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By Job Kiir Garang,


President Salva Kiir of South Sudan addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Cia Pak
President Salva Kiir of South Sudan addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Cia Pak

Sept 29, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Politics is, surely, a dirty game. However, it does justify its definition if the players are, by any stretch of imagination, smart. I wonder whether that definition holds the same when it comes to political discourses in South Sudan.

Some politicians in my country are just absolute jokes. Apart from being non-ideologues, they have no vision. They have no sense of direction as to where the country should be driven to. They are a metaphorical “Kayaker without a paddle” in the middle of a rough tided river.

The saddest part is, they seem to thrive among these rough conditions at the expense of the lives of the innocent majority. Corruption: is the word. Country’s resources are the waters through which they wallow. Their bellies are fully extended and they always need a little more.

No one embellishes these, qualities than the leader of our country: Salva Kiir Mayar-dit. He is the very definition of what is wrong with South Sudan.

Up until the assignation of CPA, Kiir was wrapped up in the same garment as Dr. John Garang and as a result, he was always perceived as a man who fought for our values and freedom. He was exalted and appreciated and it does not surprise me that upon his appointment as the president of South Sudan, albeit by default, he was overwhelming accepted.

However, over the course of his tenureship and especially over the last year and a half, all has been revealed about the man. The demons of corruption, tribalism, nepotism, and sexual immorality have been exposed and are out there for the public to see.

In his last speech, delivered on the 8th of September in which he gave an ultimatum that Riek should accept the post of prime minister within 45 days, he foolishly or maybe intentionally quoted the great Karl Marx and this is how he went about it:

The Philosopher Karl Marx said in his theory of class struggle ‘’ the classes emerge when society starts to produce private property. When society starts realizing private property, social division of labour emerges with one social category or class attempting to control the private property at the expense of other classes. Class struggles are nothing but struggles aiming at controlling private property and means of production. in order to maintain their control over means of production , one class seek to control state power and its uses state power to enhance its class interest  vis –a – vis other classes , that is  political struggles are nothing but the extension of economic struggles for private property’’

Looking at this quote, two things come into mind:

  1. President is trying to give us the impression that he does read a few scripts here and there (something I definitely doubt).
  2. He absolutely does not know why he is quoting Karl Marx or if he does know, he was unknowingly putting himself in a trap of shame.

One thing is for certain, the president has been ignorant all along and it is evident in this quote. If he had taken a moment to pause, breath and think about it, he might have had a different thought whether or not he needs to put that quote across.

He needs not look farther to see that he is self contradictory. His government is 80% Dinka (his tribe). Private property that he alludes to is certainly in the hands of the aforementioned tribe (mainly from his inner circles: Bar-el-ghazal).

I am not saying that it is all Bar-el-ghazal because I am sure there are many out there that are suffering just like the rest of the country. I am talking of the fat cats within the ranks of Kiir who own property locally, in foreign countries such as Uganda and Kenya or both locally and regionally.

No wonder he has surrounded himself with his own tribesmen because only then can he control state power, means of production and to try and crush any other tribe that tries to rise against him. The current situation in the country is a simple evident.

Kiir has declared war against the Nuer with the intention of wiping them out not knowing that this will have very nasty backlash whether now or in the near future. He is using public fund to train mainly his own tribesmen to protect himself as well as pay foreign soldiers in the shape of AU peace keepers. Kiir by anyone’s estimation is not the president we need.

Apart from declaring war against a tribe in his own country (the Nuer that is), he has failed on all occasions to visit the three regions being devastated by war at the moment. His actions have convinced me and am sure many others out there that he is not a president for South Sudan and definitely not a president for peace.

Dr. Riek Machar and indeed many others that are aspiring to lead one day should not be intimidated or baited with positions such as those of prime minister.

This is an illegitimate way of making peace. All he needs (the president that is) is, first and foremost, stop bloodshed in the Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei regions and then come to a discussion table. He needs to come clean and face his so-called-foes instead of chickening out. What is he afraid of?

Once he provide a less intimidating environment for those in opposition, only then can they move forward to 2015 and hopefully see elections come and go conducted in good spirits.

I hope Dr. Riek Machar, the current leader in opposition, comes top for I believe that with him in office, South Sudan would be a better place. He has the glue that can unite that country.

I have been attacked for saying this before but I say it again, he has the better chance of providing the peace we need the most. May peace prevail at last cometh the hour!

By Job Kiir Garang: A DINKA FOR ALL

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