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Impeachment Of Leer Students’ Association In Universities And Higher Institutions In Uganda

By Kel Tap Jock,

March 06, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– With reference to the above mentioned, the board of cabinets in accordance with general assembly resolution that act as a supreme voice of the association do hereby withdraw the trust bestowed upon Mr.Gattuor Riek Makuach as a chairperson of LSAUHIU with immediate effect from this February 27th,2016.

As stipulated in article 32 of LSAUHIU Constitution, the assembly does also hereby entrust and appoint MS .Rose Nyatoya Chuol as the chair lady to the association with immediate effect.

The following reasons attributed to impeachment of Mr. Gattuor Riek Makuach:

  1. Embezzlement of association assets, this corruption scandal is not only at universities & higher   institutes level of which he held the top position, But a routine practice he has been doing even when he was the vice chair for Dok community in Uganda. We the general assembly have not only impeached Mr.Gattuor Riek Makuach but we summon him for an explanation on the case mentioned above and wanted him to refund the public funds he has misused.
  2. Abuse of constitutional powers. The former chairperson has abandoned and left the office vacant since January 2015 without official delegation of powers to his deputy, and according to article 32 clause 2 of association constitution says, a vote of no confidence shall be issued by general assembly on any executive member who has been abstaining from his or her duties for two months without genuine reasons.
  3. Term delays: in accordance to article 27, clause 1 of provisional constitution, the term limit in the office shall be one year. Now for Mr. Gattuor to have been in power for more than the given constitutional term limit is a clear violation of our constitution and a sense of dictatorial mindset that we will never tolerate at all levels whether county, state or at natiåonal level.

Note: The impeachment of Mr.Gattuor Riek has been overwhelmingly voted by 98/% of the general assembly.

The voice of the assembly is being signed by:


KEL TAP JOCK , Secretary General

PAL NGUNDENG TENY, Secretary for Legal Affairs

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