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Australia: Statement on December 15 Commemoration

By Tito Pal | Chairman,


Dec 15, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — SPLM (IO) Chapter Victoria stands with the Nuer Community in Victoria, and all South Sudanese communities who are commemorating the December 15 2013 massacres in Juba, South Sudan. We share the loss and the sorrow that had befallen this community. We pay our utmost respect to those who perished in the last two years.

On those fateful days of December 15-17 2013, more than 20 000 innocent unarmed Nuer men, women and children were mercilessly massacred by Salva Kiir’s private militia known as Dootku Beny (rescue the president). These victims’ only crime was being Nuer- their ethnicity. Now our country is in atrocious civil war.

Losing one of our citizens is a one loss too many. A South Sudan that excludes the Nuer would be lying to itself, in the same way we would be incomplete if we lost the Jie tribe. As such, on December 15 2013, Nuer community lost their loved ones. Consequently, on December 15, we, as a collective, started losing our nation.

As the Nuer Community remember their loved ones across the globe, SPLM (IO) Chapter Victoria stands shoulder to shoulder with members of this Great community in Victoria and reiterate our commitment to fight for change that will usher in reforms in all our national institutions so that what happened in 2013 doesn’t happen to any of us again.

SPLM (IO) oppose any policy or approach that only cites our differences rather than our unity. Our diversity is our strength and must not be used to fit us against each other. The shameful divisive policies of the Juba regime have fractured the social infrastructure of our country. We feel the same level of disconnect among our people here in Victoria. We are bound to amend our social cohesion and continue on a journey of reuniting our people. We call on all South Sudanese to unite against the very small minority of elites based in Juba who engineered this conflict in order to elongate their stay in power while they freely continue to loot the wealth and resources of our country.

Evidently, SPLM (IO) is the only clear alternative to the current regime. We will continue to work with all South Sudanese stakeholders, communities and political groups, in bringing about a change that will transform our country into a modern and democratic state, and lead our people into prosperity like the rest of the word. We envisage a South Sudan that isn’t run on tribal sentiment but on an inclusive national platform where there is equal opportunities for all.

Wishing you all a good December 15 commemoration. Look after yourselves and look after your fellow country men and women, particularly the most vulnerable.

Yours in Struggle,

Tito Pal


SPLM (IO) Chapter Victoria.

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