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Bul Community’s Dejuol Five Payam’s in SPLM/A in opposition

By Lat Kuem Thiran

Bul Community meeting in Khartoum, Sudan(Photo: submitted)
Bul Community meeting in Khartoum, Sudan(Photo: submitted)

August 23, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Bul community in Sudan Five payam of Dejuol has conducted a meeting under the theme our Unity is our Strength as a Bul in SPLM in opposition. The meeting attendee was 219 participants. The Community has condemned and disowned in the strongest terms possible the coup announced against the Chairman and commander in chief Dr. Riak Machar by the Generals namely Peter Gatdet Yaka and Gathoth Gatkuoth.

As a community we are calling upon others five payam of Nyindeang Bul and/or all the Naath/Nuer community and other South Sudanese to ignore the baseless declaration in a strong term as false allegations for over throwing the IO’s Chairman.

Therefore, Bul community in Sudan under the SPLM/A –IO condemn the coup attempted being made by their beloved General. How can a general disowned his leader when he has already been relieved by the Chairman. We assured to all South Sudanese that Bul community have agreed not to support their son Gen.Peter Gatdet Yaka on the decision he has made to illegally Oust the leader of people’s movement. We are urging all the Nuer communities and other South Sudanese who are now suffering in neighboring countries and inside South Sudan not to support the announced coup attempt unless you are a enemy of peace.

Bul is Five payams would like to remind other Nuer community to remember our beloved fathers ,mothers, brothers and sisters and children, who were miserably massacred by Salva Kiir and his militias and never to forget them to condone ideas of sub-division among the Nuer in opposition under the leadership of able leader Dr.Riek Machar.

As a result of last week’s petition against the two Generals and other politicians who are being manipulated with money by the enemy of peace, we strongly rejected or condemned the call for those bribed politicians, who gave some baseless and unfounded reasons claiming that the Bul call those politicians as a traumatized of hunger for positions and need of getting selfish payment.

Dr.Riek Machar delegated the Nuer elders to negotiate some matters with Jieng Councils of elders trusting that they represent the community interest at the grassroots but as it turned out they betrayed their people and the massacred populations for their personal interests. These elders and the politicians who joined the movement recently are the ones who incited the two generals to try to overthrow our Chairman, Dr.Riek Machar Teny.

However, the leadership of the SPLM/A IO has already rejected the Arusha reunification of the SPLM and called it just a road-map to Addis Ababa peace talk because this crisis in South Sudan is beyond SPLM and that is why the first Pagak Conference resolution called for the root cause of our conflict in which thousands of thousands of Nuer innocent civilians have been killed in the ethnic cleansing in Juba on 15th December 2013 by the President’s special tribal Mathiang Anyoor troop.

The coup plotters forgotten the reason they have been in the bush for almost 20th months now.

Bul community is fully standing behind the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar and will work hand in hand with other community members of Nuer and South Sudanese as whole to ensure that peaceful coexistence is attained.

The two generals forgotten that tens of thousands of Nuer were massacres in Juba in Dec 2013 and more than two million South Sudanese and mainly Nuer are living in very harsh conditions in UNMISS camps around the country or in the refugee camps in neighboring countries, while hundreds of thousands are living in bushes or in swamps of the Greater Upper Nile after their homes were burned to ashes by the Dinka government in Juba. The  sources of livelihood of our people, mainly livestock, are looted by the government.

General Peter Gatdet is trying to mislead Bul in Sudan by propagating contradicting reasons as bases for their theoretical coup and to allow him forming Bul Independent Force (BIF) but we have all denounced that message.

As a community we are fade up from supporting Peter Gatdet, who defected several times from different leaders including the respected Bul leader Late Gen. Paulino Matip. Gatdet is claiming that Bul is being mistreated by Dok clan while forgetting that he is the one mistreating them by murdering many community members in cold blood and looting their properties.

One unfortunate example is when Peter Gatdet defected from Paulino Matip in 1999, when senior officers and elders namely; commander Francise Nyier Gatluak, Commander Charles Gatcham Duop, and Commander Samuel Magai Kharaj took the initiative to mediate between him and Late Paulino, unfortunately he arrested and killed these imminent members of Bul community in cold blood.

After few months he falsely accused Commander Jeremiah Malith Koang of planning to defect, he arrested him and killed him in cold blood. He killed many elders such as spiritual leader Riak Thoan Jaak, Madut Koang Kueth, Koang Madut Nhial and many other junior and senior officers included one of the young graduates from University of Omdurman Haileyia late Mr.Ran Panom Wany killed in cold blood from Bul community.

In the same year Peter Gatdet announced confiscation of livestock belonging to Paulino Matip or anybody who was accused of supporting Paulino Matip and forcefully displaced their families and sent them to Mayom and Bentiu towns.

However, the same case scenario was about to happen to the Bul Comrades who were delegated by our community as follow; Brig-Gen Peter Lim Bol, Col. James Makauar Gatluak and their delegation that were delegated by the above community to find out the problem and mediate between Peter Gatdet Yaka and Dr. Machar. Unfortunately Peter Gatdet in meeting with the delegate he bribed some people to kill all the comrades in cold blood.

Despite these bad practice being made by Peter Gatdet, Bul community always forgive and work together with him, but this time around, Bul community will not stand behind Peter Gatdet since his move is clearly made to divide Nuer ethnic group, the people’s movement and it is a bad influenced by the failed government in Juba that killed tens of thousands of Nuer members in cold blood.

We Bul community have acknowledged the vital role and the responsibility taken by the SPLM/A under the able leadership of His Excellency comrade Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon signing the peace not because it satisfies the movement but because he is committed to ending the suffering and killing of South Sudanese. Furthermore, on August 17th, 2015, the world has witness the courage and commitment of the resistance movement to end the conflict which was imposed on the South Sudanese through political settlement.

The anti-peace demonstration organized by the enemies of peace did not materialize in Juba and this shows that our people are for peace and not for war. The office would like to call President Salva Kiir to show leadership and courage by signing the document even before the two weeks time he gave so that our people can have peace.

We call on Sudan government and its people under the leadership of H.E President Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed AL Beshir to not grant the confused group any privileges and activities in Sudan soil. Because if that happened, it would be a serious challenge, confusion and setback to the ongoing IGAD-Plus led peace process in the Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa.

Let us come together to use our Ak47 and others useful equipment for defense to topple the genocidal regime of Sultan Salva Kiir and bring total change, everlasting peace and peaceful coexistence to all tribes of South Sudan if Salva Kiir fail to sign the peace agreement.

Lastly but not the least, I would like to congratulate and Salute freedom fighters across all our controlled areas following the rules and regulation and for their daily fruitful progress and victories against the genocidal troops of Salva Kiir. However, I personally advise all IO supporters to first of all abide by our manifesto and mandate and accept any grievance or decision make by authorities.

On behave of Bul Dejuol’s Five Payams, you can reach the community mobilizer at Latdieu2008@gmail.com

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James Ruei Majok August 23, 2015 at 11:14 pm

in the meeting some individuals people are sleeping , could that meet progress very well to bring back a solution to communities who are in need of peace and unity ?

i don,t think so you guys to bring peace back home to our important land Mayom the way i see and i read your post regarding defection of general Peter Gatdet Yak, i need peace to prevails but not war among our selves we Bul society
let me hope there must be reconciliation among you guys who are in Sudan Khartoum for sack of bring back peace home instead of another war that can spread
why do our elders and politicians do not advised General Peter Gatdet Yak to cool down until peace has reach home successfully
I was worry when i heard that Gatdet Yak has form another rebellion , because two rebellion at one time ago will not fruitfully , so the best option for us we Bul SOCIETY to advice General Gatdet Yak Majiek not to have is own rebellion
thank very much my fellow communities for successes meetings that you have conducted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wadar makueng nguen August 24, 2015 at 3:43 am

I strongly support the meeting of Dejuol members august 23 2015 and therefore the people of Bul community should sit down and discuss the recent crisis between the SPLM IO chairman Dr.Riak Machar and c in c of the SPLA IO and Gen.Gatdet Yak because we can not divide our selves while we really have a serious enemy near us.So i strongly condemn those who are giving wrong advises to Gen Gatdet that he has to form a faction.
As a son of Bul community am advising all members that in such division we can not get anything at the end and no rebellion that can be form against the rebellion, so that rebellion is baseless to me because we can not say that Bul alone should form a government inside south Sudan that can not make senses and am in position of reconciliation among each other so that our objective is achieve and fact must be told to whoever doing some not good in the society.
If you are my father and you forget our fellows fathers,mothers, sisters and beloved brothers who were killed by president Kiir in Juba in December 2013 i can say sorry for your decision because those who were killed mostly were people of mayom country whereby 2500 people were kill so i can not surrender to any body because of their blood.

James Droma August 24, 2015 at 5:10 am

All these mess up created by Bul intellectuals in Salva Kiir’s Government, not in SPLM/A-IO intellectuals as alleged,
Yaka Gatdet was killed in Bor Town by Dinka Killers, who claimed that Gen.Peter Gatdet killed their own son(General) who was Peter Gatdet’s deputy in division 8, Not to be blamed to Dok-Leer as Bol Mayak claimed, I can see Bol Mayak(commissioner of Mayom County) is getting a lot of Dollars by mass killing Dok Nuer-Leer in Bentiu to fulfill Salva Kiir Request. In case of Yak Gatdet’s murdered must be blamed to Bol Mayak and his Dinka Bor killers because there are no Leer people present in Bor Town. Bol Mayak is killing Dok, Bull2, Leak, Jakany,Jagey and Haak from 27/April/2015 up to now before Gen. Peter Gatdet’s son was killed by Bor Killers. Also Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak is not a fool to join Killer Mr. Salva Kiir of Warrap.

rolnyang August 24, 2015 at 5:29 am

I think it is really important for them to sit down and talk. Nuer are finishing and I’m very sure 100% this barbaric mess is gona finish soon and Nuer will go back to their senses and realized what they done was wrong. Otherwise there are some who are doing this for the sake of their interest not because they don’t see the truth.

ALONEWOLF August 24, 2015 at 8:01 am

the way to bring peace to Nuer Bul is to support general Gatdet yaka.


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