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Dr. John Garang de Mabior Foundation Premier Note!

Late Dr. John Garang de Mabior(Photo: file)

Sept 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dr. John Garang Foundation was inspired by this quote of his. “…It is the same God who makes Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, Azande, Bari, Lotuho, Taposa, Murle, Anyuak, etc, and who is this to amend God creations, the one makes amendment, I would say is against God. If this problem of mine is transferred to God I will win this case.” By Dr. John Garang

(1) Dr. John Garang Museum, there is no schedule time yet now. Just stay tune for that. However, it opening date and time might be affected by an important individual attendance. I will not give a name of that person now.

(2) The Foundation will protect every South Sudanese (64th Tribes) & Sub-tribes Identities as their Natural gift and shouldn’t be exploited, either it is their Languages, Dialects, Identities, etc. Our people Histories, Languages, Dialects of South Sudan tribes or sub-tribes has to be protected because they were important part of our heroes did fight for so long. In addition too, we have to bear in our minds that Dr. John Garang and many heroes of our new Nation did commit themselves for our co-existence respect and preservations.

(3) Lɔ̈ŋkuëi (Longkuei) Security will be formed under this Foundation to protect it intended missions. Also these Security personnel will be trained in computer skills and other securities requirements in United States and other parts of the world. Lawyers and Longkuei Security will protect heroes of our Freedom.

(4) Lawyers are going to be included under this Foundation to protect it missions. Peace, Education and Reconciliation Programs, Sport, Cultural Activity, etc.

(5) Every 64th tribes of South Sudan is going to be represented under this Foundation of Dr. John Garang de Mabior.

(6) Every tribes or sub-tribes Languages or Dialects will be done here also. Plus Computer Keyboard design for every Languages or Dialects letters as well under this Foundation.

(7) Book publishing in any Languages or Dialects; Translation and Interpretation and many other programs too.

(8) Any person who still with old mind-set of contempt and/or being Advocating for wrong History that would cause any Tribes, Sub-tribes, and Clan inciting conflict will be punished by Law severely under this Foundation wherever he/she might be residing around the world, it would be work of Longkuei Security and Lawyers of this Foundation through any means. Everybody has to know that, we South Sudanese didn’t fight to leave loophole in our heroes visions whereby many of them have sacrificed to let everyone be free and have rights of: Languages, Dialects, Identities, properties, etc.

(9) Even if there might be any tribe or sub-tribe in South Sudan that has only two people and they speak one Language or Dialect it must be protected under this Foundation. Because it is their Nhialic (God) gifts to them.

“Let us also drop this crazy idea that we all must be Arab even God will not accept it.” By Dr. John Garang de Mabior

Update for Drjohngarangfoundation.org progress

South Sudanese Museum address:

560-76th St suite 542, Byron Center, MI 49315.

You have a book, any books, videos of tribes, sub-tribes, tribes or sub-tribes historical arts, and you want to donate it to SOUTH SUDANESE MUSEUM for your own Author, tribe, sub-tribe promotion, please don’t hesitate to sent to that address before time. What we mean before time, it is time the Museum be opening within the upcoming months.

(1) The Museum Building is already in hand. The lease did start on August 29, 2014. However, in first update in few months back was supposed to be named, “Dr. John Garang Museum” but it is now changed to, “SOUTH SUDANESE MUSEUM.” The reason behind this change was due to idea that, “the Museum of important person like John Garang should be established first in his home area of Greater Twic East, Jonglei State, South Sudan.”

(2) Other fews purposes being added under this Foundation are:

-The Foundation will educate world communities about South Sudanese rich cultures of diversities and preserves them for next upcoming generations of every tribes, sub-tribes, communities, etc.

-The Foundation will investigate any suspicious killings of individual or groups who are suspicious about particular love ones have die in suspected or malicious activities. Under this point, thoroughly investigation have to be done in scientific way like Forensic analogy. Written investigations, and other form of investigations.

-Any individual, groups, entity, news makers, blogs, and others inciting conflicts through wrong tribal or sub-tribes identity or history misplaced, would be hunt-down around the globe wherever he/she lives.

-Also under this foundation, there would be none exception when it comes to suing individual, groups, entity, organizations, and so forth who is/have been able to distorted other tribes or sub-tribes of their rights of identities or histories. However, the warning should be sent a head of time to any violator of other communities’ identities or histories that have been proved beyond any doubt of our human beings logic.

-Both Longkuei Security, Doctors and Lawyers under this Foundation are going to have opportunities when it comes to their training in things like computer and other essentials tools that are going to facilitated their jobs around the world.

-Plus if you are individual or groups need some protection, please don’t hesitate to contact Foundation about membership dues. Our office phone has not yet been activated but within the next few days or weeks, it should work. Here is Office number: 616-551-3165.

-And other programs that would be added on later.

N/B: This week we will post the Museum photos or pictures.

T-shirt “64th Tribes: Makes South Sudanese Nation Stronger Union”

South Sudanese Museum address:

560-76th St suite 542, Byron Center, MI 49315.

Phone: 616-551-3165

E-mail: drgarangfoundation@yahoo.com

E-mail: garang@drjohngarangfoundation.org

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