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Australia: The Dinka Community in Melbourne Meets SPLM-In Opposition!

Updated at 5: 45, Sept 16, 2014(PST)

Jieng Community of Australia meeting SPLM/A delegates led by Amb. Lol Gatkuoth, Stephen Par Kuon and Miyoung Kuol(Photo credits: Tito)
Jieng Community of Australia meeting SPLM/A delegates led by Amb. Lol Gatkuoth, Stephen Par Kuon and Miyoung Kuol(Photo credits: Tito)

Sept 16, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A vibrant and well attended SPLM meeting in Melbourne, Australia, convened hundreds of South Sudan’s Dinka Community to meet the SPLM(in opposition) delegation.

The delegation is led by the former ambassador of South Sudan to Washington, Amb. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, and accompanied by the Former Minister of education in Jongeli State, and the current Chairperson for Educational Committee in SPLM-IO, Amb. Stephen Par Kuol, and SPLM-IO’s Representative to the United Nation, Mr. Miyong  Koun.

According to Tito Tut, who attended the meeting, the well-attended session was organized by the Jieng Community of Australia Inc. Tito believes that “the turn out was great and the people freely questioned the leaders and made a lot of meaningful suggestions as to how to resolve the conflict

“it was the Dinka community that organized the session and they had done it so well, the turn out was great and the people freely questioned the leaders and made a lot of meaningful suggestions as to how to resolve the conflict. Thanks to the Jieng community leaders and the SPLM Chapter leadership for organizing the session.” Tito said.

The former SPLM/A officer, engineer Aguer Rual (Photo: Aguer)
The former SPLM/A officer, engineer Aguer Rual (Photo: Aguer)

In his speech, Mr. Aguer Rual, the SPLM-IO Representative to Australia, briefed the community on the conflict and made recommendations to end the war.

The SPLM representative, Aguer, reminds the communities that the civil war which has already caused so much suffering was, clearly and unforgivably, a gross mismanagement by the Salva Kiir’s administration.

Mr. Aguer believes that the regime, led by Salva Kiir, did not only unleash this war but has also done nothing to prevent its escalation.

Aguer stresses that to end this man-made civil war, which has affected domestic and global communities, and for the peace to return to South Sudan, “the government of Salva Kiir must be removed from power – all of it”.

“Because the cause of the war was corruption and mismanagement, tribal and because the government unable or unwilling to resolve the escalating situation, there must be total change in the governance of South Sudan.” Aguer emphasizes.

“Not matter how difficult it may be, we must remove the current government- all of it. It must be replaced with a government which is genuinely representative of all South Sudanese, no matter what  tribe they belong to or which location the inhabit.” Aguer said.

Aguer reminds the communities that the war is not between the two major tribes, the Dinka and the Nuer, however, because they have been severely affected in the conflict, we have to apologize to the Nuer and the Dinka to reconcile the country.

Aguer, like many South Sudanese, believes that the country must rely on international community to help set up and monitor structures that would induce peace and reconciliation during the transitional period.

“We therefore must call on the international community to help set up and monitor the structure which can peacefully achieve this transition.”  Aguer said.

Aguer has observed and emphasized the following to reconcile the nation.

1.    We need to accept that the trouble was the direct result of government failure and mismanagement.
2.    We must accept that this war is not between Dinka and Nuer but both have been used in a power struggled.
3.    We must apologies to the two tribes, the Nuer and Dinka, who have lost loved ones from Juba to all South Sudan.
4.    In order for peace to come it is essential to bring Nuer and Dinka people together

Rewarding the Heroes:

Mr. Aguer believes that the heroes, who fought for liberation must be rewarded for their contribution in liberation since 1947.

“We must do what should have been done years ago, and that is the proper rewarding of those who struggled during the civil war with Sudan, starting as long ago as 1947.” Aguer said.

The SPLM representative to Australia, believes that any proper governance system in the country must encourage autonomy and self-reliance of civil population.

He further reiterates that the SPLM-IO leadership will install a social security system that will empower everyone in the country, regardless of their tribes, gender and other diverse differences.

“We need to install a social security system so that everybody has a fair chance of achieving autonomy and a useful and happy life within their own country.” Aguer said.

To reward the war veterans, Aguer believes that a veteran affairs department must be established in the country and funds allocated to such project must be properly managed to curtail corruption and embezzlement.

“In particular, I feel very strongly that a veterans’ department must be established. Funds which could have supported such a scheme have instead been diverted, squandered or improperly appropriated.” Aguer stated.

The Representative Responsibilities and Assignments:

Aguer acknowledges the SPLM-IO Chairman and Commander In- Chief, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, for entrusting him with the representative roles abroad.

“My thanks go to SPLM IO Chairman and commander In- Chief for entrusting me with tasks of representative based on my experience, understanding and objectively regarding the development of the political crisis in South Sudan.”

Aguer pledges that he will lobby and communicate with the Australian government agencies, NGOs and other relevant bodies and nevertheless with the Government in opposition in South Sudan as it affects the necessary changes in the country.

Aguer will encourage the Australian Government to actively participate in the current peace talks, and also to assist in the humanitarian efforts currently needed in South.

Aguer has also pledged to bridge, unite and reconcile the sisterly communities, especially the Nuer and the Dinka, in Australia as it becomes necessarily important for the Diasporas and also for the local communities in South Sudan.

Aguer thanks the delegates, the Dinka Community and other representatives, who made the session possible. The SPLM-IO delegation is expected to conclude the visits this weekend and return to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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John M Chol September 17, 2014 at 12:10 pm

my comarate dinka in Australia let adv you for what ever you have to going bros and sister you know what you going to these moment is no thing like 91 moment be leave me I was there sp you my home boy uz Aguer Rual don’t push the kids in harm way you have to know what you going to thank majok Abiikdit send to pingback.com

Dominic Wada Judet September 17, 2014 at 5:21 pm

South Sudanese no one have right to threat anyone that’s again the Nation and government as well, these are difference between civilised and uncivilized the augment is the part of development society also slouation as well you have to listen to each of us he-she view and ideas don’t judge personality how he or she look like what tribe , that’s not how we going to be one nation , I knew some people are do activities behind the government kill and threat people if u think that can help government no u wrong brother u destroy the government because the government of South Sudan is calling for pace among the Nation , those who action behind the government day will come.

Deng Madut Akec Akoon September 17, 2014 at 9:14 pm

Our communities should know that South Sudan will never see peace through those who had long ago killed people and got safe haven in the West, go home. Aguer Rual is just a copy from Machar and his idiots killers in South Sudan, their days are numbered and never will they accomplish anything, but add destructions. God bless South Sudan and reject killers their intention to destroy our nation.


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