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Greater Twic East Youths in US-Immediate Press Release

Source: via Dinka Twic East
Source: via Dinka Twic East

Nov 13, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — First of all, it is an unfortunate situation about what have had just happened this week upon of one of our five Payams. Especially, the Pakeer Payam of Twic East County, South Sudan. May God Rests the Deceased Souls in Peace, and at the same time, we are pledging our condolences to the innocent souls lost’s families.

Secondly, we want our people to know that, the times are bad now and that means there is no relaxing anymore our people. It is matter of surviving, so to deals with uninvited calamities you have to adjust your living standards based on environments or situations surrounding you at that particular period of time. Some of you know about Pawee’.

For any group to survive Pawee’, there must be co-ordinations among five Payams or 16 Clans of our Eastern Twic Dinka.

Please don’t counts on those sons and daughters of ours in government any more in whatsoever. Because many of them are becomes Greater Bor Community or Bor County citizens in anyway of Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth and alike who have smeared an entire Community of Eastern Twi Dinka as “Rebels”.

Thirdly, are few points we want you our people to take seriously upon this critical times of paramount challenges. We Commissioned voluntarily, Mr. Dan Jukuc to passes on these few points to our people back in our Greater Twic East Land:

We need you our Commissioner, Hon. Dan Akoi to calls Head-Chief, chiefs and sub-chiefs of our Greater Twic East Community to pass on some of the following procedures:

(a) No more Wiir or Eastern Twi Dinka traditional dance until far notice.

(b) Overnight activities must have to come and rests until an appropriate times emerge. Our Hon. Commissioner, Dan Akoi have authority over any activities permissions when time is right to do just that.

(c) Patrolling of every areas of Greater Twic East at this juncture must be a compulsory from volunteer Youths who have devoted their times to protects our motherland and everything make it essential whom our ancestors’ have passed on to us without dims but their precious bloods to living generations of Greater Twic East.

(d) To you our Commissioner, you need to calls our neighbors’ Counties or tribes Commissioners, and tell them that, Twic East County has no an enemy until an enemy availed itself to us, especially when un-provoked enemy has crossed Twi people border. History has proven that many times since many generations of Eastern Twi Dinka people have possessed our land. But if any groups or crimes organizers to come to our Greater Twic East land. That would be considered by our community as a red-line to provoked action from us against any kinds. As an abiding law community, we will not go first to any of our neighbors’ land.

(e) We urgent our people in Mading Town, Greater Bor area to evacuate that place. Thus, you ignore our warnings and you would be responsible for not abided by our advises. It is upto you.

(f) Any directions of our Greater Twic East land is not longer secure, you our people need to take this seriously. What we try to tell you here our people, patrolling must be every areas of our great land of Twi people this time.

(g) There must be no Youths from Eastern Twi Dinka to go to any of neighbors’ land, first and foremost. Otherwise, it is a continuation that happened when attackers were being chasing back to their originality after they have attacked us prior. This is our ancestors’ rules that been passed on to every living generations of Eastern Twic Dinka. So it must not be violated by this living generation of ours.

(h) We need our people to go to Panyagoor Town.

(i) Kake rier akoo’ke.

(j) Akoo’ba thou keyi eTwi, ying koo’ ba thou eke nooi eyin kuka ci koo’ ba thou awany e rands. Aci koo’ ba awany au aniam eranakeumom. Akoo’ ba e dhueeng ci mar ke yii ku ce nueek bin no/lo thou enuenh e no rands kengii.

(k) We, the Greater Twic East Youths in United States are standing with you our beloving people of Eastern Twi Dinka. We are going to do our bests to help you our people if there are many ways we can help.

Eastern Twi Dinka people few Standards of living

  1. We are known for our humility, calmness, hospitality, transparency, non-violence behavior, care and kindness to everyone and our desire for mutual respect. We always believe in integrity and dignity of respecting others, and vice versa we demand that from our neighbors as well.
  1. Historically, based on whole Dinka tribal history, we the Dinka Twic East people are known for our unselfishness and non-covetous behavior as historical records have shown. We have always acted this way with our neighboring tribes in the Jonglei State. This is what we represent as a people. Also we know that any others who have interacted with us can vouch for this behavior.
  1. Our community is known for its law abiding attitudes.
  1. We strive to resolve any dispute by diplomatic means; however we recognize that this sometimes is not enough.
  1. We will be diligent and deliberate in our pursuit of justice and the uncovering of the truth in order to bring to justice those who caused harm.
  1. We are a respectful and dignified people who want peace with all our neighbors and wants harmony in the country.
  2. No matter how our opponents might seem to test our will, yet we always prevail through any necessary way we can if it is our right.
  1. Dinka Twi East people do not believe in cold-blooded or the spilling of precious blood of human beings in vain.
  1. Our people love fighting that bear truth, if it is a truth based mission than we don’t stay away from spilling the blood for true cost.
  1. We believe that this nation was founded by blood of the sons and daughters of South Sudan, who gave their life in order to bring back freedom of speech, worship, and establish our identity without fear or threats.
  1. According to Dinka history base in regards to its many sub-tribes, we are known for not always being the first aggressor except any necessary revenge after being provoked first. And that why in Dinka tribe old saying, “don’t ever provoke Dinka Twi person first whenever he/she is bearing the ultimate right”.
  1. We are known for our integrity and dignity of mutual respecting other people belongings of any kinds and through many ways of humanity appropriate conditions demand it.

Finally, God is watching upon you our people, and don’t ever forget about what God has done to our people in 1997.

Do the right things like not going to other people land, and God will reward you our people for doing the right things.

God bless you our people of Eastern Twi Dinka back home and around the world.

This information was validated by

Twic East Community Youths of South Sudan-USA.

E-mail: dinkatwi@yahoo.com

“Having been slow to join the first civil war, the Nuer and Dinka Anyanya units of Upper Nile were among the most resistant to the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972. It was initially opposed by Samuel Gai Tut, a senior Lou Nuer Anyanya commander, as well as by John Garang, a very junior Twic Dinka captain (Abel Alier 1990:138).” By Abel Alier Kuai


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Bentiu Ramaran November 15, 2015 at 10:09 am

Abel Alier Kuei,

This is good article, but make sure not to allow enemy to attack other communities using Eastern Twic Land either. Let your community of Eastern Twic do what Murle had done. Murle men do not allow SPLA-Kiir to attack Akobo using Pibor territory.

Deng II November 15, 2015 at 12:48 pm

Greater Eastern Twic people, it is good advices for your people to go and protecting their land, in fact Nuer can understand dangers when he/she dead. This will not be the last deaths either. Nuer are brave when they are fighting few Dinka base on population. Nuer cannot be appease, otherwises you inviting your being an exterminating.

United Naath November 15, 2015 at 7:17 pm

Stop crying, Garang documented this to happane prioir he passed away because, “we can forgive”,” but history ‘ll not forget” Dr John Garang to people of Rumbek. For this reason, his word pointed to dr Riek Machar, now both Nuer & Dinka ‘ll have long,long road to walk on. If there ‘ll ever be any reconciliation among 2 tribes. Howver, I have reservation, for that to happane in the near future.

motapthiodiit November 16, 2015 at 12:42 am

Those people writing this article are group food lovers who left from Kakuma to USA and they are in process to destroyed the Unity of Greater for Bor by annexing Twic to Bar el Ghazal Twic by calling themselves eastern twic, those are people who do not have vission for greater Bor but become American Alcoholic Dwellers in the USA as their brain have run out of ideas, the enemies between Twic and Bor always built it activities in the mind of failed citizen of greater Bor like those who single themselves to be Eastern Twic, if you have vision to protect the citizen in the village of twic than it is paramount rather than to resort to foolish ideas of creating division between loving Community if you interested to cross to Bar ele Ghazal just cross the river and leave the land for greater Bor, if it is something that per empty your foolish brain if matter Murle how many attack they have done in Juet of Bor county, those America street boys wanted to broke the bone of unity among loving citizen of Greater Bor in General, our community can not be left to be destroyed by short sight citizen who are baby sitters of American and are de-culture from our community of greater Bor, one did not do something good to their Family rather than Twic citizen


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