happy!

The dollar has climbed to that high climax where it later came down while leaving the prices up. Is this a new phenomenon? When did the dollar start climbing while being followed by the prices in the market and saw the prices brought down thereafter by the authorities? Will the State’s statement that it would look into the “issue of prices in the market” stand the test of time or is it just a ploy meant to blindfold the public to stay comfortable that magic would happen? What is basically wrong with today’s high price that makes it different from previous high prices that prompted the government to react/respond? And will the government really respond?

It is is not the first time for the prices of goods to swim higher as this with dollar price and it has been happening in the WATCH of the government but has never reduced not even the price of donuts or needle in the market because our government seems to have all that’s needed in talking to convince their subjects but not knowing how to act or if it surely does act then it is through its (government) imagination. Many have been said but not been done or have been broken/violated at the tender stage including those that have not even been said. Many in our government are those that get their food in the silver plate using the civil money, they are those that are not directly affected but only act if the leadership or their positions are threatened just like when you forced out the SPLA and rolled out your tanks (Mambas) to suppressed invisible demonstrations

What is known to us the local populace is not what the government think of us. We know that the government takes us as the kind they could fool when it wishes. It’s only that we are giving them enough time to tell us whatever they want. Satisfy yourself with the new shift of public deception as we are watching.

The government has of recent been busy trying to convince the South Sudanese how it would bring the prices down but has not bothered to tell us what took the prices there (220ssp per 100$) or what raised the dollar price in the first place,  is it a work of the government or individuals? If it’s government’s work then no price is coming down and if it’s individual’s work then who are they and what is done to them anyway?

The government should start being serious,  no government falls like a  tree, its failure comes slowly but sure like sickness or old age where it starts with the failure in the functioning of some nervous system as it goes to the rest of the body of which if not treated it leads to somebody’s death. Wake up for you have already fallen in your subjects’ minds my dear HAKUMA!

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